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Blocking roads in Haifa • Pride parade, Friday 21/6/24

(haipo) - The pride parade in Haifa will take place on Friday 21/6/24. Moriah axis will be closed intermittently. The Israel Police has completed its preparations. The parade will take place without music, and will end in the auditorium without parties.

The police informed Lahi Pa - the news corporation:

The preparation of the Israel Police in the Carmel area for the funeral procession that will take place in the center of Carmel in Haifa this Friday 21.6.24/7/30 between the hours of 14:30 and XNUMX:XNUMX.

The Israel Police in the Carmel region has completed its preparations for the Pride Parade that will take place this Friday, along with other security and rescue agencies for the event in the center of Carmel.

Dozens of police officers from the Haifa station and the Carmel area, volunteers and traffic policemen will be deployed starting in the morning on the main routes leading to the procession in order to ensure the proper existence of the procession according to the outline in a safe manner and in the flow of traffic.

The axis of the procession will be spread out from the Zafarir junction to the center of Carmel and traffic blocks will be placed along it according to the pace of the procession's progress.

Timely changes will apply to the traffic regulations:

  • Safar square towards the Zafarir intersection.
  • The Shimshon intersection at the corner of Yotam with Bekurim (Verdia) will be blocked for travel in the direction of Zafaririm.
  • Bekurim Ha'asif corner will be their stop for the drive towards the center of Carmel.
  • The Zafarir junction will stop towards the center of Carmel, travel will be possible from Yarkon towards Safar Square.
  • Sports Street/Fagin.
  • Water Street between Heinrich Heine and Moriah Boulevard.
  • Wolfson Street between Heinrich Heine and Moriah Boulevards will be closed and travel will be allowed in the direction of Mina Square.
  • Pinsky Street will block between Keller Street and Moriah Boulevard.
  • Cypress Street will be blocked in the direction of Keller Street.
  • The Carmel Center will stop at Rehovot - Bekurim/Donna Garcia/Wedgwood. Travel will only be possible to the right from the exit from Wedgwood to Hanasi Boulevard or to the left from Hanasi Boulevard to Manhaniim and Wedgwood.

The instructions of the policemen must be obeyed for the flow of traffic.

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24 תגובות

  1. The only achievement of the Haifa municipality in determining the route of the pride parade in the Moriah axis is in turning the residents of the area into opponents of the LGBT community.

  2. I was stuck in traffic for an hour, and why? It seems that the Haifa police are harassing the marchers, and taking revenge on the demonstrators. Blocking roads way ahead of time, and not in the right places.

  3. Why isn't there a zoophile parade? I love my sheep. We are a couple and I want the right to buy an apartment with a mortgage and recognition on an identity card. My wife is a sheep.

  4. Let everyone do what they want in their own home. I don't need flags announcing (what?!) in front of my face, almost rape. And advertisements on billboards, what are they selling me here and pushing? and the audacity of blocking roads

  5. Mrs. Yael R.
    The young people do not run away following the blocking of roads to the pride parade for a few hours a day. You have dark opinions that have no place in our reality, don't cast your darkness on the departure of the young. The young people leave because the city has nothing to offer, not even parking. Events like the Pride Parade can draw young people back to the city, bring fresh air to the aging streets, but you, the elders of the ridge, simply prefer this place to die and be still.
    Maybe just move to some kibbutz or moshav?

    • But that's exactly what attracts young people. And what's the problem with marching along Dado Beach?

  6. 30 police cars, 200 police officers and the Haifa police!!
    Normal scene Carmelia intersection 10 moped policemen with drawn weapons and dogs.
    Lucky that there is no war in the north or warnings in the rest of the country for the PFA that all resources can be mobilized
    To secure parades in Haifa - Saint Mary, Little Michal, Merov the witch, come and close the city for us every two days.

  7. remove the nuisance of pride from the ridge.
    This is not Tel Aviv where every street has an alternative parallel street
    Don't the elderly Yahav and the geriatric city council understand that they are smuggling young people out of Haifa like this?
    Well, I forgot, he's only been on the job for a month and a half and he's already started his trips abroad for two weeks, obviously during the terms
    In the past, he was the record holder for trips in the world at our expense. All the corruption is back just as it was...
    And Haifa will continue to fade just as it has faded for the last 20 years.
    Any closure of the axis is a mental damage that will drive away those who are thinking of living in the ridge.
    In the end, only nursing homes will remain.

  8. Hezbollah intends to record the pride parade from above with a drone. It will mark the starting point for you, the politicians by party, the security posts at the Kindergarten, the mobility along the route.
    To finish, Hezbollah will send an AI video in which Michaeli is being tortured by two Lebanese Buchis.

  9. What kind of pride are we talking about exactly, people who need the mercy of a restful heaven, they are like that, but they also want Nablus patting? They only highlight and prove how poor they are and need reinforcements. If they live their lives in peace, they will gain more sympathy and understanding. This idiotic and hypocritical highlighting causes a terrible lack of pride and only pity

  10. Friday is the busiest day in transportation in Haifa. It is precisely on such a day that major transport routes are blocked. Someone forgot that there are also ordinary residents in a town called Haifa.

    • The Pride Parade is an annual, important event like no other - which contributes to the city and is more significant to its liberal character than your homophobic cries.
      That's why it's better that you turn a deaf ear. Capish?

    • You are "wrong" The colorful colors of the flag confuse the most wretched city that exists. Profits. Pigs. Burning garbage cars in the streets. Crazy demonstrations. It's not for nothing that this city is called Red Haifa. Red with shame.

    • To the Haifai who came from one of the villages. What exactly is a donor? And what's the problem with walking along the beach in Dedo?

  11. Postal code data as of June 19.6.2024, XNUMX
    In the last 100 days, 400 people were killed in Israel.
    Since the beginning of 2024, 217 people have been killed, compared to 177 in the corresponding period in 2023.
    A 23% increase in TA deaths since the beginning of the year.
    From the beginning of 2024, 200 fatal accidents compared to 159 in the corresponding period in 2023.
    A 24% increase in the number of fatal accidents.

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