"I came out of the water all blue" • Spending time at the pool in Haifa

(Hai Pe) - Bathing in the "Gali Haifa" pool, they discovered on their way out...

Changes in train traffic • Continuous travel between Haifa and Tel Aviv will not be possible

Temporary changes in train traffic in the Atlit area on Friday 5/7/24...

"The '20 minutes Zoz' parking is a disadvantage to a wide public in Haifa" • Savion in a proposal to order

(Hai Pa) - Israel Savion in the proposal for a settlement: "Improving the settlement...

Unit 8200 alumni conference was held in Haifa

These days, the 8200 alumni association, which has thousands of graduates...
Banner Gordon 230524
Banner Kiryat Ata Azmatwa 080524
The municipality of Kiryat Bialik is launching a new website

The return of the multi-armed octopus to the beach in Haifa

Lately, one of the most fascinating animals has been rediscovered in the natural world...

The old building on the quiet street in Carmel • Return the crown to the old one

I passed the Tefarat Carmel yeshiva this week (9-13/6/24) on the quiet HaShebi Street on...

Dr. Eil Brown - a senior doctor, a wonderful musicologist and a lover of culture

Dr. Eil Braun, director of the 8th Internal Medicine Department and a senior physician...

Eshkol Tower - the "Iron Tower" of the University of Haifa

The University of Haifa is located on Mount Talalim, one of the peaks of Mt.

Learning to surf on a wing-foil in Haifa • The water sport that conquers the world of surfing - anyone can do it

Haifa is the best place in Israel to learn wing-foil surfing.
If you passed by the Bat Galim promenade during the summer, you must have seen the wing surfers flying quickly over the water. Now you too can join this amazing sport and sign up for an exciting course at Bat Galim beach in Haifa.
Here you can get more details about learning wing-foil 1 on 1 with the guide David Goldblatt from Haifa - from the base to independence - to go to sea alone.

To contact and coordinate the course:

Wing-foil surfing course in Haifa with Laguna 160723
Wing-foil surfing course in Haifa with Laguna 160723

More details about the course:

  • The course is conducted with a professional communication system.
  • The course program is carried out under the close supervision of the Laguna Surfing and Sailing Company, which is headquartered in Bat Yam.
  • The insurance framework is that of the Laguna school.
  • There is no need for prior knowledge - just come to the course and immediately start the activity.

Watch the article about Hoving-Surf sports in Haifa

(Photo: Hai Pa-TV)
Wing-foil surfing course in Haifa with Laguna 160723
Wing-foil surfing course in Haifa with Laguna 160723

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  1. It's a great new sport. I started at age 62 and have been enjoying it for several years. The whole body works and the feeling of floating a meter above the water is amazing

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