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The abductees will be released only after the left comes to power • Uri Lev's opinion

Sometimes reality slaps me in the face, and I see the truth...

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The abductees will be released only after the left comes to power • Uri Lev's opinion

Sometimes reality slaps me in the face, and I see the truth... the abductees will be released only after the left's decision in the next election.

A conference in Haifa to support the families of the abductees and call for the return of the abductees home (Photo: Yael Horowitz)
A conference in Haifa to support the families of the abductees and call for the return of the abductees home (Photo: Yael Horowitz)

The reason for this is that Hamas and the government disagree on one simple matter - who will rule Gaza the day after, when Hamas refuses to accept any outline, which will not declare first and foremost the cessation of hostilities, and exit from the Strip. Which means, that they will not release hostages if he does not return to control Gaza.

Complying means canceling all Operation Iron Swords achievements

If the Israeli government had even a shred of agreement to allow the continuation of Hamas rule in Gaza, a deal would have already been signed. But, compliance means canceling all the achievements of Operation Iron Swords, as if the operation had never happened, and therefore there is no chance that the government will admit to its one critical mistake, which is called the seventh of October, which triggered this unnecessary war, which the government justifies by shuffling the lack of a clear goal, and by not making a statement on the government in Gaza the day after.

A conference in Haifa to support the families of the abductees and call for the return of the abductees home (Photo: Yael Horowitz)
A conference in Haifa to support the families of the abductees and call for the return of the abductees home (Photo: Yael Horowitz)

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53 תגובות

  1. רק מיגור טרור השמאל יביא למיגור טרור האויב
    כי הם משתפים פעולה משני צידי המתרס נגד המדינה שלנו.
    מתוך האקדמיה.
    מתוך המשפט.
    מתוך הכנסת.
    מתוך התקשורת.
    מתוך בתי הספר.
    את פעילות הטרור האוטו-אנטישמי שלהם אנחנו רואים כולנו.
    ועד שלא נמגר אותם ימשיכו החטיפות הטרור המדיני הצבאי התקשורתי המשפטי
    של אסון אוסלו שהביאו עלינו.

  2. With all the pain and sorrow for the fate of the abductees, the fate of the country, its security and future are more important. The families of the abductees, just like the Shalit family at the time, are ready to sacrifice "everything" and "now" for the sake of the abductees, and Netanyahu, no matter what the reasons, is not willing to give that. And he will praise him. And all this regardless of the fact that he is one of those responsible and there are a thousand other reasons why he must be removed. And being accused of false accusations only pushes leftists like me into the arms of the right.

  3. When will you realize that the release of the abductees depends only on the will of only one person, his name is Yahya Sinwar, the abductees are his life insurance certificate, what do you think that if there is a prime minister from the left then he will serve the abductees on a silver platter? Enough with the naivety and stop looking for reasons to collapse the government and on October 7th everyone is equally guilty, first of all the intelligence that did not warn even though he received testimony of her life from the observers and the Shin Bet, as well as the prime minister and the multiple demonstrations of the left before the cursed Shabbat that kept the security forces busy 24/7 everyone is guilty and everyone We must be held accountable and bear the consequences!!!

  4. Indeed, the left, if God forbid comes to power, will bring about the release of the kidnapped.
    The price will be the establishment of the Hamas-Taliban state with the help of Israel's infrastructure and our transformation into the slave pool of Islam.
    In other words - the end of Zionism and the state

  5. The stupidity of the left, to demand a deal at any price that will only promote the next kidnapping, which is actually a replay of the Shalit deal (which, by the way, the Netanyahu government - the right - did after 3 years in which Olmert and the left abandoned him in captivity).
    The freedmen of Shalit, including Sinwar, are the hitmen and kidnappers in this round, and the freedmen of this round will be the hitmen and kidnappers - maybe yours or your relatives - if this round also "pays off" for Hamas and it stays in power and accepts deals and restores its capabilities, just as the left fled in the Second Lebanon War and left Hezbollah to quickly rehabilitate itself from the south to the litany, and the results are now clear to everyone.
    The left = loss of path since Oslo, and concealing the collapse of their path by blaming the right-wing governments, which are forced to absorb the waves of terrorist attacks, wars, massacres created by the left in escaping from Gaza and establishing the Palestinian Authority, which is the other arm that also manages international legal terrorism

  6. Washing words. According to you, the kidnapped (the 50 who may still be alive) will be released at the price of the establishment of the Hamas-Taliban state in Israel and the elimination of the Jewish state.
    Forget about it. The people went far far to the right in every constellation

  7. All those who wrote that the left is to blame for all the country's ills are people who have not matured.
    They are like those people who blame their parents for everything.
    Furthermore, most of them do not know the difference between political left and right.
    They adore their "shepherd" so much that they follow him...even to the slaughterhouse.

    • You prefer the establishment of a Hamas-Taliban state within Israel and the elimination of the Jewish state. You are a minority that we will purge from among us

  8. God forbid, the rise of left-wing government is the end of the country, God forbid, you are the disaster of the country!!!!!! There will be no dictatorship of the left!!!!! Sinuar scum does not count you, you are too lazy!!!!

  9. The disaster of October 7th could have been easily avoided if the senior officials of the security system and the chief of staff at their head had done the minimum required and sent several planes on time and not exposed the citizens to the Hamas terrorists for 8 hours without protection.
    This is criminal behavior both militarily and in terms of the image of the 'strongest army in the region' that kept the country in a hostile area.
    This is irresponsible behavior that puts the existence of the country in question.
    The holding of the security system seniors on the horns of the altar and the continuation of their poor performance together with the arrogance above the political level at the level of rebellion does not bode well.

  10. Your reaction is harsh and disrespectful of what is happening in the country and that our soldiers, the heroes, are being killed and fighting for the defense of the homeland, this is not the time to make statements that are constantly being watched and your article only strengthens them against us, the hand is light on the keyboard and the heavy disaster behind it

  11. This is the dream of the crazy left. To come to power at any cost, even by selling the country, and we have already seen that. Keep dreaming only at the end of the term there will be elections even if you stand on your hind legs, not before that, besides, you were supposed to turn the country upside down if the right comes to power, not only that if you leave, you will destroy Every part is good

  12. It's just a rumor. Apparently not all the old men who voted for the left have died yet, and there are probably some other kibbutzniks who survived the massacre in October who vote for him. But there is no more fear, the old men are going to die, the kibbutzniks don't have children because they are busy using naps, so they too will disappear, so such headlines will not come true

  13. are right
    Let's bring back Ehud Barak, who ran away from Gaza like he ran away from Lebanon and came to Zion Goel.
    In the next step, after we leave Gaza, we can invest the forces in the north (the Haifa line to the north) ..
    Then Barak will run away from there too.
    Not bad. We always have tel aviv..


    This is not a matter of left or right.

    There are illogical power struggles between powerful groups.

    Only in this do we invest our efforts, instead of preparing for the difficult years that lie ahead of us, militarily, socially, economically. Dealing with nonsense and internal fights that only bring us into greater danger.

    All, but our entire country must come to its senses.
    to sit together and come to a work plan that will restore all the worn out systems of the country.
    Then multiply as much as you want with each other.

    Now is the time to compromise, to compromise, to reach agreements, to make sure that we will have a country left to fight over the day after.

    Otherwise, as they said before, the latter will turn off the light.

  14. One thing is clear to everyone...October 7th happened only because of the leftist government...they violated entry to the territories of Gaza and let October 7th happen..
    So that there won't be a left wing and that's clear to everyone..
    A left-wing government is equivalent to a Hamas government and that will not happen...
    Allow the abductees to pursue Nasrallah and all the supporters of terrorism of any kind even if they are among us...

  15. Orli Bar Lev is invited to put her feet up and find who will rule Gaza the day after. Victory is not an empty word, it is a word at the end of which should come an unequivocal and clear promise that it will not happen again. In the meantime, all those who told us repeatedly that "next time we will dismantle Hamas" are sitting in the left camp. Without removing responsibility from Netanyahu, who in the past also succumbed to the concept or used it to his advantage. What Brev Lev suggests is to go back to 6/10. Exactly to that point. Go put pressure on the UN, on Qatar, on Biden, instead of dividing our people to take down Netanyahu. You're tired.
    *The author points to Yesh Atid and is a former Kahlil.

  16. The left lives in the movie! The dreams are too wet. What would we do if Hamas returns to control Gaza? We decide on ourselves the next 7/10. Left of passwords and failures of actions 0 and if there were such I would throw trouble, we got it!

  17. It's just as clear as Lapid's maritime border agreement that kept us years away from a conflict with Hezbollah, this is how you will return the abducted. What's more, the fact that you will never be in power again is strictly forbidden.

  18. The question is whether this is also what Yahya Sinwar and Hassan Nasrallah think.
    Cooperate with them. Maybe it will work for you.

  19. Only a great ignoramus has not read the Palestinian treaty that contains 31 clauses 5 calling for the destruction of Israel, the last clause forbids changing a single letter of the treaty

  20. The kidnapped will only be released when we release them by force. The Hams will not give up his cards at any cost. Don't be useful laymen.

  21. The extreme left is delusional.
    What's the wonder that Labor barely entered the Knesset and Meretz has already disappeared from the political map?
    I wouldn't be surprised if they team up with Ream in Balad and New in the elections.

  22. I do not know and know who you are Uri Lev and why your opinion is published here.
    Moreover, I do not know what you are basing your opinion on.
    On what is your assertion that the gap between Israel and Hamas is based on who will rule Gaza the day after.
    It has not been published by any official body.
    I haven't heard that there are jumps in the international community about an alternative government.
    Hamas wants to continue to rule Gaza.
    Israel refuses.
    The logic of your position is that if the left comes to power then it will allow the continuation of Hamas rule..
    It seems to me that there are those among us who are their own worst enemies

  23. What will you not do or say for the left to come to power, shame on you for using the abductees and their families, all the demonstrations and division you caused are the cause of the October massacre, looking for culprits outside instead of looking in the mirror, Gantz fact, see a crisis, run away instead of solving it. You protested against the reform, how could you not? So that the courts will continue to be run by you out of fear that they will discover your actions that are against the law, I'm tired of you closing our roads while we're on our way to work, you don't consider anyone, you only see your people, why not if you're assigned to work in demonstrations every day, because it's people Simple people like us who get up in the morning want to work in order to earn a pound of bread with dignity

    • For them, all kinds of inferior people stole the country from them.

      They must win her back and she is what.
      All options are on the table.
      If it is not possible in a democratic way, we try other ways. sad.

  24. Mr. Uri, you did not understand what happened on 7/10. You didn't understand that Hamas and all Arabs are against every Jew
    Even from those who were leftists. Wake up everyone who lives in Gaza, many of them are the ones who took care of the material for medical treatments in our hospitals. Statistically it has been proven that most of the murdered are actually from the left because the majority of those surrounding Gaza were settlements where all the leftist governments since the six days came to settle in the settlements we conquered. This is how governments behaved, they behaved with force and not with examinations and taking them into account. They were harsh in all the customs, especially Ben-Gurion. Rabin and Golda. It was Peres who led the peace together with Americans. Rabin was afraid of not believing so much and with the help of the Americans pressed for an Oslo meeting. He brought us everything we went through. I believe that Rabin was afraid that everything was going to work against us. Worked on him because the Irish of the meeting started terrorist attacks. And they also discovered in the car of Arafat that he was transporting terrorists in his car. So the left established the settlements and believed that they were the protector and so it really was.

  25. The riots and hatred of a part of the people for the elected government are what caused Hamas to take advantage of a loophole and attack
    You don't understand how well they read us
    Continue the demonstrations in Kaplan and it will lead to the destruction of the house

  26. Only one essential correction - if the most senior leaders of the IDF and the Shin Bet had properly fulfilled their role and prepared accordingly, this terrible war would not have started as it did and it might have ended with good defense, successful containment and increased deterrence.
    It has nothing to do with the right-wing or left-wing government, of course the responsibility lies with those it happened on their watch.

    • True, but what has been done cannot be undone.
      The Hams will not give up his cards now, if he has anything to play with at all.

    • Then instead of 7.10 we would have a multi-arena war at the same time from at least 4 arenas.
      And the readiness of the army would have remained as it was on 7.10
      Which means with a high degree of probability - the destruction of the State of Israel.
      Exactly according to the plan of the Iranians.
      Unfortunately for us, we were surprised and paid an unbearable price on 7.10. This was a wake-up call that I hope we will wake up from.

  27. Hahahahaha you made me laugh, you leftists, you yourselves are enemies of the state, you will sell us all to say here we did it, you will not be in the government, you are just a dream

  28. What is written here says prepare for the next massacre because when the left is in control the murderers will come in again and kill in cold blood in short order the left will bring down the state of Israel and its inhabitants from the face of the earth this will be a final holocaust for the Jews this is the interpretation of the one who wrote this horror

  29. The abductees should all return home without having anything to do with the left or the right.
    Every government in office has an obligation to take care of all the citizens of the State of Israel, wherever they are.
    Factually, as of today, 120 members of the Knesset elected by the people have all failed in the task of October 7.10.2023, XNUMX

  30. In the scale of values, Aini sees no precedence or priority for abductees over soldiers. Every soldier who falls is a whole world who fought or fell in service and for the people and the country.
    A people who are educated to weakness through sensitivity and stupidity, is a people without a future.

  31. Ahhh, simple.
    It is simply a simple question of who will simply rule Gaza simply. How simple. very simple. How did we not realize this before?
    It's enough to write nonsense and nonsense, but why does he have to write it in the newspaper?

  32. I can't believe what I'm reading.
    1. It's a matter of left or right, we are in a real existential war, the other side will learn lessons, understand that we are defeated and not determined and next time will not repeat the mistakes of the past.
    A. The arenas merged
    B. There will be many more kidnapped.
    third. Territories will be conquered

    2. The kidnappers should be returned at any cost, but without declaring surrender even at a heavy political cost, continue the pressure on Gaza.

    3. There will be no escape, it is only a matter of time until public opinion matures to accept the news that we will have to establish a military government in Gaza for at least a few years, etc. It will cost us dearly.

    4. This is just the beginning where the Northern Agreement will not restore the security that you have to go to sleep 500 meters away from Radovan

  33. I don't understand... You are in favor of keeping Hamas in power, just because the government is solely responsible for what happened on 7.10/XNUMX. Are you proposing to give up on Hamas and leave it under Gaza's control? The goal is to release hostages? And this goal is indeed the highest! Is it at the cost of the existence of the State of Israel that we have a home? Is it at a heavy price that we have already paid in the Holocaust and the casualties of the IDF from this war and many others?

  34. Alas if the left is in power. They would quietly bring the army back from Gaza. And so Sinouar won that he will remain in power and kill Hamas and in two years' time there will be a big war from today because the Iranians planned to fight against us from the south and the north and together at once give us a crushing blow. The Iranians may have an atom. This is the world war. Just not good, quite fed up. All the destruction that the people of Israel went through the destruction of the first and second temple and we were almost expected to destroy the third temple again also because of the protest demonstrations in Kaplan. The leftists encouraged the rebellion to go out and demonstrate, there were actually tens of thousands. The war on 7/10 we suffered a blow that made us wake up to what was going to happen to Israel and the majority of the people woke up. Luckily, only with the help of the waverings of the majority of the people for now we were saved from the end. But let's not listen and be urban because they want a state in Israel and not a state by our side.

    • The question is what is "left". Today there is no left in Israel - therefore all these intimidations about "what will happen if the left rules" are irrelevant. The "left" that ruled here for about a year included Ayelet Shaked and Bennett - who led the religious right to remind you. Included Lieberman which is very funny to hear that he is a leftist... in short - just scaremongering. There is no left. This persecuted minority, which did not even pass the percentage of blocking in the last elections - is a bunch of ridiculous rattlers that no one counts. In short - you don't need to be afraid of them. We need to think about what is good for our country. Because in the last eight months we have seen what Ben Gabir and Smotrich and Bibi have brought upon us - apparently the racist right [Ben Gabir] the Messianic [Smotrich] or the coward [Bibi] is not the solution, and now we have to think about what is and not only what is not...

  35. Of course, then not only did we lose and lose deterrence, the next 7/10 will come again and this time in a bigger way and from all directions. Woe to us who live in Holland

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