Changes in train traffic • Continuous travel between Haifa and Tel Aviv will not be possible

Temporary changes in train traffic in the Atlit area on Friday 5/7/24...

"I came out of the water all blue" • Spending time at the pool in Haifa

(Hai Pe) - Bathing in the "Gali Haifa" pool, they discovered on their way out...

"The '20 minutes Zoz' parking is a disadvantage to a wide public in Haifa" • Savion in a proposal to order

(Hai Pa) - Israel Savion in the proposal for a settlement: "Improving the settlement...

Vote in the poll: Is there a decrease in the number of pigs on the streets of Haifa?

(Hai Pa) - Haifa Municipality is making efforts to thin out shooting...

The northern gem - "Mini Emek" lake

Not far from Hadera's huge power plant, there is a "point...
Banner Gordon 230524
The municipality of Kiryat Bialik is launching a new website
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An exciting Passover ceremony was held in the refugee camp • The ship 'Exodus' ► Watch

'Exodus', a symbol of bravery and determination, great excitement was recorded last Friday...

Huge flats of Perna Perna oysters have been discovered in Haifa Bay

(Live here in the sea) - There is a lot of talk about immigration to Israel...

In "Zikhron Beslon" next year - we will also hear the stories of the immigrants from the Commonwealth of Nations

Tatiana Levy takes care of everyone Tatiana Levy, 67, coordinator of immigrants and culture...

Nordau Street, the first pedestrian street in the city of Haifa • Yossi Lubalski

The reincarnation of a passage that mixed entertainment and leisure was copied into concrete complexes...

Talfiot market in Haifa - a genius creation in endless renovation

At the eastern end of Sirkin Street, stands the Talpiot market building,...

The marine creatures in Bat Galim Reef • Birthday gifts from my love

May, the month of my birthday and a sea of ​​gifts from the love of my heart, the big blue in the Bat Galim reef in Haifa.
On Sunday morning (19/5/24) a new surprise awaited me when I dived - a sharp nosed trigon that passed on the bottom suddenly changed direction and started chasing me. I was really scared and tried to run away from him. It turns out that during the breeding season the males are very jealous of the females and I probably didn't notice that there was a female around (except me). That's why he came to run me away and did an excellent job, I definitely ran away.

Trigon is sharp-nosed and nervous ► Watch

Trigon is sharp-nosed and nervous

An annular ring

Then I saw a beautiful ringed hawk from above and dived to take a picture of it. A ringed hawk is a tiny creature and you can miss it very easily - it is the size of a pinky, a "pitch".
The hazarit is a beautiful invader that comes from the Red Sea which is found mainly on rocky beaches and feeds on sponges.

Ringed female nudibranch in Bat Galim Reef (Photo: Tal Raz)
Ringed female nudibranch in Bat Galim Reef (Photo: Tal Raz)

A tiny ring ring ► Watch

A ringed ringlet in Bat Galim reef

Place the wall Bertha

As I continued to swim, I met the brown turtle Berta who came to wish me good luck and we elegantly nibbled on her from the bottom. Sweet Bertha is always calm.

Placing the wall at Barta in Bat Galim (photo: Tal Raz)
Placing the wall at Barta in Bat Galim (photo: Tal Raz)

Birthday with Bertha Tsava the wall ► Watch

Placing Beretta in Bat Galim Reef

As I started to swim towards the shore, I was stopped by a tiny octopus, who peeked out of his house and greeted me.

A tiny octopus (Photo: Tal Raz)
A tiny octopus (Photo: Tal Raz)

An octopus greets me ► Watch


The beta family

The beta family is starting to arrive and they are waiting for the females to start breeding because this is the breeding season and soon I might get to see some pregnancies.

Trigon is a huge and spectacular point

Last week (12/5/24) I met a huge and beautiful trigon point, what an amazing creature.

A huge and beautiful Trigon ► Watch

Trigon point

The warning combs

The warning combs complete the celebration with their bright stripes in the colors of the rainbow. I saw a really big one, about the size of my palm. They are left alone in the water, as well as barely threadbare, until the summer swarm arrives.

Zaharorit comb (photo: Tal Raz)
Zaharorit comb (photo: Tal Raz)

A luminous comb ► Watch

A luminous comb

I will continue to share the magic - a bubble of escapism and a sea of ​​sanity.

Have a wonderful week and good news

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Tal Raz
Tal Raz
Tal Raz 🧜🏼‍♀️ Bat Hayam is active and lectures to create awareness for the preservation of the sea and the environment 🐢 Conducts tours in Bat Galim's sea 🐢 For details and to order a lecture or a sea tour 🌊 ❤ ❤ 052-2358970

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Vote in the poll: Is there a decrease in the number of pigs on the streets of Haifa?

(Hai Fe) - Haifa Municipality is making efforts to thin out the city's pig population by shooting. These are unruly pigs that have gotten used to the proximity of humans. They eat from the garbage cans,...

Malfunction in Carmelit 17/06/24

Update for 19:50 p.m. The Carmelite is back in operation 17:46 p.m. The Carmelite is not working due to a malfunction. We will update when the problem is over.

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Conference League: Maccabi Haifa will host its home games at the Lodge in Poland

Soon the Maccabi Haifa team will start its games as part of the "Conference League" qualifiers. The second round will take place on Thursday 25/07/24 and its rematch will be exactly the week after...

The polluter pays • A Libre ship was fined in Haifa

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