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The thinning of the pigs by shooting has started in Haifa - watch

(Hai Pa) - Residents at the Aliyah Gate heard gunshots at 1:30 am. When they went to find out the cause of the shooting, they noticed pig thinning contractors during their work. The contractors loaded the carcasses onto a truck and drove on their way. The promise of the elections has started, in coordination with RTG and a lot of work ahead of them.

Pig thinning in the Shaar Aliya neighborhood in Haifa (photo: Korai Chai Peh)

As you may remember, until now the municipality killed the pigs using traps that were placed in the wadis. The captured pigs were killed by injecting poison and stopping the activity of the heart.

Time until the plague of pigs in Haifa is eradicated
(90 days from Yona Yahav taking office)


The Haifa Municipality informed Haifa:

"Haifa Municipality operates in accordance with the understandings and summaries made with the "Nature and Parks Authority" and according to its instructions."

The new agreement with RTG:

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68 תגובות

  1. heartache.
    Despicable inhumanity.
    Other alternative solutions can be found. without killing.
    Very easy to kill.
    The animals are also a soul in itself.

    All in all looking for food.

    God created man and the beast.

    God's harvest

    It is God's creation. ..

  2. Kudos to Lihav for keeping his promise to dilute
    and the destruction of Haifa pigs. Now all that's left is to clean the trash-contaminated streets and pave the roads so that they stop looking like after shelling.

  3. Immediately stop thinning pigs in Haifa, they lived here before you, took their living areas and built high-rises enough to destroy the earth and destroy the animals.

  4. Beautiful souls, with all due respect to the pigs, I have children and they are the first priority, this one.
    Second thing, I don't hate animals and whoever wants to check I have two dogs and five cats in the garden which is their home and I don't want pigs to run them away.
    Third thing, a pig is not a favorite animal of mine personally, but if it lives without interfering with the normal course of my life and that of my family members, I have no problem with it living only in its area.
    So with all due respect to the association let it live
    Live and all those who love pigs, first of all let the person live and certainly and certainly to my children who are afraid to walk around the house and in the public gardens.

  5. All those who are against the poor pigs simply do not understand that the invaders are us and not the pigs.
    They built many neighborhoods in the nature of Mount Carmel and invaded the natural territory of the pigs, who until then did not even dare to go out. From there to look for food.
    Because of real estate interests, they smuggled the pigs, which came down more and more each time in the direction of Lower Haifa.
    And thanks to uneducated and cultured people throwing their garbage outside the bins the pigs found a new source of food to survive.
    The blame is also on the Haifa municipality that does not punish these lack of culture and education for the pollution of the environment and also on the fact that the Haifa municipality does not find solutions. Really simple garbage cans that will be closed inside a building with a locking door to prevent the pigs from coming to look for food scraps.

    • right. First of all take care of bad people, exploiters, dirty people, rude, violent, uncaring people and only after that see if there are any problems left such as pigs or others.

  6. Excellent as it should be after five years of a cliché that only embraced them it's time to get rid of the pigs like we got rid of the ridiculous signs everything related to the cliche will disappear into the pages of history excellent

  7. Excellent as it should be after five years of a cliche that only embraced them it's time to get rid of the pigs like they got rid of the ridiculous signs everything related to the cliche will disappear into the pages of history

  8. Shame Shame Shame
    A municipality that harms animals in a barbaric way instead of examining and finding humane solutions without harming the poor animals.

  9. Haifa souls know that a pig can kill a man. The pigs invaded the beaches, the sidewalks, the yards. In Europe they undergo regular thinning every year!! Have you seen P] with an upside down car returning?. Don't know and let Jonah Lahav do his job

    • Shlomo, if you are such a pig lover, give the address of to the municipality of Haifa and they will happily transfer the pigs to you for adoption.
      Anyone who is against thinning is welcome to adopt a pig for their home!
      See you after a great heroes week.

  10. Abuse and cruelty to animals is strictly prohibited. It is a legal prohibition, and more importantly, a moral prohibition.

  11. excellent. Finally put an end to this terrible phenomenon. Care must be taken to ensure that no pig is left in Haifa. Yona Yahav promised - Yona Yahav fulfills. Well done. It's just a shame it was done very late. This problem should have been addressed and eliminated a long time ago.

    • They are not helpless, that is exactly the problem. They have audacity and sophistication and they turn over the city's trash cans, threaten residents with bags, and invade gardens to eat.
      And all this when they are dangerous wild animals that should not at all come wandering in the human area.

    • They are not helpless, they will go to the Carmel Castle or an eagle will hug them, the hunters will likewise welcome you to move to live with them in the mud

  12. There is no choice because the quality of life has been damaged because the pigs try to control the public space, scare the residents, steal bags and shopping bags. So thanks to Yona Yahav who promised and keeps it.

  13. The reactions here are dark and scary. People who encourage murder and violence, abuse of animals. May your karma be as bad as you. People are so thirsty for blood that they are so bored so they mess with the pigs.

  14. Was there an auction?
    And if there was, who knew about it?
    And what were the terms of the tender?
    How many responded?
    And who won?
    And why him?

  15. Humans, their safety and well-being, are more important than pigs, as long as they endanger us, and cause us environmental damage and especially, God forbid, physical damage, then I have no problem with the dilution. I want to walk in Haifa without fear that at any moment a pig, or an entire family, will jump out at me and endanger me. Well done Lihav.

  16. Don't live under illusions, there are no magic solutions. With the huge amount of pigs that exist today, after 5 years of the failed reign of Kalish, even thinning will not solve the problem as a single solution... it is therefore necessary to launch an enforcement operation mainly against those who throw garbage outside of bins - because they are currently the first source of food that attracts wild pigs. After that come the pig eaters and of course it is essential and even mandatory to start the project of burying bins in the neighborhoods with the most street pigs, as was successfully done in Nesher and Jerusalem. And everything still needs to be accompanied by an awareness campaign, the effectiveness of which has been proven in the past in the project to eliminate dog excrement from the streets of the city (by the way, this is also a terrible blow today that must be addressed again)...

    • It's the excrement of the wild pigs, the pig lovers and cliches don't come to pick up after them, shame, the main thing is they feel sorry for them.. but they don't care about picking up their shit, even if they take them home and we see them taking care of them

  17. The real pigs are the humans, those who give orders to kill and those who react with cruelty and pure malice, it was promised to thin out the pigs, but not to kill them in cold blood, their only crime is that we take away their living space.

    • I also thought that thinning meant taking them to the barber shop and taking the ends off a bit. What a disappointment

  18. Thank you that finally someone here is taking the management of the city into their own hands
    After years of complete lawlessness
    After Haifa became the joke of the whole country, "mayor's pig"
    After tens of thousands of children and elderly are afraid to walk around at night
    After damages of tens of millions to gardens and cans
    They were thinned out like 5 years ago when we used to see them once every six months rather than once a day.

  19. Shame on the sanitation division for the cruelty and abuse of the BAH. At 2:00 I saw from the window how a wild boar, shot but alive and dying, was taken on a stretcher, brought to the sidecar, the animal was lying down and moving its 4 legs and head but weakly, when one of the workers said: "It's still moving." And they don't even bother to open the sides of the trailer, they lift the stretcher to a height and the wild boar while still alive is thrown from the height into the trailer and on top of that they throw the stretcher (a folding military bed which is heavy). They threw him alive and in pain, on the body of another wild boar, they didn't even open the sides to lay him down and hurt less.
    Shame on the Haifa municipality and RTG, they sit around a nice round table in the city council and make decisions but are unable to supervise the execution of the work. Child abuse, of course at night when no one is watching.

    • So bring some pigs like that into your home
      Let them watch TV in the living room and eat good food.
      And don't forget to wipe them, they won't spread poop all over the house, just in the living room

  20. Kudos to Mayor Yona Yahav!
    Finally someone is starting to take care of the wild animals that have been roaming freely among the people for several years.

  21. And with all that…..poor people in Haifa must take a non-bank loan and leave the country! There are much worse issues in Haifa than pigs, such as air pollution factories

  22. Very well, you need to thin out a few hundred every year.
    Like all over the world they are being thinned out because the wild boars are a global problem and not a cute and harmless little pet. A large problematic and harmful wild animal.

  23. shocking. Can't believe this is the course of action when there are other options.. Where are all the animal cruelty organizations... Yona Yahav Shame

  24. They have gone completely crazy, endangering lives to shoot in a built-up area with shotguns, what a stupid decision, outdated and very dangerous for the residents... a delusion, nothing has changed for the better, bad decisions from the elections in Zion

  25. A primitive people and accordingly his chosen ones from the national government to the local one. Mass killing of animals is the solution instead of sterilization and defining living areas including food sources for them. throw up on all of you!!!

  26. On Friday morning, the remains of the pig riot were in the entire radius of the center of Carmel!! A sanitary hazard as well as a dangerous physical one.. come on.. take care of it in any way!!

  27. In the Neve David neighborhood, pigs run around every night near the synagogues, right under my apartment windows. We need to put an end to this shameful spectacle.

  28. Shocking …… it is also possible otherwise, it is possible to anesthetize with an arrow and sterilize. It is possible to prepare household waste feeding centers in adapted bins.
    Too bad the choice is murder

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