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Hadar in Haifa: Will we get to see the neighborhood where it was in its prime?

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Aphids have taken over trees throughout Haifa

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Are there butterflies here in the summer?

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In Kiryat Bialik they are moving to 5 school days a week

On Tuesday 23/7/2024, Mayor Kiryat Bialik announced that Eli...
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The abductees will be released only after the left comes to power • Uri Lev's opinion

Sometimes reality slaps me in the face, and I see the truth...

Huge flats of Perna Perna oysters have been discovered in Haifa Bay

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"Nasrallah" not only in Lebanon but also here at the bottom of the sea in Haifa

As a person who spends an average of four hours a day diving, every day...

The Ninth Jew - Chapter 6

Summary On October 30, 1942, the Finnish police informed the Gestapo headquarters,...

The story of the Holocaust survivors who founded the maritime kibbutz 'The Conquerors of the Sea'

On a personal note, a few months ago my friend Jacob Weiman told me,...

Public participation in the casino plan will be held • The discussion in the sub-committee for planning and construction

(haipo) - The sub-committee for planning and construction in Haifa met on Monday 24/06/24 and discussed the future of the casino building in Bat Galim and the plan to turn it into a hotel. Opponents from the Bat Galim neighborhood protested outside the Engineering Administration building. In the discussion, it was decided to suspend the promotion of the plan, conduct public participation and update the recommendations of the city engineer's team.

Will the road to turning the casino in Bat Galim into a hotel be difficult? Discussion in the Planning and Construction Subcommittee

Yahav announced a plan for a hotel

As I recall, the mayor of Haifa, Yona Yahav, stated during a meeting with the journalists held about two weeks ago (06/06/24) that the casino building will be turned into a hotel and that there is already a plan for this, with permission to add two floors. Yahav said that the Greens also agree on the plan. However, according to Yahav, nothing can be done about Bat Galim's municipal pool.

► Yona Yahav announces: "Turning the casino into a hotel"

Yona Yahav is turning the casino into a hotel (photo: Samar Odeh Karantinji)

Removing the casino issue from the agenda to complete required and anticipated processes

The Council for the Preservation of Heritage Sites yesterday issued a letter to the chairman of Haifa's Greens and the mayor's deputy, Avihu Han, to the chairman of the preservation committee and the chairman of the planning and construction committee, Sharit Golan Steinberg, and to the city engineer. The letter states that the casino complex is an extremely sensitive area for preservation in an urban coastal strip, which creates a unique show at the national level. The council demands that the issue of the casino complex be removed from the agenda of the local committee held today and that the required and expected processes be completed.

The letter details that the last time a plan concerning the casino complex was discussed in the conservation committee was in December 2014, when in this discussion, the conservation committee approved a planning outline by a narrow majority of 3 to 2 votes. However, a review of the content of the discussion from 2014 shows that then a different request was discussed than the one now brought before the local committee.

The conservation committee then discussed the "renewal of the permit" for the addition of two floors to the existing building. However, the current request deals with a plan under district authority, which includes a significant change of land designations, the addition of floors to the existing building, and the construction of another new building within the conservation complex. This is a very significant difference from the application discussed at the time.

The Council for the Preservation of Sites: "The skeleton that currently resides in the place is not the historical building"

Therefore, the decision of the conservation committee at that time has no relevance. It will be mentioned that the Municipality of Haifa has been making sure for years to discuss plans with significant conservation elements based on a preliminary discussion in the Conservation Committee. The Council for the Preservation of Sites added that the original building of the casino was completely destroyed in the early nineties, and the skeleton that now resides in the place is not the historical building, nor was it built exactly like the original building.

The letter states that a documentation document must be completed for the complex that will include accurate drawings of the original structure and the skeleton that currently exists on the site. The data has a significant impact on the relevance of the skeleton in place for future planning.

The letter also states that the Bat Galim neighborhood has undergone far-reaching development processes in the last ten years, which include significant building density, while severely damaging the neighborhood's delicate Garden City fabric. An up-to-date conservation values ​​survey for the neighborhood was launched years ago and has not yet been completed.

Bat Galim neighborhood - the urban beach - Bat Galim Promenade (Photo: Yaron Karmi)
Bat Galim neighborhood - the urban beach - Bat Galim promenade (photo: Yaron Karmi)

The Council for the Preservation of Sites: "Such a unique complex deserves a planning procedure with the participation of the public"

For the decision regarding such a significant complex in the neighborhood, it is requested that it be made against the background of a recent value survey for the neighborhood. Such a unique complex, whose land designations are a site for public buildings and open public space, deserves a planning procedure with the participation of the public. In this framework, creative design alternatives must be drawn up to treat the complex, taking into account the fact that the existing structure is not the original structure. This must be done within the framework of a new comprehensive plan for the boardwalk, in accordance with contemporary standards for marine interface planning and considering the ecological aspects, the letter states.

While a discussion was taking place in the committee, residents and activists who oppose the establishment of a hotel in the casino's place came to the square of the building of the director of engineering in the municipality, to protest against the decision.

► "Will the tourists see a neglected boardwalk and dirty beaches?"

Live here Haifa news - Nava Carmel from the casino fight (Photo: Tal Kizman)

"They don't trust national committees, they trust you"

Live here Haifa news - Omer Cohen The Casino Struggle (Photo: Tal Kizman)

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Samar Odeh - Carantinji
Samar Odeh - Carantinji
Journalist in the team of correspondents of the Chai Pe site • Municipal reporter, crimes, environment and health Contact Samar by email: [email protected]

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5 תגובות

  1. The casino is the same as the dolphinarium.
    The residents of Haifa receive a wall 20 meters high and 50 meters long that blocks the only place where Haifa meets the sea. How much is possible???
    A. Requirement for space exchange
    B. The purpose of the building for a water sports center and classes like in Tel Aviv
    third. The opening of the pool area as another bathing beach like the other beach in the Charles Clore Garden

  2. Demand transparency from the mayor to detail all his business connections and the donations he received over the years with Gil Dankner.
    There is a limit to corruption. Baxtra expropriated land from previous owners on the grounds that it was for public use. They changed from an arts center to a mall and added sheltered housing towers next to the Kastra Mall. The original owner claimed compensation for an expropriation that was not done for a public need and now because of the combine with Dankner Bakstra and the Haifa Mall, the Haifa municipality lost and owes tens of millions of shekels in compensation.
    In the 3rd term in Atlit they voted to take out Dankner's polluting plant and where it moved of course his friend Yahav agreed that it would move to Haifa Bay - Chemical Generation
    There is quite a limit to the racketeering corruption of Yahav and Margalit and Ofer and Zaevi and the whole trade gang in the exchange of uses of Haifa lands for circular enrichment.

  3. It turns out that many residents of Bat Galim and residents in general are in favor of destroying the skeleton of the casino.
    What do you say about that, Gila Margolin?

    Survey proposal - who is in favor of destroying the casino skeleton?

  4. They want to add a hotel for the rich that will block the air and access to the sea. and leave the neighborhood neglected. In any case, the original casino building was destroyed, where does it say that it must be left intact? Just because we built a white elephant a century ago does not mean that we must perpetuate this mistake... there is a need for access to the sea and a full plan for the restoration of the beach and the neighborhood. Lucky that the public woke up in time to save her life from another planning disaster along the lines of the Carmel Beach monsters.

  5. The casino complex has been a "white double" for decades. It seems that the masterminds and their senders will cause the neglected building in the center of the lovely boardwalk to remain a "white elephant" for decades to come.

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