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The performance of the "Shalva Band" gave two hours of grace • "Round Table 3 Haifa"

In the very burdensome days we are in, we were blessed with upliftment, for two hours of kindness at a fundraising evening of a "Round Table" with the performance of the Shalva band. An evening that brought with it grace, joy, acceptance, inclusion, coping, giving, perseverance and much more.

Round table 3 Haifa, is a local branch of the International Round Table, operating in the northern region, and in its ranks are young activists from Haifa, Kiryat, and Binyamina.

The performance of the "Peace Band" (Photo: Hana Morg)
The performance of the "Peace Band" (Photo: Hana Morg)

The Shulchan combines a voluntary activity for the benefit of the community with a grouping and enjoyment activity for the members and their families. The association operates entirely voluntarily, without salary, offices, etc., and hence, all donations go directly to the goals set every year.

During the difficult war, the donations made it possible to reach populations in need

In addition to distributing school bags and equipment to needy children, in addition to holding Hanukkah and Passover events with Holocaust survivors who live in "Yad Ezer Chaver", in addition to building a relaxation room in a spring school in Kfar Hasidim, donating to the club in Tirat Carmel and more, the organization helped throughout the year in the organization of equipping fighters at the front, and also provided for holiday activities with the Shlomi evacuees living in the area.

The performance of the "Peace Band" (Photo: Hana Morg)
Nino at the performance of the "Shelva Band" (Photo: Hana Morg)

Chairman of the Round Table Association 3 - Eliyach Nino

He opened the evening Chairman of the Round Table Association 3 Eliah Nino. In his words, he noted that in these complex days when we are at war, many abductees have not returned home and the threat from the north is increasing, we meet the people who choose to take up the torch of volunteering and giving to others.

He further emphasized that only as a cohesive and supportive society of good and generous people, we will be able to overcome the many obstacles on the way and spread goodness and kindness in our world.

Niño emphasized:

Together, shoulder to shoulder, we will manage to reach even the most remote corners of society and make sure that no one is left behind.

And hence, there couldn't have been a more suitable choice than the appearance of "Peaceful Band".

The performance of the "Peace Band" (Photo: Hana Morg)
The performance of the "Peace Band" (Photo: Hana Morg)

The story of the founding of the Shalva band

The Shalva band told its story, the story of its establishment. The band was founded as part of the music program at the Shalva Center by its musical director Shai ben Shoshan An IDF fighter who was injured during his military service and in the rehabilitation process saw the potential in connecting the world of music as a bridge for the integration and acceptance of different populations in society. All this from the belief in the abilities of people with disabilities to achieve any goal.

The story of the founding of the Shalva band ► Watch

He told the founding of the Shalva band

The determination of each member of the band to overcome the obstacles, to persevere on the path and Shay's talent to find ways to develop the uniqueness of each and every one, created a perfect show that brought excitement to those present and carried away with singing, dancing, applause and energy with which everyone will continue on. Back to challenging days with a good spirit. A spirit of togetherness and love.

Peace fills the hall ► Watch

Peace brightens hearts even these days

A special thanks from Shalva Band ► Watch

Thanks to the donors, thanks to the audience who knew how to both donate and return love to such a special band.

A quiet band performs ► Watch

Ido Moorg, the incoming chairman of the association Adds that this year the association faced difficulties and challenges due to the situation. Some of the association's members were recruited into the reserves, and it was difficult to collect donations from companies that had already been recruited for the war effort. Despite everything, the members of the association managed to carry out projects this year for children at risk, the evacuee population from the north, Holocaust survivors and more. The resilience of the members of the association, who all work voluntarily, greatly supported the activity in the challenging days, in the days of brokenness, in the days of planting hope and building.

Ido adds that the members are now moving on to the next social tasks. The task now is to distribute hundreds of equipped schoolbags to children from needy families.

Ido Morg (photo: personal album)
Ido Morg (photo: personal album)

May we know good days, may we get to see the abductees in their homes.

Contact Chai here: At watsapBy email

Hana Morag
Hana Morag
Educator, retired after a long career in teaching, management and innovation leadership positions in the Ministry of Education for which she won an award. Social entrepreneur, mother of four and grandmother of five. Three books penned by Ata have been published in recent years.

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