Hadar in Haifa: Will we get to see the neighborhood where it was in its prime?

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Aphids have taken over trees throughout Haifa

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Are there butterflies here in the summer?

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Huge flats of Perna Perna oysters have been discovered in Haifa Bay

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Talfiot market in Haifa - a genius creation in endless renovation

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An exciting Passover ceremony was held in the refugee camp • The ship 'Exodus' ► Watch

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The abductees will be released only after the left comes to power • Uri Lev's opinion

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Ruthie Segal • Goddess of the fruitfulness of creation • Haifa painter and curator

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Vote in the poll: Is there a decrease in the number of pigs on the streets of Haifa?

(haipo) - The municipality of Haifa is making efforts to thin out the population of pigs in the city by shooting. These are unruly pigs that have gotten used to the proximity of humans. They eat from the garbage cans, from cat food left in the bathroom and in the gardens. Some of them reach enormous dimensions • Yona Yahav announced a 90-day goal to eradicate the swine plague in the city. A few days left to the destination. Now the question arises - Do you see fewer pigs on the streets?

Is there a decrease in the number of pigs in the city?

Time until the plague of pigs in Haifa is eradicated
(90 days from Yona Yahav taking office)


Do you have pigs in the street?

Write here in the comments module at the bottom of the article the address where you see pigs in your street and the hours of their visit. We want to see where they are.

A giant pig eating trash from the bin - 54 HaGalil St. Neve Shanan (Photo: Hagit Avraham)
A giant pig eating trash from the bin - 54 HaGalil St. Neve Shanan (Photo: Hagit Avraham)

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Yaron Karmi
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199 תגובות

  1. Who are you bloodthirsty repulsive people who just want wild boars killed in their yard? And what is this disgusting site that encourages nasty whistleblowers?

  2. Shoshant HaCarmel 53 They come every night after 21:00 PM in the evening and also at XNUMX in the morning when the street is quiet but really recently they seem a little less interesting to know where they are being shot in which area?!

  3. Kadima Street still sees in the very early hours (between 4.00 and 5.00 in the morning) the occasional pig, but definitely less recently

  4. righteous
    When a pig crashes into you while running and you end up in a hospital like what happened to my neighbor, maybe you'll talk differently.
    The main thing is to continue with 'we invaded their territory' and 'murder'

  5. On the street the flowers are not as noticeable as before and in general they are more upbeat. Part may also be due to closing loopholes in fences and fixing bins
    I don't know if they are there at night

  6. Unfortunately, they are still walking around in Wolfson 4, and in the garden next to us, a week and a half ago I notified, and I asked for a contact number, it didn't happen, today I notified at noon there were pigs in Wolfson 4, they immediately wrote that they would be back soon, in practice it didn't happen, a contact number was not sent, they just sent me a scroll Solomon, what are we doing? It doesn't help us here!!! I have the correspondence with the municipality from today

  7. Pigs every day in the afternoon and evening. Rachel 29 on the Wadi side in Carmelia. A complete family. I think someone is throwing food at them. Many are raging and growling. Nothing has changed since the era of Klish.

  8. At 16 18 20 Snipers Street, you come from behind the yards, (from below, the Fika area) and sometimes from the street. People leave food for cats and it attracts pigs.

  9. Pigs are still walking around with the rest of their children in the Carmelosa Rose every evening at 2300 hours they start looking for food.

  10. Whoever wrote that pigs are impure and worshipers are "holy". Understand why you are hated. You are the essence of darkness. The wild animals are right and pure and you are bloodthirsty greedy thieves and slaughterers

  11. A newspaper whose hands are covered in blood, shame on you, the ugly side of Israeli society. Heartless barbarians. Hope your newspaper closes permanently.

  12. On the way down to Halamish there is an avenue of trees that are diseased and secrete glue and all the sidewalks are sticky black and every parked car drips glue. And we would be happy to have them taken care of.

  13. Every year the same story they think there is a decline
    Then there is the calving season and you see hundreds of wild boars all over the ridge
    We need a serious dilution, not 300 more like 1000-2000.
    From our money they did a survey of wild boars during the Kalish period which was completely false and stated that in each wadi there are only
    Between 10-15 individuals when it is clear that every littering season reaches hundreds of individuals. They deliberately lied for
    The organizers of the survey, in their eyes, the whole purpose was to prove to the public that there is no problem.
    The same public that suffers severe annoyances from overturned bins, giant pigs growling at them at the entrances to buildings
    and scare the children who, after all, want to get home safely and not be afraid to go out into the street. they hurt
    Dozens of Haifa residents including from falls and broken bones with deep rehabilitation but the activists refuse to understand
    I think the problem is that there is no choice but to dilute the associations as well and check the funding sources
    Why do municipalities donate to animal associations that are causing irreversible damage to the ecological environment
    And for life in Haifa from the demand to stop thinning and allow unnatural and illogical multiplication?
    Stop municipal donations to animal associations. They harm animals by destroying ecological environments
    From idle fights for wild animals that breed out of control and harm other species.

    • Karma is a bitch
      When you find yourself living in a city without only nature, you will remember how much you wanted to dilute everything that bothers you in the eye.

  14. Allowing you to come to Karmia Street
    See them in droves
    House arrest from 21:00 until the wee hours of the night
    And if you dared to go out, then you order an escort from Haifa

  15. I personally don't go out in the afternoon and evening, but a caregiver told me that she sees from the balcony towards the public garden by us in the evening, still pigs coming out of the garden in our direction, she just can't see if they entered our garden. Tomorrow I will ask her again.

  16. Why kill why?
    It is possible to shoot anesthetic arrows and transfer them in a dormant state to wild animals or wadis after they are fenced off (you fence off a large compound and there they will roam and be monitored by the law enforcement authorities who believe in this)

  17. The pigs don't bother me, it's better to sterilize a part and place feeding corners for them, instead of slaughtering them, the porcupines are very disturbing because they systematically destroy the decency of feeding corners for them will greatly improve the existing situation, due to the slaughter and sterilization/neutering of the street cats, there is currently a sharp increase in rats in Haifa Mice and venomous snakes, to the attention of the municipality!!!!

    • When they are shot in front of your and your grandchildren's eyes, maybe you will look up, but it will be too late

  18. As long as the rate of thinning is carried out lazily, the natural reproduction of the pigs will be greater than the extermination and therefore the rate of extermination of the pigs must be increased. The issue is acute and endangers humans

  19. A post of a trampled pig under the title "photos that are good to watch"...and seeing people on the street who are scared for their lives for fear that the pig will attack. It's hard....I'm afraid to go out the door and check if there's a pig around...it's hard...why do we run away from the pig or the pigs?? Where is the freedom to live? I'm in a zoo!!

  20. There is a decrease, but not enough on HaGalil Street, occasionally two pigs the size of "mammoths" walk around, it's scary, I hope the municipality will take care of them

  21. Wedgwood Street from the Bear Inn to down in the woods and further up the street whole flocks continue to roam all night and every night.

  22. It's strange that they wrote to me that I had already voted, which is really not the case, because apparently the results have already been written in advance and there is probably some interest here

  23. The pigs continue to pass at night on a route that starts in the wadi between Kiryat Safar and Ehud streets, goes up through Kiryat Safar 13, continues through Kiryat Safar 12 and passes to Givon 7 and beyond.

  24. 1. A pig and a puppy ate street for their own pleasure in Trumpeldor, corner of the middle school on 18/06 at 19 p.m.
    2. Pigs frequently visit the Rambam prayer complex on Middle Street in the morning and evening hours

    • It's really not right anymore... in the prayer space there is heaven.
      The righteous worshipers are so holy and pigs are the height of impurity.

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