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You can send an email directly to the manned news system of Chai Pah. We live here following this email and responding to your news. We publish hot news for you from around the city Haifa and metropolitan cities Haifa- Kiryot, Nesher, Tivon, Tirat Carmel and the surrounding area. We will publish your news items anonymously, or with your name, as you choose. [/bs-text][bs-text title="Contact details for Red Mail" icon="fa-phone" bs-show-desktop="1" bs -show-tablet="1" bs-show-phone="1"]Website manager - Nega Karmi Phone: 052-241-0689 The red email: [email protected][/bs-text][bs-text title="red whatsapp" icon="fa-whatsapp" bs-show-desktop="1" bs-show-tablet="1" bs-show-phone="1" Using the red WhatsApp we respond to messages, photos and videos from the field


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