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A police officer fired in the air to stop suspects who rioted in a car in Neve Shanan in Haifa

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Heavy machine gun fire off the coast of Haifa

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The night train to Haifa does not stop at the station

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13-year-old Yair Whitson, a resident of Haifa, found a 1,800-year-old ring in Carmel

(Archaeology Lives Here) A ring about 1,800 years old, on which an engraving...

Nasrallah threatens: "Missiles will be launched at new colonies that were not targets before"

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Huge flats of Perna Perna oysters have been discovered in Haifa Bay

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Talfiot market in Haifa - a genius creation in endless renovation

At the eastern end of Sirkin Street, stands the Talpiot market building,...

Shaver Yegur - last moments of a rare bloom • Go for a walk on Pesach

Shaver Yegur, also known as Etak Carmel, is a nature corner...

Ruthie Segal • Goddess of the fruitfulness of creation • Haifa painter and curator

Ruthi Segal's paintings, her house, and treasures from her age are infused with...

David Habov from Haifa • The angel of the special children

David Habov voluntarily manages the sailing club for children with...

Has Big Brother arrived in Haifa?

(haipo) - Preparations are underway for the pride parade that is expected to take place tomorrow (Friday 21/6/24) in Haifa. Pride flags have been adorning the columns of Moriah Boulevard for several days, signs announcing the event and the blocking of the main traffic axis and its branches during it, were hung at various points in the area for the benefit of passers-by.

The cameras installed on poles on Moriah Ave. (Photo: Golan Ben Horin)

What is?

Today (Thursday) a number of residents noticed that next to the proudly flying flags, cameras that had not been seen there before were also installed, attached to wires whose purpose is not clear, in a way that stands out very much to the eye.

There were residents who wondered if these were the first signs that "Big Brother" had arrived in Haifa and from now on we would all be photographed at every step... others feared that these were electrical wires that had been installed in a careless manner, which could endanger the participants in the pride event and afterwards.

Cameras and wires on poles for the Pride Parade (Photo: Golan Ben Horin)

We went out to check

We contacted the Haifa Municipality in order to find out the meaning of the matter and we hope that the answer we received will allow everyone to breathe easy.

The Haifa Municipality responded:
"The cables in the photo are communication lines (not electricity) used by security cameras that were installed (at the request of the police), as part of the security system for the pride parade that will take place tomorrow - these are temporary cameras and will be dismantled immediately after the parade ends. Electrical connections are made by a qualified electrician and supervised by "J Electrical Tester".

Contact Chai here: At watsapBy email

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8 תגובות

  1. Leave security cameras!!! Motorcycles will not travel in the opposite direction, the axis will not be blocked in double parking, you have already invested, so do the job properly

    • There were a lot of cameras on the border fence in Gaza
      I did not see that it helped public safety. What do you think?

  2. It is puzzling to me that the Haifa municipality is taking responsibility for many groups coming to the march tomorrow in the center of Carmel. In these terrible days, every day there are warnings in the media about the possibility of a flare-up in the north, which could include Haifa, I asked: in the event of an event, where exactly will the approximately 500 people participating in the procession be directed? Plus the large crowd on the sides of the street? I read this week that Sarrella arranged for photographers on his behalf to be in the field to photograph the event. Take care of yourselves. blessed Shabbat.

  3. Shame on the organizers! where is the mayor Why did they get permission to march while our children are being killed, while abductees are starving underground??? Everyone went crazy! Where is unity? Where is the government, the police? A real shame!

  4. The whole center of Carmel looks like corrals.
    Take the pride parade to the seaside promenades.
    There is no alternative axis to the Moriah-Horav axis and it must not be allowed to be closed for processions and events and demonstrations. There are hospitals along its length that must be accessed through the axis.

  5. Cables stretched in the air across the road must not have been carried out by a qualified electrical contractor. An empty answer from the municipality

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