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At least one accident a week involving a pig • The pigs pay with their lives and the residents with their money

(haipo) - "At least once a week I come across a vehicle that was damaged as a result of a collision with a pig," says appraiser Shimon Ben Shimol from Haifa to Lahi Fe. The damage reaches at least 5000 NIS in the best case, without the involvement of internal parts of the vehicle.

Young wild boars crossing the street - via France - Sheprincek (Photo: Alex Belen)
Young wild boars crossing the street - through France - Sheprincek (photo: Alex Belen)

The pig phenomenon in the city of Haifa, which is a nuisance and harms the quality of life and the peace of the residents, continues to exact a heavy price. Among other things, it collects the lives of the pigs that are in the public space and on the streets, as well as collects large sums from residents whose vehicles are damaged.

We write a lot about the pigs and bring the story of the residents who are harmed by the presence of the pigs in populated neighborhoods in the city and not in their natural place in nature. At the same time, we do not ignore the unnecessary suffering of the pigs who are injured every week as a result of collisions with vehicles. The pigs that are hit sometimes run away hurt and suffer and sometimes bleed to death on the road.

Car collision with a pig ► Watch 

The damage as a result of damage to the pig

Following the many stories that reach the system about accidents involving pigs, we contacted appraiser Shimon Ben Shimol, owner of the appraisal company Expertiza (04–8204888).
Shimon says that he encounters this phenomenon all the time and meets at least once a week a vehicle that has been damaged by a pig.

Go to the garage even if the damage is not visible

Ben Shimol told the Lehi Pa news corporation: "Not all car owners have insurance, just as not everyone who has insurance is in a hurry to activate it because activation involves a deductible that makes the premium more expensive." The cost of damages caused by hitting pigs amounts to no less than NIS 5000, at best. Most of the damage is to the front of the vehicle, so sometimes the damage is more serious due to the presence of radiator and sensor systems. Such damage can reach thousands of shekels. Over time, I began to recognize damage Pig because you see the remains, or as I call it the DNA of the pigs - hair, blood, and parts of skin.'

Ben Shimol advises drivers to drive carefully in order to avoid injury to the pig and also recommends that if an accident has occurred, one should go to the garage even if the injury is not visible because sometimes the damage is internal and sometimes there are malfunctions that can damage the engine, such as water leakage and more.

Damaged vehicle returns

Two types of accidents

In a previous interview we conducted with Attorney Shmuel Steiner, in order to know what to do in cases of injury and damage caused as a result of encounters with pigs.

He explained that there are two types of accidents:

  • Accidents that cause damage to property due to driving a car or the result of a car hitting a pedestrian.
  • Accidents that cause damage to property.

In the event that a car driver hits a wild boar that burst into his travel space and there is bodily injury, and the driver has a mandatory insurance policy, the driver can claim the mandatory bodily injury insurance. It is important to note that this applies to a two-wheeled vehicle and a vehicle with all four wheels. Therefore, scooters or electric bicycles are not included.

A driver collided with four pigs and was injured (Photo: Ihud Hatzla)
A driver collided with four pigs and was injured (Photo: Ihud Hatzla)

A lawsuit can be filed against the Haifa Municipality

If the collision or accident occurred in the course of work, i.e. during the commute to work or on the way back from work, a personal injury claim can be filed against social insurance (car accident at work).

for example: If a pig that was walking around looked for food in the garbage can and overturned it on a car parked on the street, or if the can rolled and hit the car and caused damage, the owner of the car has a double right to claim. If you have comprehensive car insurance, you can apply for comprehensive insurance that returns the money to the insured. It is likely that the insurance company will sue the municipality, demanding that it return the money. In case there is no comprehensive insurance, it is possible to file a claim against the Haifa municipality.

Attorney Steiner added:

I turn to the public and say: don't give up. Use the opportunity to exhaust your right and sue the municipality and the insurance companies for what you deserve.

It is important to note that Haifa Mayor Yona Yahav, who pledged to eliminate the pigs within 90 days of taking office, said at a press conference held last week (2/6-6/24) that in a month he will bring proven success.

Pig remains on the vehicle

Pig remains on the vehicle

Contact Chai here: At watsapBy email

Samar Odeh - Carantinji
Samar Odeh - Carantinji
Journalist in the team of correspondents of the Chai Pe site • Municipal reporter, crimes, environment and health Contact Samar by email: [email protected]

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9 תגובות

  1. Those who protest against the thinning of wild pigs are actually protesting in favor of the loss of control over the city-wildlife interface, and in favor of the mass extinction of dozens of other species of animals in the wadis whose habitats are destroyed by the pigs.
    Those who caused mass suffering to the wild boars and also starvation are the animal activists who prevented an orderly annual thinning and caused overpopulation and the infiltration of the wild boars into the neighborhoods.
    Let the NGOs run wild should be outlawed

  2. The days of the name of those who kill nature, we are the invaders and not the pigs, we are the human race, we are destroying the world to the God of return, we can live with them in peace and institutionalize all the pigs as they did with the birds in the north, food concentrations, garbage, garbage, which they will eliminate

  3. And when they burst into the road, the damage to the car is less, but mainly to my life because of the impact that will hit me when I try to brake... and I'm sure that if you talked to one appraiser and multiply it by the number of car appraisers, you'll get a staggering number of accidents of this type as well... both in front and behind with a minimum of anxiety and whiplash for people In the for the pigs on the road and in the city...and quickly..before someone is fatally injured.

  4. I don't understand how Kalish wasn't punished for destroying the city and deliberately causing a lot of pigs in the city!?
    If she had not stopped the thinning, many accidents and human injuries would have been avoided.
    I recommend that the insurance companies and the victims sue Kalish personally in a civil suit.

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