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Fear of an all-out war in Lebanon ○ The news headlines in the Arab media • Monday 2/6/24

(hai here) - with the increasing warming in the northern border and the fear...

Playgrounds in Haifa become a "house" for dogs

(Live here with pets) - The dog excrement phenomenon...

Like paracetamol for the dead - feeding the sand harms (again) the animals in the sea ► Watch

(lives here on the beaches) - summer has started and we come across...
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Hebrew Book Week banner in Kiryat Bialik - Rahav
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The hotel in Bat Galim was built in a flash, even though it blocks the coastline

This is a continuation of the article I published about two months ago during the election period...

The Carmel Beach Towers - the "monsters" on the beach

The Carmel Beach towers were built on a strip of land that belonged to...

to flex patterns, to think emotionally • about the autistic spectrum

Autism is a phenomenon that is defined as a neurological variation characterized by a group of...

Artist Rita Binaminov • An exhibition about the beauty of the city of Haifa

At the Hadar "Beitno" community center located at 29 Jerusalem St. in Haifa, there is...

Hebrew Book Week 2024: "Nothing has changed here since the days of Karl Marx" / Lily Milat occupies a shelf

One of the guidelines for writers when they come to tell a story is: Show, Don't Tell....

Haifa: Damage to main water line • Watch

(Hai Pa) Damage to a drilling contractor in a main water line, in the area between Hecht Park and Kiryat Sheprincek.

Watch the explosion at the water line - Kiryat Shaprintsak:

Pipeline explosion (photo: My Carmel)

The Carmel Water Corporation stated:

As a result of a contractor's work, this morning, Wednesday 22/05/24, a main water line was damaged in the area of ​​Hagana Road at the corner of France Road. Following the impact, water disruptions are expected in the area opposite Hecht Park. The corporation's teams are already on site to deal with the problem and we are making every effort to reduce the harm to water consumers in the area.

Update from the Carmel Water Corporation at 14:45 p.m.:

After an initial inspection of the damage caused this morning, it appears that a contractor who worked for the Chutz Israel company dug without permission and damaged a central water transmission line. As a result of the impact, much water was wasted.
The corporation acted immediately to address the damage caused by the contractor.
The Carmel Water Corporation takes very seriously the excavation at the site in an unauthorized manner while harming the Carmel Water infrastructure and intends to take legal action against those responsible for the incident.

Contact Chai here: At watsapBy email

Noga Carmi
Noga Carmi
Nega Karmi - Director of Haifa News Corporation - News of Haifa and the surrounding area - message on WhatsApp: 052–2410689 Sending an email to the system: [email protected]

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  1. Excavating contractors, anywhere in the world in remote Africa there are no such things.
    Every contractor who approaches the local authority issues the pipe plans in the lot where he works,
    If there is no precise marking, a representative from the measurement department accompanies and tests where the piping is.
    With us, every contractor comes up with a bulldozer and causes hundreds of thousands of shekels of damage
    A fifth world country. on the way to the abyss in any field.
    We think hi-tech with the Arsiada and entire law-breaking sectors and the most low-tech order in the universe.
    In the villages in Romania, the workers who come here are already laughing at the rush in Israel...

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All the articles are alive

Public participation in the casino plan will be held • The discussion in the sub-committee for planning and construction

(Hai Fe) - The sub-committee for planning and construction in Haifa met on Monday 24/06/24 and discussed the future of the casino building in Bat Galim and the plan to turn it into a hotel. Opponents from the neighborhood...

Summer Blanc replaces Bashara Absaoui as the president of Rotary Stella Maris in Haifa

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Dr. Doron Meisels - a new doctor in the north

Dr. Meisels, a specialist in pediatrics, joined a general clinic in Kneam Ilit. Dr. Meisels (35), married + 1, lives in Kiryat Tivon. He graduated with honors in medical studies from the Technion...

Ahmed Sefi, new administrative manager at a general clinic

Ahmed Safi (38), a resident of Deir al-Assad, graduated with a BA in health systems management at Ramat Gan Academic College and a master's degree in public health from Tel Aviv University. In the past...

Fines were canceled for students in Haifa who failed to attack a rowdy on the bus

(Hai Fe) - Parents of five children attending schools in Haifa contacted the Public Complaints Ombudsman and complained that their children received reports for non-payment of fees...