Heavy machine gun fire off the coast of Haifa

(Live here) - Haifa residents heard tonight, 11/7/24, 22:50 p.m.,...

A police officer fired in the air to stop suspects who rioted in a car in Neve Shanan in Haifa

(Live here) - Update to the police statement, 18/7/24, 22:40 -...

13-year-old Yair Whitson, a resident of Haifa, found a 1,800-year-old ring in Carmel

(Archaeology Lives Here) A ring about 1,800 years old, on which an engraving...

The night train to Haifa does not stop at the station

(Living here) - Residents living in the neighborhoods of Bat Galim and Kiryat...

Nasrallah threatens: "Missiles will be launched at new colonies that were not targets before"

(Live here) - headlines and reports from the media in the Arab world, right...
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Talfiot market in Haifa - a genius creation in endless renovation

At the eastern end of Sirkin Street, stands the Talpiot market building,...

Huge flats of Perna Perna oysters have been discovered in Haifa Bay

(Live here in the sea) - There is a lot of talk about immigration to Israel...

Ruthie Segal • Goddess of the fruitfulness of creation • Haifa painter and curator

Ruthi Segal's paintings, her house, and treasures from her age are infused with...

An exciting Passover ceremony was held in the refugee camp • The ship 'Exodus' ► Watch

'Exodus', a symbol of bravery and determination, great excitement was recorded last Friday...

The abductees will be released only after the left comes to power • Uri Lev's opinion

Sometimes reality slaps me in the face, and I see the truth...

A pig overturned the garbage can and damaged a car • The damage caused by pigs in Haifa ► Watch

(haipo) - A new car (only six months on the road) belonging to a resident of Haifa was damaged by a trash can that was overturned by a wild boar which was recorded by the car's camera during the act. The car owners have been contacting the municipality for a long time to deal with the trash cans adjacent to the disabled parking lot, but with no response.

Return as recorded by the vehicle camera • Watch

A pig overturns a can on a car (photo from the car's camera - Hai Pa TV)

Last Thursday (20/6/24) tenants on Hanasi Street in the center of Carmel woke up to find that their new car had been damaged as a result of being hit by a trash can, which had been overturned by a wild boar roaming the street. The residents complain not only about the damage caused while the pig was looking for food in the bin, but also about the fact that the garbage cans are placed behind the handicapped parking space intended for cars.

Scratches in the car (private album)

A resident of the city, mother of a 10-year-old boy who needs a wheelchair (her name is withheld in the system), told Lahi Pa:
"For a long time now, we have been contacting the municipality to take care of the issue of the bins, which are preventing us from removing the wheelchair from the vehicle. Often, before the garbage is removed, the municipal employees arrive, remove the bins, leave them behind the vehicle and thus block our access. When the shuttle minibus arrives to collect You can't take the wheelchair out. Last Thursday, while the workers were taking out the bins, a pig came and damaged the new car. We contacted the Haifa municipality and this morning we received an update that the issue will be taken care of."

Haifa Municipality has not yet given a response.

The car headlight broke (private album)

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Samar Odeh - Carantinji
Samar Odeh - Carantinji
Journalist in the team of correspondents of the Chai Pe site • Municipal reporter, crimes, environment and health Contact Samar by email: [email protected]

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  1. The blame lies with the car owner. Who told her to buy a new car? And park the car next to the garbage cans known for their kindness to the pigs!!!
    Trending article.

  2. Why did they replace all the frogs and large bins in the city with small plastic bins? They would have already replaced them with such long underground bins, as in the new houses and in the downtown, such a bin cannot be turned over, accumulates more garbage and takes up less space, even less than what plastic bins take up... It is true that it is work to build an infrastructure for it and you need a crane to empty it, but on the other hand Second, you don't need to connect them with chains, you don't need to empty them twice a day and no one can steal them... and in my opinion it is also more difficult to burn such a tin, because there is no air in it for combustion, although I may be wrong... but aesthetically and practically it is Much better, in my opinion.

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