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The story behind the Israel Railway Museum in Haifa

Magnificent locomotives and carriages This week I went to the Israel Railways Museum located at the station...

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Dilution of pigs by shooting in Haifa - the legal campaign has begun

(haipo) - This week a legal battle began, when the association "Let Live Live" filed a request for a restraining order against the Haifa Municipality, Yona Yahav and RTG.

As you may recall, when Yona Yahav ran for mayor, he promised to eradicate the wild boar menace within 90 days of taking office. The essential change in the work plan, which is led by the municipality under the leadership of Yahav, is that the pigs are now thinned out by shooting, with the thinning focused on the pigs that roam within the neighborhoods themselves.

This is a fundamental change compared to the municipality's policy during the Kalish period, when killing was carried out using traps scattered in the wadis, a few hundred meters away from the neighborhoods. The pigs that were captured then were killed by an injection that stops the activity of the heart.

Time until the plague of pigs in Haifa is eradicated
(90 days from Yona Yahav taking office)


Request for a restraining order according to section 17a of the Animal Cruelty Law

The association "Let Live Live" filed this week a request for an order in a civil proceeding, through attorney Erez Wall. The purpose of the request: to stop the dilution by shooting, in the format in which it is currently being carried out. The request was submitted on Thursday, 9/5/24 to the Haifa Magistrate's Court, Before the Honorable Judge Shulamit Breslav, in case number 26035-05-24.

The main claims:
♦ Uncontrolled shooting of details that have not been proven to be unruly.
♦ There was no notification of the public and no detail regarding the data indicating that the individual who was shot poses a danger to the public and that there are no alternatives to his death.

Provision of a temporary order

In response to the request, the Honorable Judge Shulamit Breslav ordered the granting of a temporary order to stop the thinning activity by shooting, in the current format, until a discussion on the issue is held, in the presence of both parties.
The hearing is scheduled for 16/5/24, at 13:00 p.m.

Decision on issuing a temporary order - for your reference

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  1. All the best to let the living live and the action that needs to be done exactly as the association's name is it is forbidden to kill any animal it wants to live just like us God should take life the way of nature man is not on the earth to take life at his own discretion and you lord mayor invest in a rehabilitation farm for the wild boars or In fact, leave the bar for the pigs instead of building in every hole and leave no room for human nature. In my eyes, he is the biggest loser that the operation signal came to his head enough to cause animal suffering.

  2. Let Live Live Association.
    I wonder if you would be willing to live with pigs roaming between your legs. Would you agree that children would be harmed?
    We don't live in the Middle Ages where animals roam unsupervised.
    Take them to your home or have the association adopt them.
    I don't live in Haifa and I would not agree to this phenomenon. Thank God that Klish went home and the city will be cleaned for you.
    Jungle hand b.


  3. People who are bored go out to demonstrations and block protesting roads and don't know why? They despise everything that moves. And the record is that they don't kill pigs. What is it that foreigners are worse than terrorists? In short, another association that is similar to the religious associations in the State of Israel that lives off the citizens' money. Eliminate them to the last. The pigs are idiots like you.

  4. To replace the symbol of the city of Haifa instead of a sea and a ship with a simple poster of a pig...even so, anyone who says "Haifa" automatically equals "pig"

  5. Feels
    Bunches of hamsters are walking around in Opira Garden..instead of children playing in the grass, hamsters are playing there..and in Saadia the genius is free in the yards..

  6. Tell me, are you normal? Maybe a suspect arrest procedure is needed? Can there be a wild boar roaming the neighborhood and there is no public knowledge that the animal is indeed dangerous to the public? Maybe we need to find out if it is a dead pig or a dead pig? To what level of confusion have we reached and yet there is a judge who accepted the petition. One argument that has not been raised is the authority to shoot and the risk of injury to anyone who is not a wild boar.

  7. Everything is in the hands of the rabbinate. Give kosher for two years to eat them, and you'll see how there won't be a single pig left.

  8. Anyone who claims that thinning the pigs is murder is invited to come with a truck and a crane to load them and take them to his private yard. Where there are small children and old people, it is not appropriate for them to walk around and bother them, especially those who come back from shopping with bags in their hands.

  9. And if there were mice, would you also judge them? Let's move to another city and let the pigs live here in peace.
    It is clear that they have crossed red lines and it is time to return them to their natural size

  10. All associations that protect animals that are harmful to humans
    They themselves are animals that came in reincarnation
    They prefer the Helios over a person
    May God destroy these people as it was in the confused generation
    Because they are real prey animals

  11. Imagine a scene from the holocaust... a mother with a baby is looking for food for the baby and then the damned come and shoot her and the baby... she screams. Her baby is calling for her... she is already dead and he dies crying for his mother... this is not imaginary, this is how it was in 1944... and this is how it happens in the field these days !!!How much cruelty is there in the world towards unfortunates who hate them just because they were born Jews or their soul was born in a pig's body……enough!!!!enough of the criminal cruelty in the name of Haifa municipality!!!and we as Jews should have learned from our history

  12. Let live live is an illusionary body. I wonder who contributes to them. Instead of protecting nature and animals, they try to destroy and cause damage.

  13. First of all the residents, then pigs.
    The amount of pigs has reached such a state that in every corner there are pigs that harm the safety of the residents and sanitation.
    If the shooting is effective then it should be allowed to happen even at the expense of the pigs' lives.

  14. First, the association is not always right. I am also in favor of saving the animals. But because it was not treated for many years it got worse. As soon as he was hurting me and my surroundings. It became scary to walk around the street. that they attack. . Or bullied when they pass the path to our house. at all hours of the day. It became a nuisance. not nice . intolerable situation. Just don't kill them! . I want to get home safely without any fear at all hours of the day. . kill only when they are around us. I say we must first dilute. I believe that this animal will feel threatened and will stop walking around us. First dilute. Then notice that they don't come because they are the pigs and will feel threatened. will not come close. Yes, initially this is the way to drive them out of our house. Another thing is a fine for anyone who feeds them!

  15. There is no problem with a legal process, but temporary orders should be revoked. Now they will spread it for years. May the years pass, but the residents will not suffer in the meantime.

  16. Illusory associations!
    The pigs must be shot and the meat sold to the Gentiles to finance the continuation of the hunt. This is a humanitarian action

  17. The petitioners who will take the pigs to their private homes must eradicate the phenomenon in any way. I ran into them on the street. It's really scary.

  18. All these associations are part of the destruction of the state
    It seems to you that what is happening here makes sense
    Humans suffer and some association with money prevents them from living comfortably
    These pigs need to be removed immediately

  19. It is possible instead of killing them to simply move them to distant places if or a bridge of pigs to the roads and the city maybe it is a lot of money but it is better to catch them instead of shooting them live which is cruel you can put them to sleep and move them

  20. What is the beautification about?
    It is very good that significant steps are being taken to eradicate the hazard.
    Without a natural enemy, we must intervene and limit the size of the pig population

  21. Kalish did not take care of the wild pigs, on the contrary, she kept them in the city, wasted tens of millions of shekels on her whim and that of the wild pig fans, the pigs multiplied in an engineered column, pigs were roaming everywhere in the city. The residents of the city lived in a zoo where the pigs made our lives hell, they turned the garbage cans and the garbage is scattered everywhere on the streets of the city, the pigs endanger us on the roads and everywhere, on the street and near our houses.
    If the Haifa people come to their homes after shopping with the bags of pigs, they attack them and kidnap the bags while harming them, dozens of Haifa people have been physically harmed by the wild pigs, and some have been mentally harmed and are afraid to leave their homes for fear of the wild pigs.
    We must not allow the minority, most of whom do not live in Haifa and do not suffer like us Haifaites, to impose their whims on us, if they want to take care of the pigs, they will be respected and take care of the pigs in the forests and meadows at their own expense and not at the expense of the public purse

    • You are right in every word that the pig lovers will raise them in their homes and then we will see their reaction.

  22. I really hope that there is indeed a sane body that works to prevent this intolerable cruelty.
    It is unimaginable that a political/municipal authority acts with primitiveness and malice, to cause an animal to die in agony, and in general, to employ people who shoot.

  23. You have to resist dilution! It doesn't make sense that the solution would be shooting and killing pigs and wild animals in general. There are other ways.

  24. The face of the city as the face of the country. Looking for a quick solution, a Band-Aid and in the meantime causing destruction, horror and pain.
    Over the years, quite a few solutions have come up to remove the pigs from the city and return them to a more natural environment, but due to considerations of time and money, they are rejected.
    It's just a shame to grow up and grow up in this city, everything positive about it has been destroyed in the last decade.

  25. Yona Yahav was elected by a large majority. One of the central flags was the elimination of the phenomenon of pigs in the neighborhoods of the city. The time has come for a minority of tree huggers
    will stop determining for the majority of the population in the city.

  26. You completely overdid the pig thing. Those with four legs hardly harm anyone. Those who walk on two legs is another story. But the mayor is a coward and won't do anything about it. This city is plagued by crime and crime families. The honorable mayor dealt with the real problems of the city. Don't make headlines out of marginal issues and innocent animals.
    You were in office for fifteen years and the problems of lack of policing and law enforcement got worse. who do you work for

  27. Why shoot them? Take them and put them in the wing of the terrorists' rooms. Put them in their rooms to live with them and see who dies of suffering? After all, a pig for a Muslim is death

  28. I don't understand why they don't shoot them with semi-anesthesia, collect them, shoot them, release them, feed them, take care of them in a place where they will have a good time, like the safari, for example, like maybe flying them to another country, that way both sides are not harmed, both the pigs and Haifa are cleaned. Pigs are returned. Think about it, guys.

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