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The condition of the "Live Park" in Kiryat Motzkin • is good for the eyes, and also - expert opinion of an international expert on elephants

After several days of a massive attack on the "Live Park" in Kiryat Motzkin, I decided to come and see with my own eyes if it was "the scream", and check if the condition of the animals in the place is really that bad, as claimed.

First conclusion: If all human rights activists in Israel would invest energy and determination in our fight for field dogs, against fighting dogs, against the dysfunction of the Ministry of Agriculture, against the removal of Ministry of Agriculture budgets from emergency treatment in animal hospitals Beit Dagan and dozens of other struggles, and not against a zoo that provides food, water and shelter to the animals, we would be in a much better place in terms of animal rights. The investment of energy, in light of the things I have seen, is not invested in the right place.

To see and understand - a visit to Chai Park (Photo: Rights Activists Inc.)

Visit, conversations and investigation

Due to the debate about the functioning of the park, I arrived there and stayed in the complex for about 4 hours, which included a tour of all the complexes and a meeting with the veterinarian, with employees and with part of the park's management.

The park was established about 20 years ago and is divided, among other things, into complexes according to geographical regions. There are, for example, the African region, the Australian region and the South American region. In each complex there are different types of animals living together, and guides who pass between the visitors and give explanations to anyone who needs them.

Zebras and giraffes live together ► Watch

The African Savannah

For example, in the African savanna, zebras and giraffes live together. A special low shade for the zebras is installed in the compound and a high shade next to it is special feeding facilities for the giraffes. Around there is shading from the trees. If a giraffe enters the zebra enclosure, it will obviously have to bend its head, but most of the time the giraffes stay under the high shading, which in my humble opinion should be thickened a bit.

The elephant complex in the afternoon (Photo: Rights Activists Inc.)

understand what you see

From my visit to the place, I realized that it is always worthwhile to come and see with your own eyes, ask questions and really understand, so as not to get the wrong impression of what is happening. Another thing, for example, is my encounter with his male mother. When I saw him sitting on the outskirts of a sleepy compound surrounded by feathers, I panicked and called for a guide. A wonderful explanation I received once again made me think that one should always check and ask. It turns out that the female laid 3 eggs and moved to another place and the male took over the incubating role. He sat there for about 50 days without food or drink, and to protect the eggs from hatching, he plucks feathers and pads around him. The lesson for me has been learned - to ask before deciding.

Petting areas - Chai Park (Photo: Rights Activists Inc.)

Disabled animals are cared for and treated with respect

Another case I saw is that of the disabled goat. In light of the fact that certain activists determined that her legs were broken, I inquired. It turns out that Yael was born about 6 years ago with a disability. The vet wanted to put her to sleep, but this raised objections and today the goat lives and functions just like a healthy goat, including jumping and climbing the rocks. Bai Park does not put disabled people to sleep, they are treated well, just as they are given to disabled people and with disabilities and even make sure to employ them. The place is treated with respect for every person and animal regardless of who they are, and for this the park receives encouraging responses.

The elk compound - cleaning and enrichment corner ► Watch

Healthy and treated rabbits

In the petting corner I met healthy rabbits who regularly receive vaccinations, deworming and Nexgard against fleas and skin care. We make a round there from time to time among the rabbits so that they rest. I admit that I am against petting zoos, but after talking with children and visitors it turns out that this actually gives them good energy, especially children with disabilities. The corner has shrunk, but is still there.

Africa Complex (Photo: Rights Activists Inc.)

Fola and Lola cheeses

The Pula and Lola villas, which received a stormy stage recently, live in several complexes with passages between them. They have a shade that changes depending on the time of day provided by the trees next to the compound. The management realized some time ago that the screening was not enough and ordered another screening that is expected to arrive in the coming days. In the complex there is running water, a pool and a large structure that has a room for each of the elephants.

Paula came from the safari because she didn't get along with the elephants there and young Lola was added to her. Sarah the tiger arrived from Rishon LeZion in a very poor medical condition and at an advanced age. She received supportive and strengthening treatments here, but was ultimately ruled out due to illness.

Paula and Lola Filot - taken after the taps were repaired ► Watch

I have rumination and a bloated stomach

The moose goats like to sit on the cool concrete and not on straw padding, it is a fact that in their enclosures there is straw on the concrete as well as visible concrete, but they all lie on top of the concrete. The swelling in their stomach, it turns out, is not a disease, this happens in ruminants who eat amounts stored in 4 stomachs, which causes swelling, and when they start to ruminate, the swelling decreases. When we were staying in the complex, I commented about the water facilities not working properly and I was assured that they would be fixed. The lemur areas were closed due to the vaccinations that are taking place these days. At the penguins, I saw that the pool water is clear and there are fans around (I saw five).

what to look at

I hope I at least answered specific comments that came up this week and stirred up the spirits. Even before my visit, I received guidance from a former employee, who gave me guidance on what things to look for. In general, the garden was clean, the pools, including that of the crocodiles, were clean and there was a flow of fresh and clean water. The pools are cleaned regularly, but as in nature, there is greenery in them.

The Alligator Pool ► Watch


Unfortunately, the people's "contribution" to the dirt is very large. Many visitors do not use bins, throwing food into cages and ponds, so it is very important to increase the number of inspectors and guides and allow inspectors to give fines and not be satisfied with polite comments on their part to people who harass in different ways to live in the garden. At least during the holidays and vacations, enforcement must be carried out. I should also comment that the location of the Amphi Park is inappropriate in my opinion, the noise and commotion when a show is taking place, is not suitable to be near a band, just as it is not suitable to be near people.

As for the pump in the Philot compound, it was repaired the same day. (A video is attached after the repair). The garden itself is subject to close supervision by the Ministry of Agriculture, RTG who visited there only in the last few days, and by "Yaza" - an international organization of zoos.

The penguin pool (photo: Aliza Barkan)

before they disappear

There are inspections in the park and the park also has permits and powers to grow and cultivate varieties that are facing extinction. The garden has a large number of such varieties and there are varieties that are taken care of for reproduction before they disappear from the world.

An international expert on elephants, Jerry Creighton, refers to the state of the elephants in Hai Park ► Watch

The importance of zoos

For the sake of full disclosure, I do not like zoos and do not usually visit them as entertainment or recreation. Yesterday I did it for the test, as mentioned, I wanted to see with my own eyes what was really going on there, I must say that after the conversation I had with the veterinarian, I understood the importance of their existence.

As I mentioned, in the park there are special species for conservation, in the gardens they are also guarded, and there are gardens that take care of wild animals, rehabilitate them and release them into the wild, therefore the existence of zoos should not be dismissed outright.

Good eye sight - a visit to Hai Park (Photo: Rights Activists Inc.)

Good eye show

In conclusion, I say that there is still much to learn, but those who are really interested in the well-being and well-being of animals, should come, ask, check, wake up and enlighten. Before judging and crying out about injustice, one must see and know the area, and not blindly accept an image or opinion without clarifying.

I checked, I asked, I commented, notes were taken and they promised to implement. Either way, I'll keep following what's going on in Hai Park. And I suggest you too, go, check and find out everything for yourself, because it is true that "good shows eyes".

From Animal Park it was given to Hai Pa:
"Hai Park operates in accordance with the law and with complete transparency and is a holistic park and home for young people with disabilities who work there and operates designated classes for young people on the autistic continuum. The manner and nature of the discourse show that there are issues in the perception of a home, which denies the right to exist of zoos around the world. Hay Park has passed this month Last June, the strict inspection by YAZA (the International Zoological Organization), an intensive and comprehensive inspection that was conducted for three days, during which all the animals were checked, and it was confirmed that the zoo meets the strictest standards."

The Ministry of Agriculture stated:
"Inspectors from the Ministry of Agriculture and the Nature and Parks Authority, who are in charge of wild animals, conducted another inspection in recent days at Hai Park in Kiryat Motzkin. Beyond that, we will be able to expand upon the conclusion of the investigation. Until the results are received, it has been decided to prohibit the entry of additional animals to the site.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development works at all times for the welfare of animals and takes very seriously any suspected violation of the Animal Cruelty Law. In recent months, several enforcement procedures were conducted, and several deficiencies were found. Some of the defects have been corrected and some require further correction. The inspectors of the Ministry of Agriculture carry out dozens of proactive audits in farms and livestock corners throughout the country, and they will continue to operate as much as necessary to ensure the welfare of the animals there."

Contact Chai here: At watsapBy email

Aliza Barkan
Aliza Barkan
Environmental, social and human rights activist • Resident of Kiryat Haim • "Live and let live".

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25 תגובות

  1. Insanely disappointing article!
    There are too many reports of cases of death and neglect in this place, and to say that it does not exist there and turn your back is simply giving a hand to crime. If there were reports like this about a dog boarding house or a person breeding dogs this article would look very different, not to mention the fact that the matter would be taken much more seriously. This place is rotten to the core and the helpless animals are the ones who suffer there from unprofessional treatment which I think should embarrass a lot of people who should have done something about it. It's just sad that the country goes hand in hand with this disgrace.

  2. A zoo with two animals and half the municipality in Chezfata charges over NIS 100 per person, complete robbery.

  3. In my opinion, real estate developers involved in rumors to purchase land for construction are really evil

  4. set the animals free. You are not resting and you were not appointed to guard breeds that will disappear. You are removing them from the freedom for which they were born. Release the animals to freedom and beauty one hour before

  5. The animals are locked in cages! Why do they need it, maybe an expensive safari is possible... that you come to see them, and then are free to travel, they don't have that! They are years in a cage! Why ?
    It's great that they ordered more shade and fixed the water. What about the shocking music!?
    What does it have to do with animals in Africa dying of hunger? What right do you humans have to take an animal from its natural state and put it in a cage?!
    If you want to preserve animals, give them a fair break! Zoos are primitive, ridiculous and despicable. It used to be common for animals to appear in the circus, today it has disappeared from the world thanks to people who fought against the evil Zena.
    Zoos will also disappear and the animals will surely be giants of hustle and bustle.

  6. In my opinion, there is a trend here of slandering the mayor's opponents who will always and everywhere find something that is not good and not right. The garden won an award, it is well managed for the sake of the animals and receives help from the country and abroad in everything related to the care of the animals. Cheers!

  7. In short, the wind that blows in Motzkin is just a wind whose whole purpose is to make provocations on the backs of the animals and the wind that blows wants to take over the high throne of the city. And they don't understand that there are people who are not suitable for this, they will be more combinators than the existing one.

  8. If you need so much text to prove how much the animal park in Kiryat Motzkin is a paradise for animals, its situation is probably very serious. If you had devoted half the time you devoted to the unnecessary text you wrote, in order to improve the breeding conditions of the elephants, you would not have needed this article. Instead of drowning us with words, choose actions and preferably they will be productive and improve the living conditions of the animals

  9. It's amazing how much you care about animals. We will see you protesting against the humans who behave worse than animals. Animals kill for food or protection. Human beings who kill other people are cruel and evil-hearted and nothing more.
    Even in nature the animals are definitely in danger. It is actually very justified to preserve almost extinct species in a zoo or safari, and to try to preserve them and breed them. If you want, go to Africa and visit the animals there in their natural habitat. Not everyone can. The enclosures for the animals give them a reasonable living space. You can ask the municipality to expand the boundaries of Hay Park.

  10. Anyone who remembers my reactions immediately understands that they did something.
    And they caused one of the parties to move in the direction of proof in the field and not just the terror of one or another interested party.
    Because according to the amount of articles and the search for "what is wrong" (if at all) I understood that there is some owner of real estate interest in the designated area and an attempt to eliminate the place.
    It's about time someone moved the air-conditioned system and found out that the scream was a recording made on a synthesizer and not that the scream was from a helpless little girl.
    Shalom and Shabbat Shalom to the good and the bad

  11. wait!!
    Are you saying that disabled animals are not euthanized in park life?
    But you wrote that the park's veterinarian did want to anesthetize and only because of resistance they didn't do it. Whose objection did you not register..
    You say you met with managers on the spot and received explanations.
    The founders also received explanations. What is the reason they didn't accept it and you did?

  12. I'm interested if the animal activists also read, say, about the death of millions of animals in the severe drought in East Africa and will raise global awareness about this issue - instead of just shouting about zoos that treat and care for several hundred animals day and night with devotion.
    Let's say, if in March it was reported that 62 elephants died of starvation - wouldn't it be better for these elephants to live in a zoo and receive food? a question…
    Because there are real issues in the world that concern the well-being of millions of animals if you are looking for something to do for the benefit of BH.

  13. The zoo in Motzkin is pleasant and relatively good compared to all zoos. I especially feel sorry for Kopi in Orange Oteng who look terribly sad with the blanket on their head.

  14. Only a fool would not understand that real estate sharks are involved in inventing the neglect that does not exist so to all the innocent or oiled protestors you have failed!!

  15. Every year millions of animals die in the wild in Africa from drought and hunger!!!
    How cruel this nature is. Enough with the murderous nature!!
    Save the animals in zoos.

  16. Shame on you!
    You know he was paid! The man is neither an expert nor shoes.
    you disappointed
    It is interesting that thousands of people are not right and think that the behavior there is shocking. and you don't see
    As someone who is active for animals you just spat on them. Betrayed.

  17. 1. Close the animal park and the Haifa zoo.
    2. To leave most of the area as public parks open for the benefit of the residents of Haifa and Kiryat Motzkin
    3. To unite the forces of the two municipalities together, for the establishment of a large, spacious and innovative zoo as part of the wildlife in Carmel Park.
    4. Land marketing for a few dozen units next to the zoo on Hatshebi Street and Dopan Hai-Park in Motzkin, in order to
    To finance the construction of the new zoo, the rest of the area will be connected to the existing mother garden and will triple the area of ​​the park.

  18. Animals should not be traded in cages. They should be in their home from where you stole them in Africa. The place they are currently is called an abuse garden. There is no such thing as a zoo. You simply took them because it's convenient for you and because you can and you ruined their lives, they were condemned to a life of suffering and are used as an item for display in the hands of delusional and egoistic people whose only interest is money. We will not be silent any longer. You exploiters and wretches disgust me.

    • What bullshit... the zoos take excellent care of the animals.
      No one stole them, not from Africa or any other continent.
      In a large part breeds that become extinct in nature with greater suffering.
      Millions of animals are dying in drought from starvation in Africa, go drink them sleepy..
      Bank activists talk heaps upon heaps of nonsense and think it makes them more moral...

  19. I thank you for making this visit to the zoo and presenting what your eyes saw. I noticed that sometimes for all kinds of motives and interests people take it upon themselves as a project to destroy factories that are of great importance and this in order to serve their needs.

    • importance???? You took animals and put them in cages and you trade them.
      No one has any interest except the welfare of the animals.
      Your tagtab indicates that you probably work there or close to the plate
      Alec interests…..
      Another one who plays her righteous

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