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to flex patterns, to think emotionally • about the autistic spectrum

Autism is a phenomenon that is defined as a neurological variation characterized by a group of...

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A 71-year-old man was bitten by a wild boar in Haifa ► Watch the difficult interview from the studio - Hai Pa-TV

(lives here on the street) – Again an attack by a wild boar. Uzi Melamed, 71 years old, a resident of Carmel in Haifa, was bitten by a wild boar while casually walking on Sderot Moriah in Haifa. He didn't hold a food bag and didn't tease the pig. The event ended in the hospital emergency room, countless injections and one painful and bandaged leg. The photos of the severe injury will not be published here in order to preserve the individual's modesty.

► Watch the interview from the studio (interviewer - Yaron Karmi):

Live studio here-TV

The attack took place on Sderot Moriah, next to Farhi Rotem, at the entrance to the Carmelia neighborhood. Most likely it was a female pig, which was walking down the street with puppies. She approached Uzi, who was holding a bag with screws (not food) in his hand. She sniffed the bag and then bit Uzi hard on the left thigh.

Uzi was wearing jeans, which saved him from serious injury, but the bite injured him and caused severe pain.
He went to the Resh Clinic in the center of Carmel (the parent clinic), of the General Health Insurance Fund, where they responded immediately by providing a first responder with a tetanus shot and ordered him to immediately evacuate to the emergency room.

At the Carmel Hospital, the doctors made a quick consultation with the Ministry of Health, who instructed them how to act: giving 3 shots against rabies and a very strong antibiotic for a week.
Later, Uzi will come for an inspection at the Ministry of Health, in order to verify that the injections prevented him from contracting the disease that puts him at risk.

Map - the place of the attack by the wild boar - Moriah 54 - Haifa:

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Yaron Karmi
Yaron Karmi
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  1. Load lentils on trucks and pour into Gaza. 2 birds with one stone.
    to clean the city and pamper the Arabs there.

  2. Dear Uzi,
    I'm sorry for what you went through and what you're going through.
    You are a victim of scandalous conduct.
    My heart is with you…

  3. There are no governments in this city,
    There is no security for the residents,
    A polluted city….
    What else can be said!!!
    Five of the blackest years ever in Haifa.

  4. This is how it always is: the next step after surrendering to the ultra-Orthodox is harming the rest of the citizens just like that.
    Kalish Rotem surrendered to the ultra-Orthodox by cable car, and now it probably serves them that people will simply flee from Haifa and they can take over it like Tiberias. The wild boars should be thinned out by hunting for food, whether the religious people like it or not

  5. Shocking!!!
    Do you think every resident is able to contain a tetanus shot + rabies shots + antibiotics????
    For example, antibiotics are not allowed for me. So, according to Klish, how am I supposed to leave the house? After all, the pigs are infested here in abundance!!!

  6. you can't put them in a safari, they multiply and in a few months they can become too many, and again you won't know what to do with them. it is a big problem, and you have to be very serious about finding a solution, even if some people don't want to face it.

    • the solution is seriously culling wild boars by dozens in wadis and not a few only when
      they have already entered neighborhoods to find food, which is the issue with what the
      Israel Parks Authority rep. (hired by Haifa Muni) has been doing - which is utterly useless

  7. Shocking as if the serious crime and gang wars were not enough, the harassment of minorities on the city promenades with wild driving, noise and harassment of women then we also have to accept the scourge of wild boars.
    I know at least 3 families who left Haifa in the last year because of a mess in schools, because of the fear of wild pigs and crime.
    Haifa municipality must wake up from 5 years of stagnation and realize that the public is fed up. Property taxes are among the 3 highest in Israel in Carmel and you get absolutely zero - no peace, no security, over-density of Tama-38 that destroys a construction site from morning to night and huge wild pigs on the sidewalks.

  8. Where are all those who say that the pigs don't do anything, why not take them to a safari or a zoo, that's their place, there's nothing the municipality will sue now, and it should be that the current mayor is in office because she's not yet full

  9. The pig problem is similar to any attack on humans by animals such as dogs, snakes, scorpions, bees and mosquitoes and even jellyfish.
    The authorities are doing a lot to reduce the damage. What to do... The municipality takes care of an urban area and suddenly a jungle fell on it without any preparation.
    The problem is national and global. There is no miracle solution that will protect humans.
    In my opinion, some of the comments here have been blown out of proportion.

    • "Suddenly a jungle fell on her without any preparation." - it's joke. Yes ? without any preparation?

  10. What else needs to happen for the municipality to take care of the pig problem?
    I wish Uzi a speedy recovery.

  11. Anyone notice the resemblance the cliché has to a wild boar?
    Me, the reason she doesn't do anything is simply that she prefers not to hurt family members?

  12. It is worthwhile to publish the full attack map including all attacks - and see if there is an environmental or demographic connection. Maybe the pig recognizes leftists or rightists?

  13. Incompetence in the municipality Those responsible for the failure, including the mayor, are legally bound. The time has come to resign. Wild boars and people should not breed together. How did Yona Yahav manage to get rid of the wild pigs?

  14. The pig affair here in Haifa is enough and unbearable. It's time to thin them out in a very severe drastic way. They should be killed during the winter when they are not yet breeding. There is no other method or form. Why are you waiting for some boy or girl or old man or old woman who can't handle them that they are weak and then they will die????. The mayor of the famous city A wants blood at your hands??????????????? ..

    • We need a very strong and shrewd lawyer and not to take things lightly in the matter of wild pigs. A pig is a very clever creature that is learning to get to know us. What exactly is the mayor of the city waiting for??? There are currently over 4.000 pigs. What exactly is Rosh Ha'ir waiting for?????

  15. "We were bitten by a wild boar when he was just walking down Sderot Moriah"
    A pig is not allowed to just walk on Moriah Boulevard?
    Are they allowed to go only for certain purposes?

  16. Again a case of a person being attacked by a pig in Haifa. Again this miraculously ended in injury and tetanus shots. A continuing failure of the mayor that will surely result in another payment of high compensations to the victim from the municipality, in addition to the hundreds of thousands of shekels that a man has been paid as compensations following the injury of pigs in Haifa neighborhoods!

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