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Loire valley. A lot of water, a lot of green, trees and bushes as Europe knows how to give with the cool weather and the caressing sun that occasionally emerges from the clouds.

The town of Briare is actually in the Center-Val de Loire region in France, not in the Loire Valley itself. It is best known for the Briare Canal (Canal de Briare), one of the oldest man-made canals in France connecting the Loire and Seine rivers.

The Loire Valley Photo: Tami Goldstein)
The Loire Valley Photo: Tami Goldstein)

Our 37-foot, 11.5-meter Tarpon type boat was waiting for us at the anchorage in Brier Canal. A relatively spacious boat for canal boats and great for two couples. It has three cabins - meaning three bedrooms, two toilets and two showers. In the middle between the cabins there is a seating area and a control table for the systems, and on the side is a kitchenette that contains a small refrigerator, a sink, a stove and a small gas oven. From this small kitchen I take out delicacies. Not just saying.

Breakfast on the 37-foot Tarpon type boat (Photo: Tammy Goldstein)
Breakfast on the 37-foot Tarpon type boat (Photo: Tammy Goldstein)

There is a division of duties here. Goldie and Daniel drive, steer, open and close the locks - the dams on the way, the ones that take us from the sections of the canal at different heights to the following sections, Rita works and washes dishes after the meal, and I am responsible for cooking and preparing the meals. Not that I'm some great cook, but everything is relative, and somehow it turns out delicious.

The dams balance the water level in the canals - the Loire Valley (Photo: Tami Goldstein)
The dams balance the water level in the canals - the Loire Valley (Photo: Tami Goldstein)

On the first day we went to the big supermarket, Lidl, and filled a cart with food products for 170 euros. We loaded the kitchenette with all good things, beers, wine, brioche bread and fresh baguettes, fragrant cheeses, vegetables for soup, vegetables for salad and various types of products for the main meals of the day.

In the evening we eat less, but I brought almonds and walnuts with me from the Kiryat Ata market, and this satisfies the need to snack in front of the news. Oh well, Israelis without news it doesn't work. So connect to N12 in the evening and follow the happenings. Then we watch some stand-up on YouTube. It helps release the tension left by the news.

to sail in green natural spaces

In the morning we sail. The canals were built two hundred years ago or more, and were used to transport goods on rafts, sometimes supported by horses pulling the rafts on both sides of the canal. Canal sailing, unlike sea sailing, is undisturbed. The water is calm most of the way except in the wide channels during a storm. In some countries the canals connect to the rivers and the river crossing shakes when there are winds, but this is not the case in Briar. Here the canals are above or near the river.

Sailing in the Quiet Canal - Loire Valley - France (Photo: Tami Goldstein)
Sailing in the Quiet Canal - Loire Valley - France (Photo: Tami Goldstein)

This is the first time we are sailing in France. We have already sailed the canals of England several times with great pleasure, we sailed to the Greek islands, and this time we decided to sail the canals of France knowing that most of the intimidation that goes on the net about hostile people, is not true and is only suitable for the centers of the big cities during a demonstration. And that is not our direction.

From the beginning of the journey it is clear that it is very different from our previous experiences. It's hard not to make comparisons with previous cruises. The cruise in England which was our favorite, brought us together with interesting people in the pubs that were scattered along the canals and with generous portions of fish and chips in pea sauce.

Crossing the dam that equalizes the water level - canal boating in the Loire Valley - France (Photo: Tami Goldstein)
Crossing the dam that equalizes the water level - canal boating in the Loire Valley - France (Photo: Tami Goldstein)

French is spoken here

In England, as the song says, despair is more comfortable and the people speak English and are happy to tell about the experiences they've had and the places they've visited. The towns along the canals in England are rich in vintage and second-hand shops on behalf of all sorts of charities that collect money for the poor, and the pleasure of finding treasures for a few pounds is great.

French is spoken here. With the few words I understand in French, a little Spanish of the friends with us and English, we have to manage, we use Google Translate text from image.

Canal cruise - Loire Valley - France (Photo: Tami Goldstein)
Canal cruise - Loire Valley - France (Photo: Tami Goldstein)

"Lokim" - the dams above the canals of the Loire Valley:

The dams are engineering installations whose purpose is to regulate the water level and maintain its constant flow in the canals. These canals were originally built for agricultural and irrigation use, and today they are also used for tourism and sailing. The dams allow control of the water level, which prevents flooding and enables safe navigation in boats and small yachts. In addition, they help manage water sources and influence the local ecosystem. Their maintenance is important for ensuring normal activity and preserving the natural environment, and thus they form a significant part of the water system of the Loire Valley.

Dam over the canal - equalizes the water level - Loire Valley - France (Photo: Tami Goldstein)
Dam over the canal - equalizes the water level - Loire Valley - France (Photo: Tammy Goldstein)

Seven locks and one town

In the Brier Canals in the Loire Valley, nature is very impressive and inspires peace with a quiet power. Very tall trees and full of foliage, interesting vegetation, bushes whose leaf colors range from dark green to light, through brown and burgundy, and flowers in shades and shapes we have not seen before. Hours of sailing through agricultural areas, vast forests and very little population.

France's locks are mostly electric, (in England they are manual), and there are on-calls from local teams who are near each lock to help. Pubs and the few restaurants are only in the towns, and not near the canals and the appearance of some of the towns is deserted and empty, old houses where no one is, stone buildings and courtyards full of grass. Maybe it's the off-season, maybe these are areas meant for renovation, but it's strange walking between abandoned houses on the way to a remote cafe that is unlikely to be open.

The 7 Loks restaurant

Sailing towards Rogni, or Roni, depending on how you want to express it. A lovely town on the way to which you have to pass 7 water steps, 7 locks one after the other.

In a restaurant called, of course, the 7-look restaurant, we found a generous and talented chef and interesting dishes. In the bakery, which is only open a few days a week, there were three baguettes and some cookies left, and near the church we discovered a nice second-hand store with many sizes for children and a few for adults as well.

Why second hand?
Because we are in this matter of recycling, and the "consumption culture - I don't need", and in general, second hand and vintage you can find special clothes in excellent condition and at cheap prices.

Docking area - canal boating - Loire Valley - France (Photo: Tami Goldstein)
Docking area - canal cruise - Loire Valley - France (Photo: Tami Goldstein)

The majority here are Christians

The area is predominantly Christian, here and there a woman with a headdress or a group of boys with a Mediterranean appearance passed by, but the church bells leave no room for doubt that the majority here are Christians. In the city of Luton in England, by the way, the Muslims were not allowed to play the calls to prayer through the loudspeakers of the mosques, and they filed a petition demanding that the bells of the churches be stopped as well, in the name of religious freedom. The Muslims of Luton won the lawsuit and since then the church bells and the muezzin's voice have not been heard there.

The bells rang the hour, and their melody echoed throughout the space. Although it is not my religion, I experience holiness every time I hear the bells, as if their ringing purifies the unnecessary noise. The beautiful Rogani boasts a rural appearance, without high-rise buildings, active but not busy roads and mainly fields, vegetation, groves, forests and lots of flowers.

Church tower - Loire Valley - France (Photo: Tami Goldstein)
Church tower - Loire Valley - France (Photo: Tammy Goldstein)

Delicious pastries with lots of butter

Returning to the ship. The steering system is double, both inside the boat and on the deck, along with a table and chairs and an umbrella, so you can sit and enjoy the cruise, feel the cool breeze, the smells of the environment, hear the birds and the engine. Long hours of peace without red color alerts and without the echoes of planes and iron domes.

Continuous meditations and an almost out-of-body experience of silence and infinity, an illusion that is pleasant and dissolves tension points that managed to accumulate in the shoulders and in the mind. From a distance, the 7 locks behind us look like poor steps and the channel winds forward in unclear water and with few waterfowl.

Church tower - Loire Valley - France (Photo: Tami Goldstein)
Church tower - Loire Valley - France (Photo: Tammy Goldstein)

We looked for the mooring area for the evening, and found a place that allowed us to connect to water and electricity. Two boats were moored next to us. One of an elderly British couple who have been living on the wide boat of the French canals for several years, after spending years in the narrow boats of the English canals and another, old and long boat, made of wood, on which a family lives and on board of which they grow potted herbs.

Why is it called a narrow boat or a wide boat?
Because that's what they're called: Nero Buot is the narrow one, which runs through the canals of England, and the wide one is called the Wide Buot, which mainly navigates the canals of Europe.

The French of the Brier Canal close the locks between 12 and 1 in the afternoon, which necessitates stopping and resting for an hour, or walking around until the crews operating the locks return. So we turned around. There are fewer towns around the Brier Canal. For the first two days it felt a bit like an Indiana Jones movie, but from the third day something in the soul started to get used to the sound of the language, the slow pace of the sailing and the fact that we were almost a single boat moving in the canal. The view is magical. The trees are tall, the green is bright and the fields are spacious and in the only deli in town, the pastries are all made with butter, which makes them especially delicious. Those who have trouble digesting milk should not come to France. Here the butter is the base. No margarine, no fur. Everything is milky, and the taste is fine. Of course, the diet is stopped for a few days because a croissant made with butter is unfortunately not found on the menus of Hali Maman.  

Multiculturalism that moves magic

We spent the nights on the boat, close to one of the docks along the way, enjoying good wine and cold beers from the boat's refrigerator. In the morning we went for a walk and met the various inhabitants of the town, people of all religions, people from Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe, and all of them are French. There is something magical about it, the ability to be different and still belong. We try to chat, a little English, a little French, a little Spanish, and in the end more or less understand what we want to say and where we should go. Multiculturalism is a charm for me. A wonderful example of the different bride and the feeling that everyone is allowed to be who they are and dress as they wish, represent the place you come from and still be a loyal citizen of the country in which they live. Sometimes we feel this way in Israel too, but it requires a high level of awareness, while here it seems natural. Nobody cares what your religion is as long as you are a loyal citizen - until the divisives come and try to divide the unity into religions and countries of origin. They say the French are not nice, but we discovered kind people who are happy to help, and everyone with the "bon jour, and bon voyage en France" - have a good day, and enjoy your trip to France.

In the meantime some ducks came to the vicinity of the boat but when we approached they ran away, and it was clear that they were not used to humans. Forgive me for bringing up the canals in England again and again, but there the Queen's swans are everywhere, and large flocks of ducks and geese come close to the boats and enjoy any food that is thrown at them. A little bread or vegetable encourages them to crowd and come close to the hand of the feeders. It seems that there are seventy ducks in the Brier Canal. The water of the canal is not clear and full of plants and probably also many foods that are suitable for food for these winged animals, and although the closeness of the water makes it difficult to navigate it is probably good for the ducks.

Fresh vegetable market from the village

Sail on to Monarjis. The pace of sailing in the canals is slow. Now we are at a high speed of 10 km/h, but on a normal day it can be 5 or 6 km/h as well. We arrive in the evening, just before everything closes, look for a grocery store and find Sapar, a small supermarket from a chain, and fill in the gaps. I go to the kitchen to prepare dinner, and like average Israelis the meal is with lots of vegetables and salads, beer, cold wine, fragrant cheeses and black coffee. Tonight we are making Schnitzel. Not cordon bleu like the French or Swiss way, because some friends don't like the cheese in the chicken, so just schnitzel and rice with vegetables. After a day of sailing, it's a real meal for kings. When you sit down to eat there is still daylight because the sunset is late. The cool night sends us to close the boat and turn on the heating.

Fresh vegetable market from the village - a boat trip in the Loire valley (photo: Tami Goldstein)
Fresh vegetable market from the village - a boat trip in the Loire valley (photo: Tami Goldstein)

Another night on the boat, and the mattress already feels comfortable, the blanket is enough and the soft pillows delight the back of your neck.

When the morning begins to peek through the windows, a new day begins. Fill up with water, charge the batteries with electricity from the shore, and get ready to sail to Stilion Coligny, a town from the 14th century that still has fortifications and antiquities, along with industry and shopping centers, a river that runs through it and two canals.

Docking in the place is particularly pleasant. For 2 euros you can get into a spacious shower - unlike the shower on a boat, the internet is unstable but free for an hour and the people are welcoming. Less than a kilometer from the anchorage is the Friday market, where vegetable stalls straight from the village are set up every week. Everything smells fresh and appetizing. At the nearby stand you can find spice pots - the kind that people place on balconies and on the decks of boats, and then the cheese stands as you can only find and smell them in France. Among them are chickens, fruits and all this goodness is offered for sale calmly and without the shouting that characterizes the market in Israel.

There is no "only today" there is no "two for the price of one", all with kindness and thanks. A real pleasure. Like the great chefs who walk around the market in the morning and collect the fresh products for their restaurant, so we also walked around, examining and choosing the best in our eyes.

Next to all these is a huge store of second-hand products, things that have been handed over and are sold for small amounts, donation money to one of the churches for the children. mischievous Antique cabinets, chests like pirates', dishes, clothes, things for brides and toys for children. Everything is clean and tidy, and wandering among the old objects reminds of the old days, childhood and the grandparents' house with the crystal glasses in the glass cabinets. What was once a treasure is sold here for 2-3 euros and everyone is happy.

We pack peace to take home

After coffee with a fragrant cheese triangle, it's back to the boat to prepare lunch, a stew of fresh vegetables just brought from the market, together with handmade pasta and good French wine. You can say that after hearing that wine and beer reduce the chance of dementia and are good for blood purification, we allow ourselves beers and wine every day.

The beers here come in different alcohol percentages, between 4 and 7, and the wine in different shades and depths, dry, fruity or semi-sweet. On the way, we pack some peace to take home, we say hello, we send the calm energy and the local charm to Israel, hoping that it will be good, that everyone will return home safely. Tomorrow we will start the return voyage, two more days in the canals and then to Paris, so that by the middle of the week we will be back in Israel, carrying the French experience in the sack of good memories, and planning the next voyage.
where? Holland, Germany, maybe England again.
Another vision for the time...

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Tammy Goldstein
Tammy Goldstein
Caller, Hilarit, a spiritual teacher specializing in personal and couple holistic counseling and energy therapy to balance the body and emotions, with over 20 years of experience

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  1. Glad for you that you equipped yourself with experiences with good taste after the cruise. For us a few years ago the cruise in France was already a nightmare. A boring route. There was nothing in it and even less than that because there was nowhere to park during the day. The vegetation reached the river with no mooring areas at all. A boat that you constantly have to work on. Terrible toilets and together with a shower. 34 degrees there is nowhere to run and of course without air conditioning. We returned it after 4 days instead of after a week. And it cost the cashier money. What for one is poetry for another is a nightmare.

  2. With the beauty and splendor and the desire to enjoy a pampering vacation, why support "friendly" countries that harm the State of Israel

  3. A hypocritical country that for hundreds of years created colonialism and wars all over the world to finance the palaces and stupid aristocracy and is now hypocritical under the fear of the North African occupation.

  4. River cruise in France, an unforgettable experience. Not cheap but very worth it. Brother, the longing for peace, quiet and the special atmosphere.

  5. I have made many visits to this place Tami. Indeed this place is amazing. We pack peace to take home Tami. Shalom Shalom to the surfers of Chai here on the Nega website

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