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Hadar in Haifa: Will we get to see the neighborhood where it was in its prime?

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Aphids have taken over trees throughout Haifa

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In Kiryat Bialik they are moving to 5 school days a week

On Tuesday 23/7/2024, Mayor Kiryat Bialik announced that Eli...
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In "Zikhron Beslon" next year - we will also hear the stories of the immigrants from the Commonwealth of Nations

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The return of the multi-armed octopus to the beach in Haifa

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The abductees will be released only after the left comes to power • Uri Lev's opinion

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"Nasrallah" not only in Lebanon but also here at the bottom of the sea in Haifa

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205 people were injured in traffic accidents during the deadly summer months in Haifa

97 people were killed in road accidents in the summer months of 2023 (June, July and August) compared to 75 people who were killed in road accidents in the same months in 2022 - an increase of about 30%, according to data from the Or Yerok association based on the CBS data. An average of 91 people are killed in the summer - one person killed every day on average. The data shows that every summer (June, July and August) an average of 5,853 people are injured in road accidents, 622 of them are seriously injured.

Attorney Yaniv Yaakov, CEO of the Green Or Association:

The summer months are a point of time when the risk of being injured in a car accident is high. During these months, the children and youth are not in an orderly and protective environment, some of them are on the streets, bored and inactive. In the summer months, there is an increase in family trips for vacations, some on unfamiliar, red roads, and under fatigue. Last summer was particularly deadly in cities and towns, so the mayors must find the weak points in each city and strengthen road safety. Enforcement should be increased around places of recreation to curb and moderate the speed of travel in areas where there are many children such as parks and summer camp gatherings and increase awareness of road safety among the residents. The year 2024 is the deadliest and bloodiest in about 20 years, so the Ministry of Transportation and Road Safety must put saving lives at the top of the list so that we can all get through the summer in peace.

A sharp jump in deaths in the summer months in cities and towns

46 people were killed in road accidents in cities and towns in the summer months (June, July and August) in 2023 compared to 29 people killed in road accidents in the summer months in 2022 - an increase of 59%. In the summer months of 2023, 2,192 people were injured in road accidents in cities, of which 406 were seriously injured.

The data shows that 47% of all deaths in the summer months in 2023 were in the cities and towns - almost one out of every two deaths. 3,342 people are injured in road accidents in the summer months in the cities and settlements each year on average, of which 37 are killed on average and 379 are seriously injured.

The picture of the situation in Haifa:

  • 205 people were injured in road accidents in the summer months (June, July and August) in 2023 in Haifa, of which three were killed and 26 were seriously injured. 3,871 people were injured in road accidents in the city during the summer months in the last decade, of which 20 were killed and 187 were seriously injured.

Recommendations for a safe trip that will help you get through the summer safely:

  • Maintaining proper tire pressure -The heat of the road in the summer can cause the tire to crack and even fall apart. To prevent this, you must ensure proper air pressure in the wheels during the entire period.
  • Stay alert - Especially on long trips, drink water throughout the trip and don't drive when you're tired. The heat is burdensome, produces fatigue and impairs vigilance. Be sure to stop for refreshments in designated places and not on the side of the road.
  • Ventilate the vehicle - In order to maintain freshness and alertness while driving, turn on the air conditioner to cool the interior of the car and also open a window from time to time in order to change the air in the car.
  • Avoid distractions - Especially on family trips there are many distractions - children in the back seat, navigating unfamiliar roads, the cell phone. Be sure to concentrate only on driving, put the phone aside and take care in advance of employment for the children while driving.
  • put on sunglasses - The blinding sun can lead to poor vision of the road.
  • Avoid stopping at the curb - Stopping at the curb is dangerous, especially in places where the curb is not wide enough. Therefore, check the vehicle's condition before the trip to avoid stopping in the middle of the road and in cases where there is no choice - try to stop in regulated places such as gas stations or parking lots. In case of an emergency, if you are forced to stop on the side of the road, wear a luminous vest and go over the safety barrier to stay safe.
  • Do not take off your shoes while driving - The shoes may slip under the pedals and interfere with driving.
  • Driving on the beaches is prohibited! - According to the law, it is forbidden to drive a vehicle less than a hundred meters from the water line. Such a trip endangers the vacationers on the beach. Violators of the law are expected to receive a fine ranging from hundreds to thousands of shekels as well as the confiscation of their vehicle.
  • Look for the children - In the summer months, the children are outside for many hours. Therefore, when you drive through the city streets, pay attention to the children who may burst into the road and give them the right of way at the crosswalks.

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Mia Zahavi
Mia Zahavi
Mia Zahavi - editor at Hai Pa - the news corporation

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