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Playgrounds in Haifa become a "house" for dogs

(Live here with pets) - The dog excrement phenomenon...

Vote in the poll: Is there a decrease in the number of pigs on the streets of Haifa?

(Hai Pa) - Haifa Municipality is making efforts to thin out shooting...

The Carmel Beach Towers - the "monsters" on the beach

The Carmel Beach towers were built on a strip of land that belonged to...
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The hotel in Bat Galim was built in a flash, even though it blocks the coastline

This is a continuation of the article I published about two months ago during the election period...

The Carmel Beach Towers - the "monsters" on the beach

The Carmel Beach towers were built on a strip of land that belonged to...

Artist Rita Binaminov • An exhibition about the beauty of the city of Haifa

At the Hadar "Beitno" community center located at 29 Jerusalem St. in Haifa, there is...

to flex patterns, to think emotionally • about the autistic spectrum

Autism is a phenomenon that is defined as a neurological variation characterized by a group of...

Japan - a land of honor, determination and aesthetics • Avi Albaum

Japan is a land of contrasts, ancient tradition alongside technology...

A pig stole a backpack from a child at the Fichman school - 17/5/24 ► Haifa residents take pictures of the pigs' dangers

(live here) – The wild boars - In almost every neighborhood, residents report that they encounter families of pigs • Accidents and injuries continue • The residents of Haifa take pictures of pigs, send them to the live system here, and we publish them hereDid you take a picture? Send us on WhatsApp: 050–8289000.

► A pig stole a backpack from a child at the Fichman school - 17/5/24
The child was very frightened but was not hurt. The bag is torn.

A pig stole a backpack from a child at the Fichman school - 17/5/24 (Photo: Yali Israel Shear)

Time until the plague of pigs in Haifa is eradicated
(90 days from Yona Yahav taking office)


► Wild boars welcome Shabbat on Zion Avenue - 17/5/24 (Photo: Zuhair Blanc)

Wild pigs welcome Shabbat on Sderot Zion - 17/5/24 (Photo: Zuhair Blanc)

◄ Haifa breakfast: wild boars dismantle trash cans on parked cars - Habiva Reich

Wild pigs dismantle trash cans on parked cars - Habiva Reich - Haifa (Photo: Ilya Rozman)

► A family of pigs receives the holiday - Neve David

A family of pigs receives the holiday - Neve David (Photo: Hanan Markowitz)

► A herd of 9 pigs in front of Walt's messenger - Neve David - 20/4/24

A herd of 9 pigs in front of Walt's messenger - Neve David (photo: Korai Chai Pa in the field)

Urban pigs • learning to get along in the city (photo: David Domb) Monday, 26/3/24

Young piglets learn from their mother how to manage in the city. The abundant trash cans are just waiting for them to come and rummage through them, you can always find something and enjoy a good and varied meal...

The new puppies with their mother - new generations for Haifa pigs • Shear Aliya (photo: David Domb)
You can always find something Haifa pigs - Shaar Aliya neighborhood (Photo: David Dom)
Mother and her cubs - pigs on Hatzel Street in the Shaar Aliya neighborhood (Photo: David Domb)

A wild boar walks among the graves of Jews in the Haifa cemetery 2/2/24 (Photo: Gila Zamir)

Gila Zamir tells Lehi here: Very simply, we drove on the internal road to the memorial to my father's grave. Suddenly Amnon said to me: Look who you meet here and I saw the pig. The truth is that I developed complete indifference to the presence of pigs in the city everywhere because it became a natural part of the street, the yard and everywhere.
The pig turned and sniffed the graves and seemed to be looking for something and that was the end of it.
There are places where the presence of a pig has meaning with added value such as near a synagogue, a cemetery, in cultural centers, etc. In general, this is no different from the fact that they are everywhere and have become a natural part of our lives. Klish claims that people from all over the world come to learn from her how to take care of pigs...

A wild boar walks among the graves of Jews in the Haifa cemetery (Photo: Gila Zamir)

The winter litters are already here - 3/2/24 (Photo: Eli Logsi)

As every year, the residents of Haifa feel a certain decrease in the amount of pigs on the streets of the city between the months of November and February. This is the season when the pigs breed in the wadis. At the beginning of February, the first herds arrive with the caravan of puppies. This photo is from the synagogue at 22 King David Street in the Neve David neighborhood (photo: Eli Logsi).

The pigs in Haifa: the winter litters are already here - 3/2/24 (Photo: Eli Logsi)

Link to send WhatsApp to live system here...

The pigs in Haifa: the winter litters are already here - 3/2/24 (Photo: Eli Logsi)

A herd of wild boars in Sefer square in Haifa

In a number of interviews that the mayor of Haifa, Dr. Einat Kalish Rotem, gave to local media, Einat stated that recently she "almost doesn't see pigs in Haifa anymore". So we are here to help Einat get to know the herds of pigs on the streets of the city.
The photo was taken on Rosh Hashanah by Moran Bergman Morg. Happy New Year.

A herd of wild boars in Sefer Square in Haifa (Photo: Moran Bergman Morgue)
A herd of wild boars in Sefer Square in Haifa (Photo: Moran Bergman Morgue)

A huge wild boar in the amusement park in Kaspari

Families with children who came to the amusement park on Kesferi Street in Haifa, encountered a huge pig this evening. He was busy with his affairs, but caused panic among some of the families. The residents called the municipal hotline 106 and surprisingly, inspectors arrived and chased the pig away. After a few minutes, the inspectors left and the pig returned. The desperate residents abandoned the garden.
To remind you, a few weeks ago we published that Klish ordered to stop handling complaints about pigs and to refer the complaints to the Ministry of the Interior, it seems that now the municipal apparatus is still trying to act, but without much success...

(Photo: Live here in the field)

A giant wild boar chases an elderly woman with a bag

Sderot Moriah, Separ Square 4/7/23, 11:00 - An elderly woman, about 70 years old, has to escape from a huge wild boar that is interested in her shopping bag. This time it ended peacefully, when the woman managed to escape to a nearby store and the pig continued to look for another solution for his breakfast.

(Photo: Live here in the field)

The pigs dominate the street in Neve David and Ramat Hanasi (photo: Dodi Miblom)

A reporter living here, Dodi Miblom, who photographed the pig procession, said: I heard in an interview that Klish said that she solved the pig problem and that people from all over the world come to learn from her about solving the problem, so I immediately stuck my head out the window to find out about the success of the project and came across a herd of pigs on King Shlomo Street in Neve David. Beyond that, in the butterfly park at Ramat Hanasi, every morning the bins are turned upside down and their contents are scattered over the park. At 9:00 the sanitation workers arrive to clear the garbage from the paths and until then the residents walk around in mountains of trash.

(Photo: Dodi Miblom)
(Photo: Dodi Miblom)

It appears that the pig that bit at the entrance to Carmelia continues to chase children (Photo: Judit Dubovi). This week a man was bitten at the entrance to Carmelia, but it appears that the pig continues to haunt. He was photographed chasing a boy in front of the Borax restaurant.

(Photo: Judit Dubovi)

Attack by a pig - a man was bitten at the entrance to the Carmelia neighborhood - 20/4/23 - watch the article in the link below:

(Monday 17/4/23 12:30) - On Rupin Road, near the meeting with Gaola, a new piglet family was photographed a short time ago:

Mother and her little piglets went for a walk in the warm sun. The pigs "feel "at home", this is no longer new and are seen in the video running around in the thicket of vegetation without fear and looking for food. Tiny piglets travel with mother in Goula • Watch

(Photo: S. Barkai)

(Photo: S. Barkai)

Pigs grazing in the Mania Shohat garden - Carmel Center Saturday 15/4/23 (Photo: Hanan Markowitz)

Gan Mania Shohat is supposed to serve families with children, but on Saturday morning it serves a herd of pigs. These animals are not vaccinated, they carry a huge amount of parasites (ticks and fleas) and occasionally grab bags of food from the hands of frightened citizens. Here the question arises to whom does the urban space belong - to the residents or to the pigs?

(Photo: Hanan Markowitz)

13/4/23 - A pig steals a shopping bag from a frightened woman

City Council member Itzik Blas, who shot the video, told Lahi Pa:
A woman with bags of food in her hands passed by Villa Carmel. A large pig and several puppies chased me. The woman tried to escape but was unable to. The big pig stole the bag. The woman panics and immediately releases the bag.
This is a frightening and worrying phenomenon - walking on the street in daylight is problematic for the residents of Haifa. Whoever walks with a bag of food becomes a target for attack by the pigs. As a city council member who was attacked by a pig, I have been demanding thinning for several years, but the mayor did not take care and lost control of everything that happened in the city. All she has left is to blame the others for the mistakes she makes.

(Photo: Itzik Blas)

Gourmet pigs raid a restaurant in the center of Carmel - 10/4/23

Haifa's pigs develop sophistication in everything related to their diet, at least that's how it appears in the video before you, which was filmed today (Monday 10/4/23), in which a family of wild pigs can be seen roaming freely among the restaurants in the center of Carmel. The family, father, mother and little piggies, peek into the interior of the restaurants, sniff, go back and forth, just as if debating and struggling with which restaurant they should choose and what they feel like eating the most...

Perhaps this is a kind of evolutionary process that is being revealed here before our eyes in Haifa, when the pigs develop special tastes and preferences in food and are no longer satisfied with the remains of humans waiting for them in the garbage bins...

A family in anxiety on Keller Street - 31/03/23

Haifa resident Danny Mador captured on his phone the moment when a family got into a state of anxiety on Keller Street, when a pig with puppies made it clear to them who rules the street in Haifa. The father and mother hugged their children to protect them, in case a mother pig made a defensive/offensive move, for the benefit of her young. Needless to say, in terms of personal security, this is a situation that should not happen in the urban space.
(Photo: Danny Mador)

Pigs in Nofim schools (Photo: Gadi Kellner)

(Photo: Gadi Kellner)

The pigs also returned to the Bat Galim neighborhood (Sunday 19/03/23) (Photo: Zvika Reisenstadt)

(Photo: Zvika Reisenstadt)

Pig in the parking lot - 35 Einstein St. 17/3/23 (Photo: Shahar Raziali)

Pig in the parking lot - 35 Einstein St. 17/3/23 (Photo: Shahar Raziali)
Pig in the parking lot - 35 Einstein St. 17/3/23 (Photo: Shahar Raziali)

Pigs on Zion Avenue - 17/3/23 (Photo: Blanc Zuhir)

(Photo: Blanc Zuhair)

Sderot Sinai - near the Zichron Yosef school - 12/3/23 (Photo: Einat Yairi)

(Photo: Einat Yairi)

In the hustle and bustle of the day, at a central intersection, a diner retrieved his heart from the trash cans without hindrance

Just last night (Wednesday 16/3/23) as I recall, there was a special council meeting on the subject of pigs, in which the municipal ecologist claimed that the actions taken by the Haifa municipality prove their effectiveness and are manifested in the reduction of the number of pigs in the city.
Nevertheless, El Hai Pa continues to receive photographs of pigs filling the streets of the city, appropriate for the season.

Here's a video taken a while ago: Busy Khorev Junction, a porky lunch, straight from the garbage cans. (Thursday 16/3/23 at 17:00)

A pig at Horev Junction, in a hearty tin meal • Watch

Mother and her piglets on a morning walk in Carmel • 13/3/23

(Photo: Shahar Sebag)

Come back with the puppies • This time – guests on Bethlehem Street in French Carmel • 12/3/23

Pigs come to visit (photo: Live here in the field)
New generations of pigs (photo: Live here in the field)
New piglets (photo: Live here in the field)
Pigs over the fence, in the meantime (photo: Chai Pe in the field)

New guests came to visit this morning (Sun. 12/3/23) together with their young puppies on Bethlehem Street. According to the tenants, until now the fence has prevented ferrets from entering the area of ​​the houses, and in any case, this morning this family arrived, for the first time with puppies. They ate roots and behaved quite indifferently towards people, and did not show any aggression or alarming behavior.

The pigs returned from the winter litters - noon today on Moriah Street 4/3/23

(Photo: Galia Becker)

(Photo: Galia Becker)

Wild pigs break up a garbage can - Harofeh Street - 06/03/23

Photography: Yael Horvitz

Wild pigs in Haifa (Photo: Yael Horvitz)

Two big ones and lots of little ones - Sderot Handiv - 17/2/23

(live here with the wild boars) - Towards Shabbat, a family of wild pigs came to visit on Sderot Handiv. As befits deep-rooted Hifaites, they felt comfortable in the garden of the residence, hanging out and enjoying the relatively comfortable weather and the pleasant sun.

(Photo: Dodi)

Contact Chai here: At watsapBy email

Noga Carmi
Noga Carmi
Nega Karmi - Director of Haifa News Corporation - News of Haifa and the surrounding area - message on WhatsApp: 052–2410689 Sending an email to the system: [email protected]

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  1. It's time for the mayor Y-W-N-H Y-HB who repeatedly promised that within 90 days he will remove the nuisance of the pigs completely and restore the thinning - to do what he promised until June that will not be heard and we will not have to photograph their invasion and more people with ribs Broken and torn legs

  2. The pigs are stunning. The danger here is "local journalism" at the level of a tabloid at best with "reporters" at the writing level of third grade children

  3. It should be noted that it is false that Princek, the Aliya Gate and France Road are filled with many pigs, a dangerous situation that endangers the public. It is difficult for them so it is not possible to continue

  4. After the elections there was an article, that there is a large group of pig lovers who have hired a lawyer, and will not let Yona Yahav take care of the pigs. Didn't you read? (not an original quote,). So will we be in trouble??

    • Definately not. Yona Yahav will do what is customary throughout the country. And completely legal. There is nothing in the mind to do against state laws and municipal by-laws. These pigs are an invasive species and nowhere are they cultivated like they have been here for the past five years. It is better that animal organizations take care of animals that are really in need and give them to the residents of Haifa.

  5. The mistake of thinking that these are male and female - the parents.
    These are two adult females. It is likely that one of them is an adult daughter. The males are expelled from the herd when they reach the age of estrus.
    What you see on the Carmel is a single giant male, or two or three older brothers who were expelled from the herd and continue to wander together for some time. or females with kindergarten. The dangerous and aggressive ones are the single large males in the heat season. Or mothers with cubs who feel threatened.
    In any case, do not approach and if there is a bag of fresh and smelling food, throw it away from you. The smell drives their always hungry stomachs crazy.

    • Thanks for the tip to check the gender of the pig first.
      Do you have an idea how to do it?

  6. The government knows one thing, and that is to steal from the people and reward its parasites. We need to take matters into our own hands. Eliminate the undesirables, including cats jackals pigs snakes and jihadists.

  7. This is what happens when you build everywhere in Haifa: you destroy the wild boars' natural habitats, and they in response come to areas that serve us.

  8. Thanks for continuing this hazard siknar
    In two more weeks, the cliché troll will be thrown and Borovsky will make order and thin out.
    With God's help and Inshallah. There is a limit!!

  9. Thanks for continuing this hazard siknar
    In two more weeks, the cliché troll will be thrown and Borovsky will make order and thin out.
    With God's help and Inshallah.

  10. Enough promoting hysteria about nothing!
    A pig near a Jew's grave? Woe! who cares.
    Live here, you just keep going down the level and it will be just sad and ridiculous to read your 'news' content.

  11. What is??? People come from all over the world to learn how to take care of pigs with us? Cliche, aren't you ashamed? Where did you get this bluff??
    The bins are turned upside down every morning, garbage is scattered in the streets, not to mention cases of pigs that occasionally attack and steal food bags from people
    The pigs destroy vegetable gardens. You can't grow anything outside without fencing the place. Someone forgets to close the gate and they come and destroy the entire investment of several months. All the vegetables go to waste. So that's how you learn, right?
    The pigs are a big nuisance, the situation requires urgent thinning, even in the wild you see corruption of the pigs because they have multiplied too much
    Proper thinning will result in the pigs being satisfied with what they find in the wild as it has always been

  12. I have nothing against pigs
    I have much more against humanity
    declares and asks not to do anything to the pigs
    Deal with car accidents, murder
    Violent thefts and more and more
    Leave the poor pigs in peace
    Bad people think you deserve everything
    Did a pig kill someone? mortal wound?
    Maximum a minor wound and also a cause of panic or fear
    Asking to deal with the problems that we humanity create
    A bunch of cowards and cowards..
    The pig does not interfere here

  13. Kudos to Kalish!
    The plan to completely destroy the city continues successfully!
    Where did you get the audacity to run in the upcoming elections as well?!
    You are the worst mayor in history!
    Go already, we've had enough of you!

  14. Completely out of control
    Again the fall winter illusion that there is less
    upside down. There is the culture of hundreds. There is no street in the ridge that does not have wild boars
    And some of them are 200 kilos

  15. This will end badly.
    They multiply and their number increases in a geometric column... and the food available to them increases in an arithmetic column... the great famine will come... and woe to those who meet a hungry herd.

  16. The height of irony: as soon as one 'Jewish' family (bless him in the Spanish style) makes kebabs from those sacred animals and takes pictures of the bites, suddenly government ministries will allocate teams of zoological experts and budgets for the problem.. Hi: You made the right choice this time..

  17. Is it a hound pig? You are panicking and having an anxiety attack.
    Go talk to a psychologist and if it doesn't help then see a psychiatrist urgently!!!
    I see one from time to time, he passes me by his eyes and that's it! Stop being afraid, they feel the fear and then maybe they can attack.
    Mental health and love to everyone❤️

  18. Nothing interests Kalish, the most detached mayor. A municipal disaster like no other. In her five years in office, she did nothing. Just nothing. On the contrary: turned Haifa into a sleepy, oppressive, dirty city full of pigs. Municipal employees report that Mrs. Kalish comes to work in the morning, locks herself in her room, does not talk to anyone and does nothing....

  19. These are old photos, just yesterday, I heard from a neighbor of my house, Wolfson 4, 1) in the garden next to our Delano house in the afternoon 5 - a fat mother pig + her handicap, walk in the garden 2) we have a garbage room near the main entrance, which has a double door towards the road where the garbage is dumped, And a single door in the meter of the house for the tenants, the neighbor went to dump the garbage, the door towards the house, was not locked, and there was a big pig. I forgot to ask who was the "gentleman" of the two and gave right of way to the garbage cans. ) that are usually closed. And twice recently I was notified that they visit our garden at night and leave signs, which I took pictures of. So they really exist and in the center of Carmel even these days. That I'm really afraid every time I leave the supermarket in Keller, with a small bag, that I won't meet a pig. I'm sure that's worrying Me, and I can no longer run away!!! On Dr. Kalish's conscience?

  20. Pigs are supposed to be in nature, and there is no lack of nature in Haifa. Mount Carmel is a very large place and can accommodate the pigs. In the past we did not see pigs in Haifa because the municipality handled the matter properly. We must thin out the pig population and prevent them from entering the city once and for all.

  21. This week I received 4 phone calls from the residents of Haifa about a car accident between a pig and their car that quickly left the road and luckily for them it was damage to property and not damage to the body, following an article I wrote here about two years ago, I instructed the callers to take action to document the injury of the pig to the car, the damage caused by photographing the pig with it injured while being careful not to get out of the vehicle when the pig is injured because it is a very high risk, take the vehicle to an appraiser to get a damage assessment, and file claims against the Haifa municipality for negligence in the treatment to reduce the pig phenomenon.
    Alternatively, file a claim for insurance in the hope that they will file a claim against the municipality, and file a small claim for the self-sharing fees and the increase in the value of the premium.

  22. Ugh, Klish's voice and her rambunctious style of speaking in the background of the Neve David music video. How the hell did we choose her.. counting the weeks until October. Come on Etzioni save us.

  23. There is a gang of some very aggressive people on Bethlehem Street, the reaction of the police station on 106 is on the verge of a joke to the point of anger, and the brazen one is preparing for the elections, the main thing is budgets for the pride parade and other reasons to be elected as the head of the pig province

  24. Come on, let's get out of Haifa and leave the pigs who already rule Haifa anyway. Mrs. Kalish, not the mayor, it's the pigs who rule here. Why are you waiting for a disaster here and then thin out, kill yes kill, poison, eliminate the pigs completely. Are you waiting for a pig not only to grab a bag but to grab a helpless little baby????…. Until when until when until when people are afraid, older children. Everyone is afraid. Don't you see that?

    • Stop lying with the fake news, the wild boars overturned 5 bins around the Herzl school this morning. Yesterday we saw 3 giant pigs walking around in Lotus.
      Shlomo the Klish bot is enough. The situation is a catastrophe in the city, people are being bitten and scared and you people are trying to justify everything, the municipality, shame, shame, shame!!!

  25. David Etzioni should take care of himself first, the pigs are not doing anything, they are looking for food, it is not new that humans are selfish, they also take their own home to live, and even go out crying that the pigs are walking among us!!
    It doesn't make sense to go on a killing and extermination operation in animals that have no fault in the matter, how ours are allowed to live as well and it is their right, stop taking their land and building buildings on it so that they have something to eat and land to live on.

    • It's a shame you didn't see David Etzioni in his tank top and flip-flops. He left the house, all his muscles knotted. He chased and caught a full-grown pig with his legs. He swung it over his shoulders and threw it back to Wadi when the pig flew tens of meters from the strength of David's sturdy arms.

  26. Real studs with smart eyes.
    It is natural that we are interested in these wonderful creatures, but to all those who are frightened, please just act calmly and see that they have no interest in you. They are a pretty easy-going creature and don't look for conflicts, so it's a shame to just heat up the spirits just to promote some agenda you have.
    Thanks for the beautiful photos.

  27. how cute !
    But after going through their attack, you like them less. Lately they have become smarter. They go after bags that people are holding. You should stop carrying bags around them. The problem is what happens when they jump onto the road in front of vehicles.

  28. The leftist minority government created a wave of Hamas terrorism
    A mayor with a minority coalition created a wave of pig terror
    A direct line is drawn in the state of Zeifan. The doctorate in Bar Ilan in the dictatorship party has a future for a person convicted of a serious construction offense.
    Legal reform is needed in the country
    Administrative reform is needed in Haifa

  29. Where are all those who say that the pigs do nothing if they are not bullied, where are those who say not to be afraid of them in the dark

  30. A few years ago, a proposal was made to transport water (perhaps permanent pipes) and food (leftovers from the market, supermarkets and restaurants) for the pigs to several centers in the wadis, so that they would not have to search among the houses.
    To this day it is not clear why the municipality refuses to implement it.
    Most likely it would have reduced the presence of pigs in the neighborhoods.

    Beyond that, it is important to remember that these are peaceful animals that are generally trying to survive.
    There are cities in the world, where crocodiles roam the courtyards of the houses - - so say thank you for the pigs.

    • The difference between an alligator and a pig: First, the location of the alligators is in an environment where humans have invaded the swamps in Florida or invaded the forests where bears exist. In Alaska, for example, a citizen who goes without a weapon may find himself in a lawsuit with a high fine and there is permission to shoot bears if they attack. As for pigs, they live in wadis and their breeding is in multiples, not that they are being thinned out, a pig can weigh hundreds of kilograms and when it runs and collides with a private vehicle it is like a bus accident. There is no doubt that we have been negligent on the part of the municipality in dealing with this phenomenon, such as giving hunting rights for pigs as it was in the past, they would have thinned out the Their quantity, such as hunting the pig mothers, blocking the egg from passing to the car, a simple and painless operation, castration of the males would significantly dilute the number of pigs.

    • "Feeding and watering pigs in the wadis, not only will not keep them away, but is also expected to increase their population in the city and expand the friction with its residents. The addition of resources necessary for the pigs is the root of the problem. Just for the sake of illustration, the wadis of Haifa and the western slopes include an open area of ​​about 6.5 km "R. This area manages to sustain dozens of wild boars naturally."

  31. They are not only connoisseurs…
    Some of them learned to sit on the skewers in shawarmas.
    And it was said:
    "I saw your sister walking around yesterday"

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