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People's protest - Haifaites go out to demonstrate • Saturday 22/6/24

(Hai Pa) - On the evening of Saturday 22/6/24, a demonstration will be held for the change of government and the return of the kidnapped in Haifa in the center of Horev, as every Saturday in recent months.

The People's Protest was reported to Hai Pa News Corporation:

We were happy to see all Haifaites coming on Thursday 20/6/24 to rock Caesarea. Despite the pressure and the humidity, it was evident that a fresh wind of hope was passing over the dunes.
We will continue with the anger and the hope until we bring about the change - taking to the streets, resisting. voting replace

Details about the demonstration:

  • Saturday 22/6/24
  • 18:30 march from the auditorium
  • 19:30 Demonstration in Horev


Roni Moalem - the father of the late Naama Moalem, who was murdered on Black Sabbath.
Lihya Lapid - writer, president of the Shekel Association and wife of opposition leader Yair Lapid.
Uri Zaki-Chairman of the Meretz Board.

Contact Chai here: At watsapBy email

Mia Zahavi
Mia Zahavi
Mia Zahavi - editor at Hai Pa - the news corporation

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60 תגובות

  1. Here is a Jew against controversy, from religious Zionism and maybe Messianic according to your opinion, it's sad how in the middle of the war we give our haters a boost, the 7th of October didn't change anything for you? Against all logic.
    How do you mix the return of the abductees with elections now, all unfortunately from the same production house, now hello - have you received hello?
    Silver Alia, peace be upon her, the "good neighbor of the Gazans" in the Holocaust, all are equal.
    Now kidnapped - do they agree? Give them a lift, very sad.
    What is happening to us? what is happening to you Hasn't the token fallen yet? How long will the hatred last?
    How much hatred for the Prime Minister? I can't believe how much it is possible to hate, you hate him more than the tyrant Sinuar, it doesn't make sense what you do, say, hate in time of war, while soldiers are falling.
    How long? How long? at this existential hour.
    I also have a disagreement with some of the government ministers with the prime minister, but now in the war?
    Is this a democracy? Who didn't wake up the prime minister? Amn Shin Bet Mossad? continue to sleep?

  2. Hahahahaha all the Haifa people hahahaha. Every night I walk through the ruins, you look crazy, sound crazy, just poor, exploited by a group whose whole point is the extravagance that is dropped from their hands along with the honey dish. I personally hope that we will not reach verifications on the streets, it will be difficult. Get used to living under right-wing governments, this is simply the majority and certainly the Jewish majority in the nation

  3. They haven't been paratroopers for a long time, in fact they are all dodgers and refusers today. Stop using stale history from the Yom Kippur War. Today you are just the cogs in the wheels of war. And members of Hamas even though you may not be aware of it.

  4. This is not the people's protest. This is a sponsored protest of a tiny part of the people, which is photographed and published on various false networks. Most of the people understand how stupid and illogical the protest is.

  5. Disgusting. As much as you hurt the country, the soldiers with security, I wonder what alternative you propose? A Palestinian state? Surrender agreement? return of territories? We were there.. Most of the people have sobered up from the dangerous concepts

  6. Haifa is controlled and prepares the area for full control those who took to the streets you make the fact for our enemies you cry for generations

  7. Some communists, some old kibbutzniks from Kibbutz Yasor and a bizarre collection of useful idiots. Everything was concocted in the delusional minds of heavy money-flowers from abroad. Probably countries like Germany, the Netherlands and the US State Department. It's amusing to see Jewish fools marching in total. Reminds me of the song in the country of the dwarfs noise riot.

  8. Haifaim will not succeed even if you jump off the bridge. The government is strong, strong, smart and determined. What you are doing is a burden to the families of the abducted. They pay with their lives. The Hamasniks are beaten. This is what they want. They deny positions regarding the children, the parents, the soldiers and the abducted troops. The abducted Haifai are crazy. It is better if you donate to the heroes of the IDF. T-shirts, eating cookies, cakes is more important, you won't be able to bring down a government, wait in 5 years, and even then the right will take it big hahahaha

  9. Day by day you lose it.
    The fact that you are funded in droves by millions by Bibi haters. This does not mean that you are allowed to do everything. What is it to replace the government.. Democratic elections for you is the Ramla Lod Market.?.
    Your hatred of Netanyahu crosses all boundaries... and you think that if you succeed in causing elections, then the left will rise? You will only cause the right to mobilize en masse and go out to vote. And then there will be 78 mandates for the right. Shame on you

  10. War mongers, change government on election day, and do not bother citizens during wartime.
    The time has come for the leader of the opposition to retire from politics, who, since his arrival, has done nothing but polarize and gratuitously hate.

  11. Another bunch of hooligans like Becklan, bored people with self-hatred whose most interesting thing in life is demonstrations, otherwise boredom and loneliness will kill the miserable wretches

  12. There is no need for demonstrations these days Mia. Shabbat Shalom to you Mia and to the surfers of Chai Pa on the wonderful site of Nega.

  13. Only Arabs and Arab-loving leftists go to demonstrations to tear a rift in Israeli society!! Shame on you in wartime!! Arabs, this is what is expected of them

  14. Tired of protesting against, those protesting the return of the abductees are right, they are not right in the change of government,
    Another administration would be better? I am puzzled.
    Every government in our enlightened country is fed by the USA
    Trying to help if possible though
    The composition of the members of the government. They were also elected to the Knesset
    in ballot elections. A government is replaced at the ballot box
    in the elections. And we don't go out for picnics on election day!!!

    • My father, raise the level, even when they give Hamas a boost for terrorism, let's respond from the top of our heads, maybe it will penetrate.

  15. These people from the gay community, all the straights, left Haifa because only the gays and the Arabs who come every year by the thousands remain in Haifa

  16. Are you the majority of the people!? Definately not !
    You are a handful of wretched and delusional anarchists who have gathered with them some bored adults who behave as if they are in an activity and energy expenditure club, the club has been held every Saturday night since before 7.10, in a club that blocks roads, makes noise, curses and disturbs all the residents.

    • handful??? Ya live in the movie
      Hundreds of thousands protest and multiply every Shabbat!!!!!
      We will not stop until the tyrant is overthrown

  17. Iksa... are you a news site or a propaganda channel? It's interesting that they don't demonstrate at night in Hadar. And I ask at 9 o'clock to fold back into the hole you came from. I want to get out and you are blocking

  18. Another dirty and treacherous group of smolans. You ate khera in the democratic elections, you non-democrats.. just bored trash smolins. Fuck you.

  19. A bunch of wretches who think the sun shines out of their ass, the only country in the world where the rich protest for the liter of meat that they won't take away, not for anyone and certainly not for the weak

  20. All the demonstrations are political, they don't care about the kidnappers or the reform, they lost their tempers and want to overthrow the democratically elected right-wing government, shame on you.

    • Worst government ever
      We won't stop until she disappears into the hole she came from, she and the 64 crazy people

  21. All the mentally ill and the radical left on Shabbat, except for marching and shouting, are in one place, and Lihi Lafid, who earned fifty thousand per month from a once-a-week queue in Aharonot news
    do you manage it? Shame there are citizens like you.

  22. You are a shame and disgrace
    Not all residents of Haifa are represented
    You are miserable anarchists who are nothing but bullies
    You are worthless

  23. People's protest??
    Maybe the protest of the extreme left minority and some of them are pro-Palestinian in Israel?
    The majority of the people support the government and the army and in any case will not go out to demonstrate while our soldiers are at war.
    It is not clear why the site pumps up this harm in the name of the people, and more on the main page.

    • I am anti-Palestinian, I support the army, I will not go to demonstrations while our soldiers are at war, but I am also against our government because it is really bad. That's why I don't become an extreme leftist. For the protection of your heart!

  24. Every time a new wave of chic slogans, full of advertisements on billboards with millions of shekels (where does the funding come from? I'm not allowed to ask?) and of course the politicization of the army as in the picture with the paratroopers.
    Then you wonder why they say that the "tremor of the state" brought the 7-10 disaster? Why is the left blamed for the destruction of cohesion? Really why... Minister Sarshon Gantz resigning serially in 2022
    He only dealt with the Chief of Staff's allowances and the arrangement of laundering illegal allowances for his millionaire IDF pensioner friends.
    The money is flowing from there and from the far-left associations, Soros, the New Fund of various kinds, to try to organize a divisive campaign again, the Fred-Vectol.

    • You are 100% right. Instead of giving to the ordinary soldiers, Gantz took care of the army pensioners who earn tens of thousands of shekels and have time for demonstrations.

    • Where are the millions who will support Ashkelon and Kiryat Shmona apartments, I have not seen a sign of support for those who have been receiving rockets and mortars for 20 years, where are all the formers like Avi Diskin, where does this hatred of his come from? It's not Jewish, it's not real. Did he say a good word for the periphery? Worries about Tel Aviv maybe.

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