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The night train to Haifa does not stop at the station

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Haifa on the world map with the first plane of "Air Haifa"

"Air Haifa" lands: the first plane of the new airline...
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The abductees will be released only after the left comes to power • Uri Lev's opinion

Sometimes reality slaps me in the face, and I see the truth...

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Shaver Yegur - last moments of a rare bloom • Go for a walk on Pesach

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Serious accident - crushed cars in the North Cross Tunnels (Yokneam)

(Hai Fe) - A serious car accident, involving 3 vehicles, happened in the North Cross Tunnels, near Yokneam. At the scene, there were wounded scattered on the road. The cars crashed.

From Fire and Rescue it was delivered to Lai Pa:

A little while ago, the fire fighters from the Kiryot station arrived at the scene of a serious car accident in the Cross North tunnels. When the firefighters arrived, they noticed a number of seriously injured people lying around the tunnel.
The firefighters worked to cut off energy sources and clear the scene.

Serious accident in the North Crossing Tunnels (Yokneam) (Photo: Fire and Rescue)
Serious accident in the North Crossing Tunnels (Yokneam) (Photo: Fire and Rescue)

MDA informed Lahi Pa:

At 13:43 a report was received at MDA's 101 hotline in the Carmel region about a car accident between 3 vehicles on Route 6 between the Haemakim interchange and the Givat Alonim interchange. MDA medics and paramedics provide medical treatment and refer to Rambam Hospital, 3 injured children 30 and 25 in serious condition, with multi-system damage.

Emergency medicine medic at MDA Nathaniel Levy said:
"This is a traffic accident between 3 vehicles. They had severe head injuries. We saw 3 injured people lying unconscious and suffering from serious injuries on their bodies. We immediately gave them medical treatment that included dressings and giving them medication and evacuated them in an MDA intensive care vehicle to the hospital when they were in a serious condition . Another injured person was evacuated from the scene."

Serious accident - crushed cars in the North Crossing Tunnels (Yokneam) (Photo: MDA)
Serious accident - crushed cars in the North Cross Tunnels (Yokneam) (Photo: MDA)

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Noga Carmi
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  1. Since this serious accident there have already been 3 more deaths from an accident between a car and a truck in the north.
    It's roadkill.
    For the first time we are on our way to 400 road accident fatalities per year.
    The last few months have been the deadliest on the roads in the country's history.
    The importers throw tens of thousands more Chinese vehicles on the roads with a non-stop drive.
    The country is flooded with motorized waste without restrictions and truck drivers with dozens of convictions that continue
    travel. Police enforcement is reduced due to multiple security tasks.
    And the result is fatal.

  2. Don't say a word again about who is involved in the accident. That the public will not know, like sheep to be slaughtered on the roads.
    Let me guess, a wild guess. Some pampered son from the sector from the triangle or Nazareth, with improved cars in the garages there, made a detour as if he was in a James Bond movie and entered the car coming in front.
    If I'm wrong then please correct me.
    Stop leaving the tramps on wheels in their anonymity..

    • You will continue to drive like crazy and we will continue to have over 300 deaths a year from traffic accidents
      Here are the latest data for mid-2024 from the Harlbad website, just so we can see the magnitude of the disaster:
      203 deaths by mid-2024, a 21% increase compared to 2023!!!
      187 fatal accidents, a 24% increase compared to 2023!!!
      We are on our way to cross 400 road deaths this year for the first time.

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