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A facility that produces unbearable noise was placed in French Carmel • "This cannot go on"

Tenants who live in the buildings next to Krieger Hall in French Carmel claim that a few days ago a device was placed near Krieger Hall that produces unbearable noise during most of the day.

"About a week ago, a facility was placed next to Krieger Hall," says one of the residents, and continues: "We suffer greatly from the noise this facility produces. I spoke with residents from nearby buildings and they also hear the noise and are unable to bear it. We do not know exactly why the facility was placed or what its purpose is , but from what we understood it may be related to the air conditioning in the hall or it is a malfunction. Either way, this noise is unbearable, and if the noise is not enough during the day, this noise continues during the night as well, because the noise is so loud By chance, we met the director of the municipal enforcement. We understood from him that an application was made to the environmental department. In the meantime, our living area has become a noisy and disturbing place.'

"We demand an immediate stop to the events in Krieger Hall"

The tenants demand immediate treatment, which will stop the noise nuisance: "We expect a qualified body from the municipality to arrive equipped with a decibel meter and act quickly to remove the machine. Until then, we demand an immediate stop to the events in Krieger Hall, in order to maintain the peace of the tenants. We also contacted the municipality and received a reply that the issue We really don't know what else can be done, but we certainly can't continue like this."

It should be noted that one of the tenants spoke to one of the workers in the hall, and he told him that it was an external cooling unit, which was placed there as a replacement for the air conditioners that broke down.

What is illegal noise?

The Regulations for the Prevention of Hazards (Noise Prevention) 1992 determine when noise is unreasonable and must be prevented and when the noise is of reasonable intensity and can be continued to be played. There are noises that can be played at certain hours and not at others and in contrast there are noises that are considered illegal at all hours of the day. The law And the regulations refer both to causing noise in general, and to causing noise from specific sources such as car alarms, renovations and repairs and air conditioners. Noise contrary to what is established by law constitutes illegal noise. which will determine the decibel intensity.

Ethos: The chiller that cools Krieger Hall has collapsed

Atos, the company for art, culture and sports, owned by the Haifa municipality, said: "The chiller that cools Krieger Hall has collapsed. Until the new chiller that was ordered arrives and in order not to interfere with pre-booked events, including school graduation parties, etc., Athos was able to get a chiller for rent.

As much as there is noise that reaches the neighbors, it only occurs when the chiller is turned on while the hall is active. When a complaint was received, we called in a professional who specializes in the subject and right now they are installing panels for acoustic coating.

In any case, this is a temporary period until the installation of the new chiller that will not be as noisy as it was until now. Of course, whenever there is a disturbance, Athos apologizes and asks for the understanding of the neighbors."

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Michal Grover
Michal Grover
Michal Grover Education reporter • Real estate • Company Contact: 054-4423911 Mail to the container: [email protected]

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17 תגובות

  1. More from Magaiim the missiles to Haifa
    And you deal with your nonsense in the neighborhoods
    Oh my, I don't have the head of a refrigerator

  2. Asking for the understanding of the neighbors? insolent

    To the suffering residents: come out with megaphones and drums to demonstrate next to the hall, during a performance.

  3. In proper Hebrew they say: "creates" and not "produces"! This common error has also permeated the TV channels and there is no proper and beautiful Hebrew control...

    • On all the channels and especially on the small screen for a long time there have been spelling and other errors in the flashing / theme tracks (perhaps because there are no viewers).. including 14 (?)...

  4. I'm glad I'm not a Haifa resident...
    Garbage can city. Ever since something cliché there really screwed up in this town.
    Where are the days when there used to be festivals in Haifa, we would go to Haifa for the beer festival.. Ahh what a distant memory.

  5. No one in the municipality cares about the welfare of the residents. Let's talk about the whole city becoming one big construction site. As if we don't suffer enough air pollution, we also have to breathe all the dust under the auspices of Pinoy Binoy, absorb the noise and dirt and still pay full and horribly expensive property taxes. for what? After all, whoever manages things probably lives in a quiet villa, so what do they really care.

  6. Unfortunately, something bad is happening with the new municipality, especially when it comes to considering the residents in the face of noise. The whole city of Haifa has become in a matter of months a very noisy city, especially in public places, which causes a lot of suffering for the residents. A striking example is the establishment of the terminal at the port. The music emanating from there can wake the dead just like the speeding of vehicles with blown engines that the municipality and the police are unable to eradicate. Ika the streets in the lower city continue to be filthy, the noise is deafening, the pollution is high, the main thing is to show activity!!!

  7. First and foremost, stop the operation of the facility.
    Want an activity in Krieger? - Install a cooling system
    without noises.
    It is impossible to make the hours pleasant for people at the expense of the peace of other residents!!!!!!
    Etos must internalize this!!!!!
    Won't they do it?-The suffering residents won't let the ticket holders enter the shows.
    If that's the only way they'll understand in Ethos, it's sad...

  8. Ministry of Environmental Protection headed by Silman yes yes. Good luck to everyone.
    Call a noise inspector and contact the court.

  9. It's not temporary they always say about everything temporary
    About the gas farm that moved from Galil to the Kiryat Ata intersection and at every moment there is danger around it twenty thousand people who work and drive near it said it was temporary 20 years ago and it has been there ever since
    Get her back on track.

  10. What an understanding and what a confusion of the mind...the noise factor must be "neutralized" immediately and without any conditions from the event hall...the health and peace of the tenants comes first and is more important than any other explanation...and if the hall needs to be closed immediately....for the information of the mayor and the municipal offices...residents who cheat taxes to obtain peace and quiet are not supposed to "Suffer" even for one moment...!!!

  11. The only way is to go to court and get temporary relief. There is a law to prevent noise. In every complaint, they will tell you the first sentence: it is allowed to make noise during these hours. This is to wave at you. The truth is that unreasonable noise causing a nuisance is illegal.
    The external speakers on buses are also an unlikely nuisance.

  12. Residents of Zerubbabel Street complain that we hear a lot about all kinds of noises, especially in the early hours of the morning that are made by the city's residents in the sanitation department in the Moriah cinema building. (For those who don't know, sanitation is a euphemism, a euphemism for cleaning the streets and collecting trash. What kind of cleanliness? - on main streets - reasonable. On side streets - bad, on secondary crossings - so that we don't get into trouble.)
    Well, so a municipality has a finger snapped following the complaints? – a rhetorical question.
    Against the owner of the town hall, the municipality will probably act and ring all the bells, how good it is with the residents and how it responds to the complaints. But she herself does what she wants. And does she care that the building in which the department operates - the former magnificent Moriah cinema, peace be upon it - is crumbling and being destroyed?

  13. The neighborhood committee must hire a lawyer to sue the municipality for mental anguish, no amount of acoustic walls will stop the noise and nuisance, and an hour before

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