5 vehicles burned overnight in Haifa

(Live here), burning cars again in Haifa and tonight on Arad Street...

The prestigious neighborhood in Haifa is no longer so peaceful - "our life has become a nightmare"

(Hai Pe) - The residents of the 'Savioni Dania' neighborhood describe a feeling...

The ultra-orthodox marked Haifa as one of the attractive cities to live in

The ultra-Orthodox Institute for Policy Studies reveals that the northern capital has entered...
Haifa museums banner 010524
Banner Kiryat Ata Azmatwa 080524
Banner - 41st Kiryat Bialik march - Saturday, 1/6/24 - Rahav
Haifa museums banner 010524

"Palace" - from a movie theater to one of the tallest office towers in Haifa

Migdal Armon is an office tower that was built on the site of the "Palace" cinema...

Yossi Berger • Product designer, photographer and writer from Haifa

A meeting with Yossi Berger may give a taste of being...

Huge flats of Perna Perna oysters have been discovered in Haifa Bay

(Live here in the sea) - There is a lot of talk about immigration to Israel...

Reut Ashkenazi • Autodidactic realism

Elizabeth Kruglov is a creator and local entrepreneur who owns an art gallery...

"See Value: Religion" • Chapter 3 • Religion - the psychological value

The existential questions The fact that religion has been present in our lives since the beginning of history is no accident....

Weather forecast - Independence Day 14/5/24

(haipo) – After a hot week, we received on Memorial Day, 13/5/24, a chilly winter system, including several rain showers, 20-knot high winds and rough seas.

This system will relax on the eve of Independence Day. The wind will weaken and during the night between Monday and Tuesday, 14/5/24, light showers are still expected here and there.

The forecast for Independence Day:

On Independence Day, the weather will be comfortable and slightly cooler than usual. The temperatures will be 20-21 degrees in the Haifa area. The sky will clear and it will be partly cloudy.
No rain is expected.

On Wednesday, Thursday, there will continue to be comfortable temperatures, with clear skies and no rain.

Detailed forecast on a daily basis - for professionals

Have you seen floods and weather hazards? Report us!

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  1. Hey, something's wrong here.
    Today is 3/2 and now it is raining. But what I see all kinds of comments two weeks and 4 weeks ago. . What is ????

  2. We are preparing you for the fact that the whole city will be blocked because we still haven't found out where all the water drainage pits are and we only found out on Friday that we fired the guy who is responsible for some keys to the cabinet with the map of the drainage pits in the city. But hey don't forget to choose me in 20 or so days

  3. Yes, it was a pleasant morning. Q Q Naima. How do we say washing day? Hot sun, I enjoyed it. And now it started to become cloudy and it looks like it will rain in another hour. .

  4. Eliminate the Gaza front. A closed military discourse and a full humanitarian evacuation to end the permanent circus of misery there - to the cities of Harshep and Egypt and Canada and wherever they don't want the cabinet to go piles of murderers incited from infancy to murder Jews. They eliminated the hundreds of Nohva who were raped and massacred and soon he will be studying for a degree from the prison-hotel at the University of Haifa funded by Adallah. Tired.

  5. Indeed, until 07.30:XNUMX a.m. it was a fine day on Sunday in Kiryat Motzkin mainly
    And from this hour, torrential rain does not see a rain. The sewage also went up
    On its banks, puddles and floods like a real winter.
    Clarification only at 14.30...

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A pig stole a backpack from a child at the Fichman school - 17/5/24 ► Haifa residents take pictures of the pigs' dangers

(Live here) - Wild pigs - in almost every neighborhood residents report that they encounter families of pigs • Accidents and injuries continue • Haifa residents take pictures...

Demonstration in Haifa - Mochash 18/5/24

(Hai Pa) - The protest continues against the Netanyahu government - Ben-Gvir. In Haifa, there will be a march and a demonstration in Horeb. The demonstrators are calling for a change of government and going to the elections, against the background of the failure...

Kiryat Bialik march - Saturday 1/6/24

The municipality of Kiryat Bialik will hold the 41st march in the city, marking the release of the kidnapped. The starting point will be the Ein Afek nature reserve, on Saturday 1/6/24, from 07:30 to 09:00. The participation...

The Haifa student who waved the Israeli flag at the graduation ceremony in Berkeley: "I am in hell on earth"

Or Ha'Meiri, 27 years old, a resident of Haifa, found himself as an ambassador on his own behalf at the University of Berkeley in California, where he studied until the last days (May 2024). This week...

A fire on the roof of a building in Haifa

(Hai Fe) - Today, Friday 17.5.24/17.5.24/XNUMX, a fire broke out on the roof of a building in Haifa. Israel Fire and Rescue was informed by the Haifa News Corporation: today, Friday XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX, the fire fighters were launched...