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Cinemol Mall (Heart of the Bay) in Haifa - the largest cinema in the country

At a distance of about a kilometer, northeast, to the well-known Check Post intersection...

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The developers won - the neighborhood in Haifa will be expanded after another chapter in the ongoing saga

Surprise: the Supreme Court annulled the district's decision regarding "Green Dania"

Another and rather surprising chapter in the never-ending saga of "Green Dania" - the Supreme Court overturned the decision of the district court and accepted the appeal of the "Green Dania" company, which means that the plan to expand the Dania neighborhood is approved again and can begin. The Green Dania company was represented at the court by attorneys Asaf Ironi and Anna Eliashkevich from the firm of S. Friedman Abramson and lawyers Beaz Ben Tzur and Guy Rowe. The "Green Dania" plan borders on the south of the national park "Harmel Park" and on the north of the existing Dania neighborhood and includes an addition of 226 units Housing. In addition, the plan allocates areas for commerce, public buildings, an area for the establishment of a 50-room hotel, as well as about 35 dunams for open areas.

"The program actually improves the existing situation"

Judges Dafna Barak-Erez, Yehiel Kosher, and Ruth Ronan referred in their decision to the issue of traffic in the area during an emergency, which speaks of the possible difficulty in evacuating the residents: "In essence, it was made clear that during an emergency, the evacuation of a neighborhood should be carried out in a centralized manner by the local authority in buses, which would otherwise block the neighborhood and it will not be possible to bring fire and rescue forces into it.

As for the plan in question, it was determined that the addition of housing units does not have a substantial movement effect requiring the addition of exits or entrances to the neighborhood. Moreover, it was determined that the plan improves the current situation in the neighborhood by adding paths for emergency vehicles from the national park to the south of the new neighborhood - a connection that does not currently exist to the existing neighborhood."

The judges also relied on the opinion of the Fire and Rescue Authority, according to which the Dania neighborhood is no different from other neighborhoods in the city that are surrounded by groves and pine forests that endanger the residents of the neighborhood during a fire. The Fire and Rescue Authority added that in the Dania neighborhood, buffer zones, emergency roads and the establishment of water infrastructure for firefighting purposes are required.

Adv. Assaf Eroni from the office of Friedman Abramson, who represented the Green Dania company, said following the court's decision: "We are happy about the verdict that ends the lengthy procedures of delays in the approval procedures of the Green Dania plan. We see importance in the Supreme Court's determination that there is no complete solution to fire hazards and when the additional construction does not increases the existing danger, it is impossible not to approve.

There is no dispute that it is right and proper to find another way out for the Dania neighborhood, as well as for other closed neighborhoods in Haifa, but this must be done as soon as possible, at the same time and regardless of the implementation procedures of the Green Dania plan, such as construction in other neighborhoods or settlements in the country that are close to forests.'

A long legal battle, which reached the top

The Dania Green plan was conditionally approved by the district committee in February 2019. After the sub-committee for objections of the district committee rejected some of the objections submitted regarding the plan, three appeals were submitted to the sub-committee for appeals of the National Planning and Construction Council and they were rejected. The residents subsequently filed a petition because of the danger to the residents of Dania during an emergency and a deviation from the overall outline plan for the city of Haifa. In June 2021, the petition was largely rejected, but the part concerning dealing with emergency situations was accepted. All along the way the association "Keepers of Dania" acted on behalf of the residents of the neighborhood and represented them in the various legal discussions.

In December 2022, the District Court in Jerusalem accepted the petition of the residents of Dania and annulled the decision of the District Committee, which approved the plan. Judge Eli Abarbanel accepted the petitioners' arguments, according to which the Green Dania plan could harm the security of the residents in terms of the fire traps that could be created in the neighborhood in the event of the need to evacuate the residents. The judge stated that the traffic loads in such a case were not checked, and even noted that the amount of vehicles that will be added to the neighborhood after the project is finished is not negligible in the set of considerations.

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Michal Grover
Michal Grover
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  1. Every meter of built-up areas at the expense of the open space is a cry for generations. Haifa has room for thousands of apartments in urban renewal.
    The problem is Rami, who for money destroys many areas,
    The change should come from opposition to the sale of land by both the state and the municipality

  2. Why would there be another religious/Orthodox neighborhood and destroy the Green Carmel? One must stand up despite the court's decision that sees words and not the area itself - it seems unimportant. Haifaim rise up, Yak will control the destruction of the Carmel by groups that they can the Carmel as inaccessible

  3. Apart from urban renewal plans within the framework of eviction and construction, no plan can be approved. Certainly any plan that harms open areas should be rejected outright, the crushing of the mountains and their flattening should be stopped completely, and the blocking of the sea's water line with adjacent construction should be prevented at all costs.

  4. And where will they build my fairy empire?
    Haifaim you ate it
    Another unnecessary city
    whose place...
    As an ultra-Orthodox in Haifa, I hate the city
    Where will I barbecue now?
    I advocate grilling the muzzle holders on a barbecue along with mothballs

  5. All of Carmel was once green and before that it was under water. There is no difference between Dania and the estate and the center of Carmel. How come after the fire they did not understand in Dania that they must link it to the exits from it. They simply oppose the connection to the Carmel Castle because of pretended elitism.

    • Why connect Carmel Castle with Dania?
      This can lower the high apartment prices in the Carmel Castle.

  6. It is not possible that the neighborhood is closest to the university and they are not building dormitories
    Dormitory towers with hundreds of apartments for students can be built above the commercial center.
    Connect Costa Rica Street as another entrance to Dania from the main road and also build there
    Student dormitory tower.
    You have to crowd in Dania just like you can in other neighborhoods. They are not attributed.

    • Who should build student dormitories for the terrorist cells that celebrate Nakba or for the whiny Druze?

  7. The question that has been asked throughout the years of discussions and debates: Why is the establishment of the Green Dania not conditioned with an exit road towards the university and not to the direction within Dania?

  8. The main thing is that they complain that wild animals roam the streets of the city - destroying every green patch and then murdering the survivors.

  9. The disdain for the quality of life in Haifa continues to hit the residents of the city. Other urban problems have not yet been solved and green spaces in the city are already being dressed up and turned into concrete surfaces.
    Those who see the wild construction in the streets of Ranak, Smolenskin, Vitkin and the doctor may understand what it is about - a cry for generations....

  10. There is no choice, they will have to build one road in the direction of the Carmel Castle (preferably as wide as possible and two-way) and another road in the direction of the university.
    It is important to protect the lives of the residents.

    Good luck with the project

  11. The residents actually won - their claim for overcrowding in the neighborhood was accepted and therefore the plan proposed by the Haifa municipality to increase building rights in the entire neighborhood and a legal possibility to split the apartments was canceled.

  12. The residents of Dania are of course opposed to the road towards the Carmel Castle. Everyone knows why. Such a road would have provided an escape route for the residents.

  13. A correct and important decision. The Dania neighborhood is not an island within the city of Haifa, this city needs development and construction so that it no longer suffers from negative immigration. The young men flee from here to the center, and the Arabs of the Galilee enter in their place.

  14. Very good and construction above the commercial center and other areas within Dania should also be approved
    and connect it with a fixed road to the Carmel Castle.
    There are no neighborhoods for the privileged and neighborhoods for overcrowding.

  15. All the best, this time, to the High Court. We need to build and develop in Dania as well, and as usual those who already live in the neighborhood, mainly relatively young people, and relatively young women, and female lawyers, are opposed, of course.
    Denmark is not a place for the privileged. New settlers are allowed and entitled to find their home there

  16. Little by little there will be no green areas left in Israel.
    For every such plan, huge areas of nature are destroyed, harming the general population of animals in the area and the main thing is that some other entrepreneur will make a few millions...

  17. Neighborhoods: Dania, Begin, Romema, Vizhnitz are a death trap during a disaster.
    Caring for these closed neighborhoods should be the municipality's top priority, but what interests Yahav is planting flowers.

  18. From now on the crazy depreciation of the apartments in Dania, the connection to the Carmel Castle will soon arrive
    and the prices accordingly

    • So excuse me. Where will you live when you want to live not with your parents, grandmothers, sweet aunts??? There is not enough space on trees.

    • very true. Instead of renewing, refreshing and building apartments in areas that need renovation, take a bite out of the beautiful nature and the green lungs of Carmel. It is appropriate that they invest in building apartments in Neve Shaanan, Yizraelia, Hadar and in all the crumbling neighborhoods. There needs to be renewed.

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