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Huge signs with Prof. Nadira Shalhoub-Kiborkian's quote: "It's time to abolish Zionism" • Students denounce terrorism in the academy

A sign was hung at the Matam in Haifa that includes a quote from a lecturer from the Hebrew University. The sign is part of a campaign by the National Student Union, which calls for the removal of terrorism from the academy. The sign includes a quote from Prof. Nadira Shalhoub-Kiborkian, a lecturer at the Hebrew University, who said: "It is time to cancel the Zionism." Along with the sign in Haifa, signs were also hung on Ayalon routes in Tel Aviv. In April 2024, Prof. Shalhoub-Kivorkian was detained for questioning following several statements and was released.

The student union was not satisfied with hanging signs and is trying to pass a bill together with the chairman of the opposition, MK Ofir Katz, to remove terrorism from the academy. The bill was signed by representatives of the coalition and opposition factions.

The bill

According to the bill, an academic institution will be obliged to fire a lecturer, teaching staff or researcher, if he expresses himself or acts in the following ways:

  • Denying the existence of the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.
  • ⁠Incitement to terrorism.
  • ⁠Supporting a terrorist organization; Support for an armed struggle or an act of terrorism, of an enemy state, of a terrorist organization or of individuals against the State of Israel.

A lecturer who is fired as a result of these things will not be entitled to severance pay and support from the institution. In addition, an institution that does not fire a lecturer according to the provisions of this law, will be denied budgets by the Council for Higher Education.

In addition to Prof. Nadira Shalhoub-Kiborkian's statement, the signs also include the statements of Dr. Anat Matar from Tel Aviv University, who said of the terrorist Walid Deka: "Beloved and a source of inspiration," and even said "This is what a disease looks like" on the Israeli flags on campus.

The chairman of the coalition MK Ofir Katz said in response:

We will not allow terrorism to take over the academy of the State of Israel under the guise of "freedom of speech", we will not allow the statements supporting terrorism, and the spirit behind activity against Israel, the time has come to fight terrorism in the academy, and I am committed to it.

The Committee of Heads of Research Universities: This is a campaign of persecution and incitement against faculty members

The Board of Heads of Research Universities (RA) comes out against the campaign of the National Student Association: "We express our disgust and defend in every way the billboard campaign of the National Student Association. Under the guise of a "war on terror" a campaign of persecution and incitement is being conducted against faculty members, which may, God forbid, release Daman. It is inconceivable that a campaign funded by student funds will encourage discrimination and violence. It should be emphasized that we strongly condemn any manifestation of support for violence, of any kind, and call on the student union to act responsibly and remove the campaign immediately. Such campaigns are dangerous and wrong in their essence, and have no place, especially in the current public atmosphere."

The chairman of the National Union of Male and Female Students, Elhanan Fellheimer, said:

Since the war broke out on Black Saturday, we have witnessed shocking cases in which faculty members and students openly support terrorism and disparage the IDF and the symbols of Israel. We will not allow this to continue any longer! We will work hard and by all means to stop this wild and despicable incitement. But it is a crime that is punishable by expulsion from the academy. Terrorism in the academy must be put to an end and it must be made clear once and for all - there is no place for supporters of terrorism in the higher education system of the State of Israel.

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Michal Grover
Michal Grover
Michal Grover Education reporter • Real estate • Company Contact: 054-4423911 Mail to the container: [email protected]

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48 תגובות

  1. Burn down the Hebrew University that employs this terrorist and immediately fire the management that supported the terrorist supporter. Zionism will remain and Islam will move to Gaza.

  2. It all starts with those who stand in Horev and Kaplan and demonstrate against the government. The enemy sees and says come on, you can do what you want here.

  3. Well done to the students.
    The time has come for the heads of the universities to fire the haters of the State of Israel and the lovers of terrorism.
    Supporting our enemies is not freedom of speech but calling for the destruction of the country.
    The place of these lecturers is in prison or in Gaza.

  4. These are not academics
    They use freedom of speech as a tool to use against the state
    The student organizations will continue their struggle to remove the Israeli refugees from the academy
    The people are with you

  5. think nothing of!
    You are the generation of victory and resurrection.
    This is the swan song of the Kors generation under its own moral corruption.
    Close your ears and lead for the sake of your child and the future of all of us.
    Our children, we raised and educated you for these days.

  6. Get the scum out of our lives. The defending democracy has enough reasons to arrest, judge and imprison the supporters of terrorism for a long time. There is no doubt that given the opportunity, even the intellectuals, will dip their hands in the blood of Israelis.

  7. Zionism lived for 3500 years, I had a temple and a successful country. Since then, all the powers that harassed the people of Israel have disappeared, so will our current haters. Shalhoub is taking advantage of our democracy. All Muslim countries are dictatorial and scoff at civil rights. Shalhoub and her fans, put it in your head, the land of Israel was given to the people of Israel 3500 years ago, when Shalhoub's ancestors worshiped idols
    and grazed sheep. in the desert

  8. We, the Jewish and Zionist citizens of the State of Israel, express disgust at the statements of anti-Semitic lecturers and are shocked by the support they receive from the heads of the universities. You can find education at the university. But definitely not common sense.

  9. Excellent !!!! We fight terrorism from home and abroad!!!!!
    good luck !!! Israel Lives !!!!
    Those who don't like him should move to teach in universities outside of Jordan!!! Let's see what freedom of expression he will have.

  10. It's time to uproot the rot in the academy and inject young, new blood. I'm tired of asking how it is possible to finance and support Israel's enemies in Ashdmia like elsewhere. By the way, democracy is only for those who believe in democracy. Show me a democratic Arab body or state on the globe, they use fools to eliminate democracy

  11. The heads of the university committees, a bunch of delusional white hypocrites, are giving a platform to this terrorist supporter. Students, keep going, in the end we will also defeat Begetz, who was ordered on the terms of a mitzvah to explain why the "deceased" and the born of Daka are the terrorist. It would be interesting if one of your children was murdered by him, he was also the deceased

  12. You are so right, dear and innocent students. The board of heads of universities in Israel approves and accepts any deviation under the pretext of academic freedom. Of course the High Court will also reject the law. The general public supports you but the decision-making elite is against you.

  13. It's freedom of speech, isn't it? Or that the freedom of expression that expresses hatred for Judaism and Zionism, which was a mandate for the establishment of the state, is considered fine
    The accusations of hypocrisy and more from universities??? How precisely from the most educated comes hatred and arrogance.
    Ignorance to hear
    where we got

  14. Together or not together, we must defeat Zionism, and why is that? Until we defeat Zionism, it will continue to exist only together with the carnage and destruction that are inseparable from it. There are those who dare to blame Hamas mainly for this. Those who have accusations of this kind, not only that they fall into Zionist traps, they also support its murders and ruins. And to put an end to all this, means to put an end to Zionism and those who beat it, such as Washington as an American unit and Luxenburg and Berlin as a European Union. And there is more - don't forget the British and Canadians for example.
    Angelo Aiden

  15. We are a small country surrounded by enemies who want to destroy us! To rape, slaughter and slaughter our children!!! We do not have the privilege to allow voices that call for our destruction from within!!! We are here a nature reserve for Jews, designed to protect the Jewish people who were persecuted and slaughtered for thousands of years!!! Those who support the destruction of this nature reserve cannot live in it, receive a salary from it and act as if everything is normal! You cannot be part of a factory that you are working to eliminate!!! Supporting the enemies of the state is called treason and is illegal in any enlightened country. So with us?!? In this small and fragile place?!?

  16. No one denounces the instigators on the right and the ultra-Orthodox, no one calls for the jailing of the exploitative bloodsuckers who feed on the blood of our soldiers who protect them. Billions that are scrounging at the hands of idlers who destroy our neighbor.
    If it comes out at 7000 then on everyone. No hypocrisy, no personal interest. Only national interest.
    What harms the national interest the most today are the leeches from the ultra-orthodox direction who are being educated to exploit the state for zero return at our expense.
    They are also for deportation, starvation, prison or the army and work.
    Don't be hypocritical right-wing people in disguise.

    • Also true. We will take care of them too. It starts with stopping all budgets for the ultra-Orthodox leeches. It's good that there is Begat to do this because the destruction government does not dare. Without sucking our blood the haredi leech will shrink to its natural size.

  17. There is something strange in our country. Police are sent to the home of a young resident of Majd al-Khrum who liked an anti-Israel article or wrote some nasty comment supporting terrorism. What can you expect from a young man or woman from the Arab sector? But when it comes to the supporters of terrorism in the Israeli academy, about people who have reached senior positions as lecturers or researchers - suddenly they talk about the persecution of faculty members, about the principle of freedom of expression and the values ​​of democracy. And what about involving the police or firing? Hypocrisy at its best. A young student who made a like is less interesting to me, a lecturer who insults the honor of the country - Jewish or Arab - should just fly away. It is not justified for students to pay of their own money to own it.

  18. Well done to the student union. The time has come to define the concept of freedom of expression. Even in a democratic country, freedom of expression is not the freedom to criticize the State of Israel

  19. It didn't surprise me personally, I know who lives in Haifa and what kind of human material studies at the university and who gives them power from home (Kaplanists and those who stand in the holocaust) Bottom line Kahana Tzedek Transfer now.

  20. Those who planted and those who received payment for the advertising space and together with the depravity who flaunts academic feathers - all should be arrested immediately. Israeli squatters and a fifth brother-in-law should lose all their rights immediately

  21. Giant inhale!
    Students with national honor, real Israelis!
    Where can I please donate to the continuation of the campaign?
    Could you please provide a bank account or a link to the crowdfunding page?

  22. A kind word this time and positive feedback to the live system here and also to the reporter Ms. Grover for the article and raising awareness.
    Haifa (and no other city in Israel) must not be allowed to allow the dangerous processes that are happening in Europe and also as we see on campuses in the USA that the Palestinians violated step by step create a violent and false reality and change public opinion and the locals are slowly becoming afraid and ashamed of their religion and their connection to Israel.
    The Palestinian enemy should be persecuted in all legal ways and not allowed any legitimacy.

  23. The bill is debunked.
    This only shows how scared the legislator is in front of a judicial system that itself must be reformed, disconnected and without deterrence.
    All the servitudes listed and will only be required to fire him/her?
    What are you kidding? These are offenses that the legislature must equate to a first degree crime and the courts accordingly will be required to impose a minimum of life imprisonment.

  24. Only the fascist mollusks of the Likud Center (Student Union) can promote a course of denouncing the Israeli academy and eliminating the future of the students themselves...
    In Italy, the fascism of the students did not end well, just saying...

    • It is my understanding that they are not condemning the academy, nor the statements of its members, only violent statements or those that incite violence or support violence.
      This quote is not good, no matter how you look at it... imagine if they quoted someone saying "it's time to abolish Palestinianism" or "it's time to abolish the right to exist of population x" - wouldn't you want such a person removed from academia and a position of influence on young minds?
      Extremism is almost always something to avoid, even if it feels extreme to us "for the better"

  25. Haifa University = Harfa University
    Academic certificates for Hamas supporters who glorified the 7-10 massacre
    Dozens of lecturers immediately sign a petition in their favor after being suspended.
    University of Contempt and Shame,
    Including all the silent workers who put up the Israeli flag and yellow ribbons
    But they remain silent when the institution where they work employs and retains Hamas supporters.

  26. Finally righteous people in all of Sodom and Gomorrah in the universities. Well done 👏👏👏 to kick them out of there and not give them a living

  27. The claim of violation of academic freedom is likened to a passenger who wants to board a train with an explosive device on the grounds that the train is public transportation and everyone must be allowed to ride.

  28. Sometimes students take their lecturer as a "Torah from Sinai" and interests and the latter acquires their trust, this is fine for the professionalism of the faculty where they study, but when a lecturer enters politics and makes his voice heard, the same students force you to accept his teachings, this is incitement!!! And don't spit into the well you drink from.
    Kudos to the student chairman for his work, the academy should stay for academic studies and strive for a better and more successful future. There are opinions and there is respect, the question is how to express them. Any political activity after graduation!
    You will keep the opinions of incitement and resentment on my part in your stomach.

  29. Anti-Semitism and contempt of state symbols must leave the field of academia!!!

    How do we do this without shooting ourselves in the foot?

    In the future, the country may lose democracy and God forbid religious laws, kosher, modesty, etc. will be imposed on us and we will be forbidden to protest.

  30. It's time to kick all the terrorist enthusiasts and their supporters out of the academy. Let them fly to Bir Zeit or any institution in Syria, Yemen, Egypt and the like.
    Thanks to Zionism, this is the only country in the Middle East that tries to survive with dignity among human atrocities, rapists, murderers and subhumans.

  31. Yes
    She doesn't belong with us. There are quite a few countries in the region that would benefit from her skills, and she, from a living environment that believes in her.
    Hello and not goodbye 🙏🏻

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