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Haifa on the world map with the first plane of "Air Haifa"

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The old building on the quiet street in Carmel • Return the crown to the old one

Yeshiva Tefarat Carmel

This week (9-13/6/24) I was passing through the quiet Hatshebi Street on the Carmel in Haifa, which is located along Wadi Lotem, and I passed by an old and impressive building at 92 Hatshebi Street (opposite Iris Street) that used to be used by the "Tefarat Carmel yeshiva". It is a three-story building, which at the time housed a barracks residence with a kitchen, a dining room and, of course, a synagogue.

92 Hatshebi St. Haifa (Photo: Sabrina De Rita)

The original building was designed before the 40s and its extension was designed in the 50s by the architect Avraham Sloves (who at the time studied at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture). To this day you can see the eclectic style of the building, a sort of combination of modern and conservative. The studies at this yeshiva began in 1960 (from: Hatzaf 27/11/1960 p. 4; 'The building of the Tefarat HaCarmel Yeshiva was inaugurated'. Hatzaf 16/12/1960 p. 9).

92 Hatshebi St. Haifa (Photo: Sabrina De Rita)

The head of the yeshiva and its founder was Rabbi Haim Dov Meir Robman (1895-1967), a trainee of the "Talmud Torah" in Kelam who previously served as the head of the "Or Torah" yeshiva in Vilkomir, Lithuania.

92 Hatshebi St. Haifa (Photo: Sabrina De Rita)

Is there still glory here?

The building and the surrounding lot currently belong to the Gerdinger family (the Gerdinger family is one of the owners of theaters in Israel)

According to a plan from 2011, the building was supposed to be converted into a residential building. Today the building is surrounded by a partially destroyed white tin fence, its windows are smashed and pigeons come and go inside the abandoned and neglected building. There are graffiti on the outside walls. Too bad it's not a building for conservation. Is it not possible to return a crown to the old one?

92 Hatshebi St. Haifa (Photo: Sabrina De Rita)

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Sabrina de Rita
Sabrina de Rita
Photographer, multidisciplinary artist from Haifa

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30 תגובות

  1. There is a lack of housing for young people in the center of Carmel
    I propose to build a residence there for young people, it is possible to make 50 apartments in such a lot in the project
    Rent to young people and let young people also live in expensive neighborhoods in Carmel.
    It's time to stop the city of the elderly and the rule of the gerontocracy.
    My suggestion is that the municipality act proactively to convince entrepreneurs in Carmel to build apartments for rent
    for young people within the governmental company "Dirah HaKhir" and allow them to increase building rights
    Only if they are established as part of a lease for 15-20 years to stop the escape of young people from Haifa.

  2. The Gerdinger family is one of the richest families in Israel
    Israel Gerdinger knows that God is forbidden
    actually destroy a synagogue.
    Rabbi Yigal Pizm Ali, peace be upon him
    He explained to him that according to the Halacha
    Such destruction is forbidden
    And I'm glad they succeeded
    prevent the destruction of the building.
    And they better invest and open
    the existing place
    Now and will be a symbol of investment
    Right in Haifa!

  3. Sabrina has the ability to find things that are around us and we don't see but she sees, researches and sheds light on historical things that most people don't pay attention to. Thank you Sabrina

  4. Even if they renovate and arrange the seating area, it's fine.
    A residential building will bring in taxes for the landowners and the municipality and the state. And it will jam the street dwellers with added parking problems and an additional load on the infrastructures that are already under pressure.

  5. I will add from past experience.
    The place can be converted into a "safe for youth" club. The abandoned synagogue gave us a large space of freedom to be boys and girls to jump, dance, sing, have soulful conversations and also a place to spend the night where it is less suitable to return home. An empowering time in my life, thanks for the reminder.

  6. It seems that renovation is more expensive than new construction whether for residences or for a community center in a style that suits the Carmel center. One way or another it is better to destroy because there is no reason to preserve alte zakhän.

  7. I would be happy if the municipality would renovate the "Mainz House" which serves as a cultural center for senior citizens. There used to be a library that burned down downstairs. I call the neglected and forgotten building "the shame of the municipality of Haifa". Until when will we pass by and see the crumbling walls, the soot and the desolation. Heartbroken.

  8. Shame and disgrace, what is interesting in this generation is only money, and more money, to preserve values, it is out of bounds,
    They want to restore a minaret in a mosque in the lower city and that's fine, there are no opponents, and there are no buyers for the purpose of building a residential tower.
    Where did we get to???
    wake up
    We Jews also have a religion, there are yeshivas, there are synagogues, there are public buildings for the religious population.
    The time has come to know how to respect the religious.
    Those who have free love, and are not greedy for money.
    Our brothers from the left and the right unite and pay respect to the buildings that were once the heritage of the Jewish people,
    And just the fact that we are Jews, we ask for our sisters, and we ask for our brides.
    7.10.23 was not enough? Didn't the token fall?

    • Is the money you stole and you continue to steal from the secular not enough? What values ​​do you have? Judaism does not belong to the religious

    • Why aren't many houses in Haifa renovated and handed over to developers to clear and build and change the face of the city? Why???

  9. According to the new neighbors in the area - it is definitely worth turning into a church.
    The wing where the nuns live will probably be very popular.

  10. What should be preserved here?
    It's not an architectural gem, just an ugly building.
    The past is not something either.
    Abrakh residence is part of the heritage of the city or neighborhood.

    • Also the Palace Cinema with the retractable roof was an ugly building? And also the Bauhaus-style building at 22 Halutz Street that was taken down not long ago?

    • I agree with you. A new building is better than renovating an abandoned building. Haifa casino story for those who know.

    • There are many anti-Semitic racists in Haifa, unfortunately
      A city of goofs who prefer to forget where they came from
      hate themselves and their religion

  11. The face of the building is like the face of Haifa
    A traditional population that leaves for the satellite cities (and it is the older population that remains mostly secular and learns about religion and the ultra-orthodox through the eyes of the divisive media) and that which enters both from the villages and cities of the Galilee and natives of families from the mixed neighborhoods that upgrade and move all over the city.
    And the city that is changing its face like the cities in Europe where the minority is slowly becoming vocal and influencing politics and local life as well.
    The structure is reminiscent of the Nahemithological School on Neviyim Street in Hadar, which was built at the beginning of the last century and was also neglected, among other things, due to demographic change after decades of neglect, and with funding from donations, it is supposed to be restored and return to little activity thanks to good people.
    I wish this building would also be restored to its original purpose and the city in general would return to its beautiful days.

  12. Mitzna approved to demolish the building and build a multi-apartment residence. The surrounding residents, with the help of the Carmel Public Forum, managed to prevent the megalomaniacal planning, the developer abandoned the plan and waits for better days

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