A mother and a little girl were attacked with stones in Haifa

(lives here) - a woman and her 8.5-year-old daughter...

Haifa: Damage to main water line • Watch

(Hai Pa) damage to a drilling contractor in a main water line,...

The developers won - the neighborhood in Haifa will be expanded after another chapter in the ongoing saga

Surprise: the Supreme Court overturned the district's decision regarding...
Banner - 41st Kiryat Bialik march - Saturday, 1/6/24 - Rahav
Banner Kiryat Ata Azmatwa 080524

Shaver Yegur - last moments of a rare bloom • Go for a walk on Pesach

Shaver Yegur, also known as Etak Carmel, is a nature corner...

An exciting Passover ceremony was held in the refugee camp • The ship 'Exodus' ► Watch

'Exodus', a symbol of bravery and determination, great excitement was recorded last Friday...

Talfiot market in Haifa - a genius creation in endless renovation

At the eastern end of Sirkin Street, stands the Talpiot market building,...

Preparations for Passover with mom

30 years gone 30 years after mom left us while she was...

Ruthie Segal • Goddess of the fruitfulness of creation • Haifa painter and curator

Ruthi Segal's paintings, her house, and treasures from her age are infused with...

A pig stole a backpack from a child at the Fichman school - 17/5/24 ► Haifa residents take pictures of the pigs' dangers

(live here) – The wild boars - In almost every neighborhood, residents report that they encounter families of pigs • Accidents and injuries continue • The residents of Haifa take pictures of pigs, send them to the live system here, and we publish them hereDid you take a picture? Send us on WhatsApp: 050-8289000.

► A pig stole a backpack from a child at the Fichman school - 17/5/24
The child was very frightened but was not hurt. The bag is torn.

A pig stole a backpack from a child at the Fichman school - 17/5/24 (Photo: Yali Israel Shear)

Time until the plague of pigs in Haifa is eradicated
(90 days from Yona Yahav taking office)


► Wild boars welcome Shabbat on Zion Avenue - 17/5/24 (Photo: Zuhair Blanc)

Wild pigs welcome Shabbat on Sderot Zion - 17/5/24 (Photo: Zuhair Blanc)

◄ Haifa breakfast: wild boars dismantle trash cans on parked cars - Habiva Reich

Wild pigs dismantle trash cans on parked cars - Habiva Reich - Haifa (Photo: Ilya Rozman)

► A family of pigs receives the holiday - Neve David

A family of pigs receives the holiday - Neve David (Photo: Hanan Markowitz)

► A herd of 9 pigs in front of Walt's messenger - Neve David - 20/4/24

A herd of 9 pigs in front of Walt's messenger - Neve David (photo: Korai Chai Pa in the field)

Urban pigs • learning to get along in the city (photo: David Domb) Monday, 26/3/24

Young piglets learn from their mother how to manage in the city. The abundant trash cans are just waiting for them to come and rummage through them, you can always find something and enjoy a good and varied meal...

The new puppies with their mother - new generations for Haifa pigs • Shear Aliya (photo: David Domb)
You can always find something Haifa pigs - Shaar Aliya neighborhood (Photo: David Dom)
Mother and her cubs - pigs on Hatzel Street in the Shaar Aliya neighborhood (Photo: David Domb)

Did you see anything? Report us here…

A wild boar walks among the graves of Jews in the Haifa cemetery 2/2/24 (Photo: Gila Zamir)

Gila Zamir tells Lehi here: Very simply, we drove on the internal road to the memorial to my father's grave. Suddenly Amnon said to me: Look who you meet here and I saw the pig. The truth is that I developed complete indifference to the presence of pigs in the city everywhere because it became a natural part of the street, the yard and everywhere.
The pig turned and sniffed the graves and seemed to be looking for something and that was the end of it.
There are places where the presence of a pig has meaning with added value such as near a synagogue, a cemetery, in cultural centers, etc. In general, this is no different from the fact that they are everywhere and have become a natural part of our lives. Klish claims that people from all over the world come to learn from her how to take care of pigs...

A wild boar walks among the graves of Jews in the Haifa cemetery (Photo: Gila Zamir)

The winter litters are already here - 3/2/24 (Photo: Eli Logsi)

As every year, the residents of Haifa feel a certain decrease in the amount of pigs on the streets of the city between the months of November and February. This is the season when the pigs breed in the wadis. At the beginning of February, the first herds arrive with the caravan of puppies. This photo is from the synagogue at 22 King David Street in the Neve David neighborhood (photo: Eli Logsi).

The pigs in Haifa: the winter litters are already here - 3/2/24 (Photo: Eli Logsi)

Link to send WhatsApp to live system here...

The pigs in Haifa: the winter litters are already here - 3/2/24 (Photo: Eli Logsi)

A herd of wild boars in Sefer square in Haifa

In a number of interviews that the mayor of Haifa, Dr. Einat Kalish Rotem, gave to local media, Einat stated that recently she "almost doesn't see pigs in Haifa anymore". So we are here to help Einat get to know the herds of pigs on the streets of the city.
The photo was taken on Rosh Hashanah by Moran Bergman Morg. Happy New Year.

A herd of wild boars in Sefer Square in Haifa (Photo: Moran Bergman Morgue)
A herd of wild boars in Sefer Square in Haifa (Photo: Moran Bergman Morgue)

A huge wild boar in the amusement park in Kaspari

Families with children who came to the amusement park on Kesferi Street in Haifa, encountered a huge pig this evening. He was busy with his affairs, but caused panic among some of the families. The residents called the municipal hotline 106 and surprisingly, inspectors arrived and chased the pig away. After a few minutes, the inspectors left and the pig returned. The desperate residents abandoned the garden.
To remind you, a few weeks ago we published that Klish ordered to stop handling complaints about pigs and to refer the complaints to the Ministry of the Interior, it seems that now the municipal apparatus is still trying to act, but without much success...

(Photo: Live here in the field)

A giant wild boar chases an elderly woman with a bag

Sderot Moriah, Separ Square 4/7/23, 11:00 - An elderly woman, about 70 years old, has to escape from a huge wild boar that is interested in her shopping bag. This time it ended peacefully, when the woman managed to escape to a nearby store and the pig continued to look for another solution for his breakfast.

(Photo: Live here in the field)

The pigs dominate the street in Neve David and Ramat Hanasi (photo: Dodi Miblom)

A reporter living here, Dodi Miblom, who photographed the pig procession, said: I heard in an interview that Klish said that she solved the pig problem and that people from all over the world come to learn from her about solving the problem, so I immediately stuck my head out the window to find out about the success of the project and came across a herd of pigs on King Shlomo Street in Neve David. Beyond that, in the butterfly park at Ramat Hanasi, every morning the bins are turned upside down and their contents are scattered over the park. At 9:00 the sanitation workers arrive to clear the garbage from the paths and until then the residents walk around in mountains of trash.

(Photo: Dodi Miblom)
(Photo: Dodi Miblom)

It appears that the pig that bit at the entrance to Carmelia continues to chase children (Photo: Judit Dubovi). This week a man was bitten at the entrance to Carmelia, but it appears that the pig continues to haunt. He was photographed chasing a boy in front of the Borax restaurant.

(Photo: Judit Dubovi)

Attack by a pig - a man was bitten at the entrance to the Carmelia neighborhood - 20/4/23 - watch the article in the link below:

(Monday 17/4/23 12:30) - On Rupin Road, near the meeting with Gaola, a new piglet family was photographed a short time ago:

Mother and her little piglets went for a walk in the warm sun. The pigs "feel "at home", this is no longer new and are seen in the video running around in the thicket of vegetation without fear and looking for food. Tiny piglets travel with mother in Goula • Watch

(Photo: S. Barkai)

(Photo: S. Barkai)

Pigs grazing in the Mania Shohat garden - Carmel Center Saturday 15/4/23 (Photo: Hanan Markowitz)

Gan Mania Shohat is supposed to serve families with children, but on Saturday morning it serves a herd of pigs. These animals are not vaccinated, they carry a huge amount of parasites (ticks and fleas) and occasionally grab bags of food from the hands of frightened citizens. Here the question arises to whom does the urban space belong - to the residents or to the pigs?

(Photo: Hanan Markowitz)

13/4/23 - A pig steals a shopping bag from a frightened woman

City Council member Itzik Blas, who shot the video, told Lahi Pa:
A woman with bags of food in her hands passed by Villa Carmel. A large pig and several puppies chased me. The woman tried to escape but was unable to. The big pig stole the bag. The woman panics and immediately releases the bag.
This is a frightening and worrying phenomenon - walking on the street in daylight is problematic for the residents of Haifa. Whoever walks with a bag of food becomes a target for attack by the pigs. As a city council member who was attacked by a pig, I have been demanding thinning for several years, but the mayor did not take care and lost control of everything that happened in the city. All she has left is to blame the others for the mistakes she makes.

(Photo: Itzik Blas)

Gourmet pigs raid a restaurant in the center of Carmel - 10/4/23

Haifa's pigs develop sophistication in everything related to their diet, at least that's how it appears in the video before you, which was filmed today (Monday 10/4/23), in which a family of wild pigs can be seen roaming freely among the restaurants in the center of Carmel. The family, father, mother and little piggies, peek into the interior of the restaurants, sniff, go back and forth, just as if debating and struggling with which restaurant they should choose and what they feel like eating the most...

Perhaps this is a kind of evolutionary process that is being revealed here before our eyes in Haifa, when the pigs develop special tastes and preferences in food and are no longer satisfied with the remains of humans waiting for them in the garbage bins...

A family in anxiety on Keller Street - 31/03/23

Haifa resident Danny Mador captured on his phone the moment when a family got into a state of anxiety on Keller Street, when a pig with puppies made it clear to them who rules the street in Haifa. The father and mother hugged their children to protect them, in case a mother pig made a defensive/offensive move, for the benefit of her young. Needless to say, in terms of personal security, this is a situation that should not happen in the urban space.
(Photo: Danny Mador)

Pigs in Nofim schools (Photo: Gadi Kellner)

(Photo: Gadi Kellner)

The pigs also returned to the Bat Galim neighborhood (Sunday 19/03/23) (Photo: Zvika Reisenstadt)

(Photo: Zvika Reisenstadt)

Pig in the parking lot - 35 Einstein St. 17/3/23 (Photo: Shahar Raziali)

Pig in the parking lot - 35 Einstein St. 17/3/23 (Photo: Shahar Raziali)
Pig in the parking lot - 35 Einstein St. 17/3/23 (Photo: Shahar Raziali)

Pigs on Zion Avenue - 17/3/23 (Photo: Blanc Zuhir)

(Photo: Blanc Zuhair)

Sderot Sinai - near the Zichron Yosef school - 12/3/23 (Photo: Einat Yairi)

(Photo: Einat Yairi)

In the hustle and bustle of the day, at a central intersection, a diner retrieved his heart from the trash cans without hindrance

Just last night (Wednesday 16/3/23) as I recall, there was a special council meeting on the subject of pigs, in which the municipal ecologist claimed that the actions taken by the Haifa municipality prove their effectiveness and are manifested in the reduction of the number of pigs in the city.
Nevertheless, El Hai Pa continues to receive photographs of pigs filling the streets of the city, appropriate for the season.

Here's a video taken a while ago: Busy Khorev Junction, a porky lunch, straight from the garbage cans. (Thursday 16/3/23 at 17:00)

A pig at Horev Junction, in a hearty tin meal • Watch

Mother and her piglets on a morning walk in Carmel • 13/3/23

(Photo: Shahar Sebag)

Come back with the puppies • This time – guests on Bethlehem Street in French Carmel • 12/3/23

Pigs come to visit (photo: Live here in the field)
New generations of pigs (photo: Live here in the field)
New piglets (photo: Live here in the field)
Pigs over the fence, in the meantime (photo: Chai Pe in the field)

New guests came to visit this morning (Sun. 12/3/23) together with their young puppies on Bethlehem Street. According to the tenants, until now the fence has prevented ferrets from entering the area of ​​the houses, and in any case, this morning this family arrived, for the first time with puppies. They ate roots and behaved quite indifferently towards people, and did not show any aggression or alarming behavior.

The pigs returned from the winter litters - noon today on Moriah Street 4/3/23

(Photo: Galia Becker)

(Photo: Galia Becker)

Wild pigs break up a garbage can - Harofeh Street - 06/03/23

Photography: Yael Horvitz

Wild pigs in Haifa (Photo: Yael Horvitz)

Two big ones and lots of little ones - Sderot Handiv - 17/2/23

(live here with the wild boars) - Towards Shabbat, a family of wild pigs came to visit on Sderot Handiv. As befits deep-rooted Hifaites, they felt comfortable in the garden of the residence, hanging out and enjoying the relatively comfortable weather and the pleasant sun.

(Photo: Dodi)

Contact Chai here: At watsapBy email

Noga Carmi
Noga Carmi
Nega Karmi - Director of Haifa News Corporation - News of Haifa and the surrounding area - message on WhatsApp: 052-2410689 Sending an email to the system: [email protected]

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  1. I hope that Mr. Yahav has not yet forgotten what a geometric column is.
    And they multiply at a growth rate of a geometric column:
    Each female pig spawns 4-8 pigs per year.
    Today 2000 pigs, in a year between 8000 and 16 thousand,
    Even eliminating 100 per day will not achieve the goal of eliminating within 90 days.

  2. Yona Yahav - did you promise? hold! Eliminate all pigs immediately! Innocent people think that this animal is an amusement animal. Until they get hurt and then quickly change their minds. Come on, to work!

  3. In my opinion, we need to examine the connection between the municipality that wanted the mass and barbaric killing of pigs by shooting and the media that saw fit to devote an entire page to videos about pigs that allegedly disturb the public (and also called on the public to upload more and more videos) and thus seemingly legitimize the mass killing.... The public does not Stupid at all and the interests and connection of the media here to the authorities are clear and transparent....shame!
    Regarding the boy with the bag: you don't see any pig that stole the bag, but children laughing at the pig playing with the bag and it is not impossible that the children threw the bag at the pig....therefore it looks like a clear incitement against the pigs by claiming that the pig allegedly hurt the child...reminds me a bit of the Crusades and the plots they invented on the Jews to justify the disturbances against them....shame!

  4. How selfish are we? Leave the animal alone, it wants to breathe and eat. Dysfunction and desire to deal with the problem in a humane and correct way as they did in many countries in the world in a few divorces. And to all those who call "beautiful souls" to those who oppose the mass killing of a helpless wild animal with intelligence and puppies. Do some soul searching, there's a problem so we just close it because our comfort is compromised a little? Or unpleasant to the eye? This is not garbage disposal. Sad, get over yourself and stop the narcissism.

  5. It's not the pigs fault. The human factor is to blame. The municipality has adopted the method of collecting manure by offering bins, which remain open and thus the manure is accessible to the pigs. And many residents also leave their garbage bags outside the bins. It is the manure that attracts the pigs. Otherwise they have nothing to look for in a built-up area. They should make sure that the garbage is removed before the amount of garbage exceeds the capacity, that they follow criminals who throw garbage at random. And looking to the future, they will replace the collection method.
    And in general, the city suffers from much more dirt than pigs.

  6. You can finally eliminate these pigs!!
    Tired of the haters of people and the licks of animals.
    Are you fed up!
    To exile you together with your friends, your likenesses, to the forests of the witness in Siberia!

  7. Eliminate the phenomenon immediately. Yona Yahav - You promised - now you will fulfill it. Until the last of the pigs is no longer found in Haifa. Extremely dangerous animals and a huge nuisance, and a great danger to everyone!

  8. It is important for the public to know following your article this week that hunting contractors have started shooting pigs at the Aliyah gate and loading them dying onto vans, so any report and photo shared by the public may/might direct the hunters there.
    Let's look at ourselves in the mirror in the morning, we have pumped up the democracy and "liberal" protests for all these months, and put a "liberal" mayor in power, to what moral low have we descended to hurt helpless animals like this??
    And on the website we will write: at least in the name of the press, why not make it difficult for the mayor and the municipality to find humane solutions and not like barbarians like in the Middle Ages!?
    You mocked the cliche all these years, at least it didn't hurt any helpless animal.

    • Enough with the bashing.
      The pigs attack adults and children day and night. And they won't tell us how kind and nice they are.
      They are a sanitary hazard, which endangers every passerby.
      No such phenomenon exists in any city.
      Whoever cares about them so much, will take them
      to him home
      Human safety comes before them!

  9. Hahahahaha, the photo of the pigs in front of the motorcyclist, look how happy the pigs were to meet him, they were literally wagging their tails with joy.

  10. I don't know, in all the videos it seems that the pigs mind their own business and don't threaten anyone, and people are just in unnecessary hysteria.
    And what I did see, there is a lot of garbage from people who throw garbage in the street, which attracts the pigs to the city.
    Maybe the population should be taken care of before the pigs are taken care of

  11. Hello everyone. The pig is not a soldier, he is not a terrorist and he does not want to murder anyone. Nokhaba terrorists - must be killed. The pig - just wants to live. One should do as in any advanced country - (Australia, Canada, the United States) put them to sleep with anesthesia arrows and move them to fenced nature reserves in the south of the country. Murder - out of the question!

  12. Nega, I believe and am confident that the mayor of Haifa, Mr. Yona Yahav, together with Mr. Avihu Han MM and the deputy mayor of Haifa will find a solution to the problem of the assistants
    In our beautiful city Haifa. The city council is fined for the first time only this coming Monday. A little patience

  13. Avihu Han, acting mayor of Haifa, will also work with mayor Yona Yahav in finding a solution to this problem

  14. It is possible and correct to stop demonizing a wild animal that is looking for a quiet place to live and raise its puppies. We need to talk about safe and humane solutions that allow the pigs to return to the forest and find food there after we planted them in the living areas.

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