Resident of Kiryat Haim. Has a bachelor's degree in industrial design at Bezalel and a master's degree in industrial engineering and management at the Technion. Father of six and grandfather to one cute granddaughter. Rafael's pensioner, a volunteer police officer in the former traffic police and now mainly engaged in writing. Four suspense books he wrote were published: "The Ninth Jew", "The Clarinet Player from Kazan", "The Mystery of the Neighbor Across the Street" and "The Mystery of the Disappearing Horse". A member of the Writers' Association and a partner in the group of poets from the Kiryat under the direction of Anat Lacrief. You can learn about the "behind the scenes" of his writing on the "Josephor" website at the following link: "In the age of fakes in which we live, it is mandatory for everyone with a sense of humor to adopt creative thinking!"
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Yossi Berger