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Horev Center • The center of the protest demonstrations in Haifa

Since the beginning of the public protest against the legal reform in 2023, the Horev center has been the focus of the local media's attention and this is a good reason to dwell a little on its history.

Horeb Center Mall

The mall was established in 1987, on a lot that was used as a bus parking lot and a garage for Egged, near the intersection of Horev Street and Fika Road, according to the plans of the architect Yoram Segal. The mall was established by A. Dori Co. and Netsaba Co.

Horeb Center Mall (illustration Dr. David Bar On)

This is a mall of the first generation of the malls built in Israel. It is characterized by its (relatively) modest dimensions and its presence within the urban tissue and not outside it, such as the "Heart of the Gulf" mall or the "Haifa Mall". 

The Horev center is among the first shopping malls built in Israel in general and in Haifa in particular. It is built of two blocks at different heights. The lower block faces Horev Street, while the second, higher one, with a stepped structure, faces Pika Road. The mall included 3 commercial floors, a movie theater of the "Rav Chen" chain (closed in 2008) and a private medical center and a 7-story office building were built above the center.

Next to the low block stretches an entrance plaza as a reminder of the "Horub Square" that existed in this place before the construction of the building.

The upgraded mall

In March 2017, thirty years after the grand opening of Horev Center, the mall's entrance floor was reopened, after extensive renovation and upgrading that took several years. The upgrade works were carried out according to the plans of the office of the architect Moshe Tzur (architect in charge Danny Ohana).

The renovation was carried out after it was felt necessary to "update" the image of the mall so that it could compete with the other Haifa malls, "Grand Canyon" and "Haifa Mall".

As part of the upgrade, a large part of the building is covered with black glass tiles and the other part, facing Pika Road, is covered with gray glass tiles with a print of trees in the fall (or is it a reminder of the great fire that took place in 2016?). 

As part of the renovation, the area of ​​the entrance block was increased at the expense of the entrance plaza, which the nickname "square" is definitely pretentious about.

Yoram Segal, architect of the original building

Yoram Segal, born in Haifa (1934), scion of a Haifa Zabrite family, was educated at the Reali School. He studied architecture at the Faculty of Architecture and urban planning at the Technion, received a master's degree (certified) and even taught for a period of time at the faculty.

Besides the planning of the Horev center, he was mainly involved in residential planning in the Haifa area. He was among the first to study the phenomenon of construction in the Arab villages in the 60s and even published a book in 1967 in which he summarized the results of his research and titled "Construction in the Arab villages in the Galilee and its development."

Moshe Tzur, the renovation architect

Moshe Tzur, born in Haifa (1948), also a graduate of the Technion's Faculty of Architecture, is known among other things as the designer of the glass-roofed "Tower of the Prophets" in Hadar Carmel.

Horev center and protest demonstrations in Haifa

Haifa lacks a square where the public can gather and express their opinion about the actions of the government, as is appropriate in any democratic country. The protest movement that arose at the beginning of 2023, against the legal reform initiated by the government, established a tradition of protest marches from Auditorium Square in the center of Carmel to Horev Center and holding a rally there.

The closure of the Horev intersection, which is relatively large, to vehicle traffic, turns the area into a vast flat area, which can accommodate several thousand protesters. This is how the Horev intersection became a "protest square" when in the square of the center of Horev there is a platform for the speakers while the demonstrators fill the intersection that has become the Baal Kurka square.

Even those who do not agree with the protest itself, cannot help but be moved by the sight of the blue and white flags waving over the improvised Horeb Square.

Dear readers,

The articles in this section are based on open information published in sources such as Wikipedia and other websites and may include various historical inaccuracies arising from the aforementioned sources.

Contact Chai here: At watsapBy email

Dr. David Bar On
Dr. David Bar On
Dr. David Bar On • Architect and urban planner

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49 תגובות

  1. I am sorry to read the words of hatred and division in the comments.
    Hatred for those who are fed up with the government
    Hatred of "Ashkenazim"
    hatred for "old men"
    Just sad.
    At the reading of the words of the Bala and the Shisui, every common Hamasnik will smile.

  2. I live near the Horev center. Let's make order, every Shabbat, groups of idle old men arrive, most of them mentally retarded, all Israelis and not Jews to protest the democratic choice of the people. These are several hundred law-breaking people who allow themselves to: park their cars in the middle of the road and on the sidewalks, make noise, listen to speeches filled with hate and full of poison. All in all, it's Ashkenaziyada in the sad Haifa version starring a bunch of bored old men, in the weekly meeting, the only one they have with humanity.
    The closure of the Horev intersection and the disturbance to the residents is intolerable. These are not demonstrations, in favor of the people, but anti-Bibi, just a bunch of bored monkeys.

    • Ashkenaziada, huge!!!
      I would call it the Hapaida.. about their 4 mandates with Michaeli who called not to enlist in the IDF
      They chose this shit and think we will be forgotten...

  3. Keep protesting and support Hamas. They cheer for Sinauer who mocks the stupid Jews. There are no more idiots than progressive Jews

  4. Thanks for the article and information.
    However much information is missing.
    The title is about the center of Horev, not about Horev Junction.
    There is so much to write about Horev Junction and everything around it.
    The demonstrations are not in the Horev center but at the Horev intersection.
    And demonstrations took place there long before the demonstrations against the ruling revolution or whatever it is called.
    There were demonstrations by the disabled who came from all over the country and closed the intersection. There were demonstrations of the right and more.
    As for the title of the protest center... it feels like hitchhiking and appropriation of space. History is not measured in a year or two to become predictable. But as a mirror, there are those who plan to take over the place and time of all the Haifai for the sake of creating the appearance of a tyrannical sociological group that is trying to fortify itself in the Carmel Ridge by demonstrating power and pushing others

  5. Thank you for the beautiful article and the beautiful painting of "Khorev Center" which used to be called "the final station of an estate", where the old bus lines ended: 21, 22, 24, 39 and later also 23 and 28.
    In the area of ​​the station there were several shops - a butcher, an electrician, 2 kiosks, a modern carpentry of the Zaida brothers, an Egged garage and a great bread bakery "Migdal".
    Curiosity: In 1987, I traveled for the first time to Canada, this is the country where shopping malls were invented. I really admired them in Toronto. The reason they built so many shopping malls there was - the harsh weather in the province of Ontario bordering the state of New York. In a very cold winter it can reach -20 and in the summer it is sometimes very hot over 30+ degrees.
    When I returned to Haifa after a month, I saw that Horev Mall had opened - it was so modern and beautiful that I thought Canada had arrived in Haifa...

    • You forgot the Pearl Glazier and the bus ticket kiosk. Although the kiosk has grown a bit, the original flavor of the bus tickets is still evident in its products to this day.

  6. Among the Horev Center's marketing slogans:
    Horev Center - everyone loves
    Horev center - everything near the house
    Horeb Center - entertainment - shopping - offices
    Horev Center - you are in the center
    just fall in love Horeb center

  7. According to the testimony of freed woman Noa Almog, Hamas is interested in encouraging demonstrations against the government and also demonstrations demanding the release of abductees. Continue protesting for the sake of strengthening Hamas.

  8. The residents in the vicinity suffer from deafening noise, booms and the blocking of the axis. Let's not talk about the fact that there is an elderly population in the area, who suffer from anxiety attacks due to the zambooras and drums. Why did the municipality build a platform there? Why not move her to another place?!R

    • The noise in question lasts for an hour and a half and those who hear it are mostly very old people

    • As someone who lives nearby, 90% of those who arrive the next step is in the grave. All of them are old, bored, lifeless people who come for a free night out

  9. It's lucky that Maccabi's clinics are there, otherwise the mall would be dead, it's a shame they didn't open a mental health department for the protesters

  10. The center of the protest demonstrations... the demonstrations there are just! Against the elected Prime Minister!
    A handful of them! The delusional people close a main intersection and disturb the residents of the area to live peacefully,
    The Prime Minister is being replaced at the ballot box!

  11. In the center of old Horeb, there were many more shops and it was much nicer, in my opinion.

    The new Horeb center is like another generic mall, only smaller.

  12. Shame shame shame and shame!! The old leftists destroyed the city definitively!!! The strength of those who thought of buying houses in the Horev Vaitar area!! Isn't it time for Haifa to give them employment other than the rage meetings and trolling?

  13. "Even those who do not agree with the protest itself, cannot help but be moved by the sight of the blue and white flags flying over the improvised Horeb Square"
    So I have news for you Mr. Reporter - I and many of my number are ashamed that people are there and demonstrate against the government and the country and "tarnish" our flag and the honor of the place.
    It would be good if they would raise a political flag of the left wing and not the flag of Israel and demonstrate in some city or village in the Galilee, where their opinions would probably be welcomed.

    • Be ashamed until tomorrow Ers Nebar. If there were demonstrations of the damned right, wouldn't you be ashamed, oh hypocrite? Are you that stupid even after 7.10? After all, you are being brainwashed into thinking that the left is to blame for everything just so that the corrupt government and the government of disgrace and destruction will remain in power.

  14. I'm from Haifa
    It's just terrible what the left is doing
    It is not understood why roads are blocked for people who work on Shabbat as well
    You forcefully push your ideas while harming the quality of life and public order
    It is legitimate to demonstrate, but blocking roads is excessive
    And your flags do not represent your ideas and preferences.
    There is also another side

  15. The Carmel Center lost the right to demonstrations to the Horev Center. And in order not to offend his dignity, the protest march begins there.

    • thank you for your response. Holding the demonstrations in Horev center is a result, first of all, of the physical size of the place.

  16. "As part of the renovation, the area of ​​the entrance block was increased at the expense of the entrance plaza, for which the nickname "square" is certainly pretentious."
    That's what the article says.
    What is not written is that the extension is a public space owned by the municipality of Haifa.
    In any case, usurping it for commercial use is illegal.
    What was also not written was that the municipality of Haifa had rights to the land on which the mall was built. In exchange for its ownership, the municipality received dozens of parking spaces in the mall. It is interesting to check to whom and for how much the municipality sold these parking spaces.

    • Thank you for your comment that refers to the essence of the article and not to politics. You raise pointed questions about the management of public assets.

  17. Horeb Center is simply physically close to the lingual lip and razor blade.
    A place for social gatherings, dating, selfies and background photos. In no time a demonstration for abductees turns into agitation against the IDF, government and what not, as if we learned nothing from 7.10
    Haifa has many good squares
    There is definitely a violation of the freedom of movement for those who have been living in the area for at least two years
    And while I was walking to Horev, I saw how long it took to evacuate us for an ambulance to Carmel Hospital.
    In the name of maintaining a beautiful democracy, the organizers would have done if they had alternately used additional squares in the city.
    May we soon see the abductees at home.
    We will pray for the rehabilitation of the wounded and hug the bereaved families
    May we always remember that spraying poison has led us this far
    The black flags were replaced by Israeli flags.
    The flag of Israel faces unification, not division

    • Thank you for your comment, but it does not refer to the essence of the article, which is the history of the building. Your political opinion should be presented elsewhere.

  18. To the live system here, why publish an article by someone who himself was present and documented himself at the demonstrations on this site under an informative article and not under an opinion article?
    Even the minimum of journalistic honesty and a grade of full disclosure was not mentioned here (the article chooses to deal with the political issue and the protests and not just the planning/real estate aspect of the Horev center).

  19. In my opinion, Haifa does not lack places to "express one's opinion in the face of the government's actions", Haifa lacks free attractions and not a few disgruntled people from the upper deciles, who probably many citizens in the Western countries and certainly in Israel were willing to exchange their economic and financial situation and receive the inflated budget pensions of some of them.
    The polls and the Knesset show that the majority of the public abhors these demonstrations during the war and is generally on a different political side if anything (in this context one must distinguish between political protests and important support rallies of the families for the return of the dear abductees).
    And it is true that a significant part of the demonstrators are from the upper deciles and disgruntled, to their heart's content they are weakening Israel against our enemies and causing a division in the nation, and how do you see that? In the channels and social networks of our enemies, the protests and the irresponsible articles and statements against the government and the army and the protests in the Israeli public are exultant and inflated with pleasure.

    • WOW how did we not think of that?? This is exactly what we lack, it is "free attractions" which means "bread and entertainment".
      You and you are a group that complains against the protesters... as if they are to blame for the terrible situation after 7/10/2023?
      Maybe the government led by 74+ year old Yanoka is to blame?
      From Thursday 6/6/2024 in the afternoon, there was a counter-demonstration by right-wing people - they stood on the entrance steps to the Horev Center mall and waved Israeli flags and shouted slogans over the loudspeaker.
      How many protesters were there? 4 women with 3 flags and one man with a loudspeaker...
      This is the balance of power between you "Itzikim" in the forum and the thousands who come to demonstrate for democracy on Motzash.

    • Naftali yes in the media and in demonstrations and pride parades you are champions but on the ballot? And you are smart enough to understand that democracy is also demography and that in future generations the right-wing and your cousins ​​will be dominant here and there will probably be other political struggles here (in any case from conservative and not liberal sectors) over the country and the country.

  20. We don't want your stupid demonstrations, go demonstrate at the Romema sports hall or at the Carmel beach and stop harassing us every Saturday for almost two years!

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