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Heavy machine gun fire off the coast of Haifa

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Apartment prices in Haifa are rising sharply and how does the war affect the real estate market in the city?

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"Nasrallah" not only in Lebanon but also here at the bottom of the sea in Haifa?

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Eli Linskill Shor • Haifai who changed his life in midlife

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Playgrounds in Haifa become a "house" for dogs

(live here with pets) - The phenomenon of dog excrement in public areas bothers the residents, with many complaining that dog owners do not always bother to pick up their dogs' needs, whether it is from the sidewalks or the playgrounds in the amusement parks where they come to spend time with their children. Is increased enforcement the solution? Setting up more dog parks?

Dog excrement stars in Haifa, as mentioned, not only on the sidewalks and walking paths, but also in the playgrounds frequented by children with their parents. The problem is even more serious when it comes to the playgrounds that turn into dog parks at certain hours, this is due to the lack of dog parks in certain neighborhoods. We tried to find out the state of the dog parks in the city.

Will more dog parks improve the situation?

Therefore, in the city of Haifa there are currently 20 dog parks scattered in the various neighborhoods. (Their location is detailed at the bottom of the article). These days, 2 more dog parks are being established, and 5 more parks are currently in the planning stages. The question is whether the existence of dog parks really has the effect of reducing the nuisance of the abundance of feces on the sidewalks and in the playgrounds. We were impressed... not really. It is a fact that despite the establishment of decency, on most sidewalks in the city the residents are forced to walk as if they were walking in a "mine field" for fear that they will step on a smelly pile left behind by a dog that just passed through the area.

Undoubtedly, the responsibility, first and foremost, is that of the dog owners, who are tasked with cleaning up their dog's excrement. At the same time, when it comes to a public area, a park, or a public playground, dog owners often show a lack of responsibility or they "beep" on the law and leave the job to the authority's employees who must take care of the cleaning of the public areas.

It is true that many dog ​​owners do pick up after their pets and are careful to observe the law, but from the point of view of residents who do not own animals at all, there is no reason for them to suffer from the inconsideration of those who do not pick up the needs of their dogs, and they demand that the authority increase the frequency of cleaning work as well as the enforcement.

Playground on Sukkot Street (Photo: Obi Engel)

On the grass and on the playgrounds

The Chai Pa system receives many inquiries from parents of children, complaining that playgrounds throughout the city are often full of dog feces and urine, and about the horrible smells that flood the gardens because of this, which is especially distressing when the needs are found on the synthetic grass and playground equipment.

One of the mothers told Hai Fa:
"I was with my daughter at the playground and the stench of the dogs' urine was unbearable. It is especially noticeable in this heat, it is simply shocking. This is next to piles of feces that were scattered throughout the garden, both on the synthetic grass and right around the facilities. While the children are playing, they They keep trying to stay away, but it's still children and it often happens that they forget and step on it. There are also children who like to take off their shoes when they play, there are babies who crawl, and when you let them crawl on the synthetic grass it's just terrible."

A dog park in the French Carmel (photo: Elad Tettenbaum)
A dog park in the French Carmel (photo: Elad Tettenbaum)

The Haifa Municipality informed Haifa:
"In Haifa there are 20 dog parks, the addresses of which are detailed on the municipality's website. At the same time, the municipality is currently establishing two additional dog parks, one on Machal Street in Kiryat Haim and the other in Eli Cohen Garden in the Shprintak neighborhood. Meanwhile, the municipality is planning the establishment of five additional dog parks in different neighborhoods in the city.
The location of the new gardens is determined according to the number of dogs in each neighborhood, the existence of suitable free space, and the notification of the residents living in the vicinity of the area designated for the establishment of the garden.

The playgrounds are cleaned every day and the playground facilities are washed as needed. Meanwhile, the municipality has started an initiative, in the framework of which it will carry out increased enforcement, among other things, against dog owners who do not collect their dog's excrement.

It will be emphasized that the release of dogs in the public area is allowed only in the dog parks and not in the playgrounds, and therefore the increased enforcement on the issue will also be carried out in the playgrounds, with the aim of allowing children and their parents to use playgrounds that are as clean as possible."

The list of dog parks in the different neighborhoods in Haifa:

Contact Chai here: At watsapBy email

Samar Odeh - Carantinji
Samar Odeh - Carantinji
Journalist in the team of correspondents of the Chai Pe site • Municipal reporter, crimes, environment and health Contact Samar by email: [email protected]

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  1. Boring article and tired all the time of hearing "I ate, I drank" and the municipality is only looking for ways to enrich the coffers with reports and I don't have a dog, but hell if this crying all the time

  2. Petah Tikva too!!!
    The problem is neither the gardens nor the dogs!
    The problem is with the education and the inferior inhabitants, yes, primitive over two, lacking in culture and inconsiderate.
    Oh, and the flies on the feces fly into the children's food (also theirs...).🤮🤮

  3. 20 dog parks for Haifa including Kiryat Eliezer, Neve Shanan, Kiryat Haim Mizrahit and Kiryat Haim Marabi, Kiryat Shmuel, Central Carmel, Carmel French, and other neighborhoods,,,,,, so what are 20 parks?????
    A joke hahahaha
    Regarding the collection of needs, the owners must collect, and the municipality must enforce. But there is no enforcement, no regular maintenance and that's how it looks, there are also no bags for collection, there are only empty facilities.

  4. Almost in the same matter - why don't they return the shade awnings to the playgrounds? For example in Hecht Park? If the municipality doesn't notice - it's already summer in full swing!!

  5. Another phenomenon in the gardens. The dog owners let the dogs loose in the gardens and the walk in the garden becomes unpleasant and even dangerous. A dog's reaction is not always predictable.

  6. And if there aren't enough parks for dogs, does this give the dog owners permission to enter the children's playgrounds? Pee cannot be collected. Then children walk barefoot and/or crawl there. A little thought and logic....

  7. A 50 square meter garden is not a dog garden, it's a mockery of their intelligence and our dogs don't run in such gardens to expend energy, just dragging their feet like in a prison yard. And regarding the stench, it's not the dogs fault, it's the owner's job, don't just blame.

  8. Dog parks are not treated by the municipality, therefore parasites and diseases are synonymous with a dog park, especially the park worm from which the dog returns to our lives in Ramat Gan, eight parks were closed due to contamination that endangers dogs

  9. The answer in the body of the question is 20 dog parks in a metropolis of how many residents???
    The 3rd largest city in Israel with 20 dog parks.
    And there are 2 more planned....joke. and not funny

  10. There is not a single garden along the entire Carmel axis and don't say the mother's garden because it is not a dog park that can accommodate the entire area of ​​the axis and the neighborhoods are not even close to it. No garden that can contain the most saturated area in Haifa with dogs. It is probably better for the municipality to invest in places where there are no dogs because there is less to clean. It would also not hurt to maintain the gardens in terms of bags because it is nice to put facilities for bags but they are not disposable - you don't need to beg the municipality to fill them with bags every now and then.
    Parents of children should also watch out because often the full diaper is thrown into the bushes and the weaned child is taught to do it behind the bush because where is the bathroom now and besides, mom is currently busy with Tik Tok or comparing the nail polish gel with the friends.

  11. When there are dog parks, preferably in every neighborhood, there is no need to bring dogs to children's parks. Also, a dog park should be accessible and suitable for spending time with dogs. For example the garden at Goldman. The place is big, in a great and accessible place, but it is not paved. Rampant dogs get dirty in the dust and get injured. I asked them several times for the sequence... a little concrete throughout the complex would help. Thanks

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