Banner - 41st Kiryat Bialik march - Saturday, 1/6/24 - Rahav

An explosive device weighing 2 kg of explosives was seized in Haifa

The police informed Lahi Pa News Corporation: a powerful explosive device,...

Climb 100 stairs with a small child in your arms - every morning • The difficult arrival to school in Haifa

(Live here) - Parents of students from the "Gabrieli" elementary school in the neighborhood of...

Even after 49 years: a moving memorial to the late Mike Brant 

The magic legend of the idol of the Haifa crowd that never ends in the shadow of the war...

The broadcast of the rally ► The Kidnapped Square • Haifa - Thursday 23/5/24

(Hai Pa) - A rally for the release of the abductees was held tonight...
Banner Gordon 230524
Banner - 41st Kiryat Bialik march - Saturday, 1/6/24 - Rahav
Banner Kiryat Ata Azmatwa 080524

Children, songs and watermelons at school on Independence Day

The Ein Hayam school goes down to the sea. Mats were spread on the beach,...

Huge flats of Perna Perna oysters have been discovered in Haifa Bay

(Live here in the sea) - There is a lot of talk about immigration to Israel...

"Emphasis - Society of Literature and Poetry in Israel" • A ceremony to welcome members in Haifa

In a festive and exciting evening, a group of poets and writers met this week for a ceremony...

An exciting Passover ceremony was held in the refugee camp • The ship 'Exodus' ► Watch

'Exodus', a symbol of bravery and determination, great excitement was recorded last Friday...

The Tower of the Prophets in the splendor of Carmel - disappointed hope

The Tower of the Prophets is located at the northern end of the Street of the Prophets, a distance...

Offer to publish a business page - live here with the local businesses

Could it be that there is a lack of organized information about your business on the Internet? Have you ever checked what happens when you type your name and the name of your business into Google? Whoever searches for you on the Internet - what will he find about you?

This offer is intended for local businesses that wish to regulate their information on the Internet and increase their customer base.

The Hai Pa website (the major news website Haifa and the surrounding area), invites you, the business owners, to advertise your special business, in an advertising deal designed to support local businesses, at an unprecedented sale price. In this promotion we will set up a business page for you.

The offer includes:

  1. The business page - will appear on the live website.
  2. Three photos representing the business, including the photographer's name for each photo (credit).
  3. A photo of the business owner, including the name of the photographer for each photo (credit).
  4. Text presenting the business: name of the business, name of the owner, products / services, opening hours, business address, contact phone number, contact email and any additional information that the business owner wishes to share...
    The text will be linguistically edited, by the professionals of Hai Pa.
  5. A video that the business owner wants to include in the article (a video uploaded to the client's YouTube or on Hai Pa's channel), including the photographer's name and every photo (credit).
  6. Automatic links to contact by phone, email, WhatsApp.
  7. A Google map showing the location of the business + a link to navigate on WAZE to the business.
  8. You can distribute and share your page to any person and any distribution list using your phone.
  9. Your advertisement will appear in search engines: Google and Bing.
  10. Your advertisement will be distributed in "Push" on the Chai Fe network to all subscribers - twice a year.
  11. In case of substantial changes in the business - you can submit editorial changes to the live system here - by email - [email protected].
  12. The price: NIS 249 per month only, with a one-year commitment in advance. The price also includes the cost of establishment (the price does not include VAT).
  13. Payment terms: bank transfer - on the day of the order - for a year in advance.
  14. You can order, for an additional fee, a Hai Fe journalist who will write the text for you.

Note: It is the customer's responsibility to send the materials described in sections 2-5 to the Hai Pa system, to the Hai Pa e-mail address: [email protected]

Examples of a business page - click on the links:

A local business has many advantages in appearing on a strong and well-respected local news site such as Chai Po:

  • Visibility and accessibility to the public: This is an excellent opportunity to appear before the public in the Haifa area and the surrounding area and to present your business in a professional place that is appreciated by the public. When you advertise on a local news site, you influence your availability and expose your brand to a local audience.
  • Target audience: A local news website allows you to reach your relevant audience directly. The local people can be your potential customers, patronize you by passing links to friends and also support your business through the connections of the readers with the community.
  • Search in location-based search engines: Most people use local searches when looking for solutions online. When you appear in Hai Peh, which is identified in search engines when it has a connection to Haifa and the surrounding area, you give your business a central position in local searches and increase the opportunities for finding information about you by people looking for services or products in your geographic area.
  • Connecting with the community: By appearing on a local news site, you are giving your business a chance to be part of the community. It conveys trust and evokes a sense of belonging to the local people who live here. Appearing in Hai Pa makes readers appreciate your business more.
  • In conclusion: With the help of an appearance on a strong and respected news site, such as Hai Fe, a local business can positively influence the audience's feeling about it and increase the chances of finding new customers and advancing in the branding, marketing and sales channels.

Contact Chai here: At watsapBy email

Noga Carmi
Noga Carmi
Nega Karmi - Director of Haifa News Corporation - News of Haifa and the surrounding area - message on WhatsApp: 052-2410689 Sending an email to the system: [email protected]

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