Fear of an all-out war in Lebanon ○ The news headlines in the Arab media • Monday 2/6/24

(hai here) - with the increasing warming in the northern border and the fear...

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Hebrew Book Week banner in Kiryat Bialik - Rahav
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Flow and abundance - a positive thought here and now

How can we connect to abundance, win the good that is and allow the blessing to be in our lives? The way goes on purpose. in thought in the initial existential idea. Every creation or change in reality begins with an initial thought. The influence of thought on reality is expressed in every area of ​​our lives, from technological development to culture and value systems.

The ideas are the basis for creating and changing our reality at any given moment. The thought is the beginning of every action or creation. Initial ideas start with thought, and then develop into processes and actions, fulfillment and doing. It can be said that the idea summons the energy that is necessary for the execution of the thought.

At the base of every work is an idea

A thought can make us act in a way that changes the reality around us, add or subtract. Examples of this include new ideas that lead to the development of advanced technologies, the creation of art and social and gender culture that create a path change at the global level. New thought processes shape the society and culture in which we live. Sometimes it seems that the ideas are scattered in the world, and when an idea is used in one part of the world, you can find similar ideas in other places.

During the Corona period, the idea was a conspiracy, scary thoughts that made many people avoid getting the vaccine. Fear was the most powerful energy. The creators of intimidation and the thought of a global organization whose goal is to rule the world, led people to believe that there was a tracking chip in the vaccine, that people who were not vaccinated would be placed in separate cities or deported to the desert. The reality has changed, people who until that time supported the processes and the establishment, created a negative image in their minds and lived through it.

When we want a result, it is useful to direct the consciousness, the thought and the emotion, the imagination and the direction to the thing we want. In many cases it works great when it comes to parking. The process is simple. We ask the universe to agree to the idea that we have a parking lot waiting for us near the place we want to go, and in most cases it does happen, a parking lot becomes available just as we arrive.

Plenty of time and a sense of well-being

Louise Hi, the high priestess of the connection between thought and health, between thought and abundance and love, says that one should start my day by saying: "I am open and agree to receive all the good. Not just a little, not a part, but all. Everything the universe is ready to give me. If it doesn't come, then the question arises: what are your points of attack regarding abundance? Because abundance is not just money, even though many people think so.

Abundance is also love, and time, and generosity, and caring, and joy, and success. It is possible to be very poor in time and feel stressed and in a hurry all the time, and afraid of not having enough, so there is a real experience of poverty regarding time. But if you know that there is time, that you will get everything done, that you have all the time in the world to experience what you are experiencing and to do what you need or want to do, you are in an experience of abundance. When you are sure that everything will arrive at the right time and you are without pressure and trust yourself and the flow of energy, you are really at ease."

The dimensions for success differ from person to person, and everyone, according to his own measures, seeks to succeed. If you feel that success is very far from you and you have no ability to achieve it, then it will never be yours. The same goes for the feeling of love and any other experience that you feel you will never have.

When you believe in no, this is what you get. When you trust the good, the good comes. Everyone gives a different meaning to success, love, well-being, but if according to the meaning they give, according to the level at which they live in the knowledge that it is possible to achieve what they want, to know that the way there is open and possible, this means that there is a connection to prosperity, abundance, success and love.

The angels who fulfill requests

Rotem She says that every time she would light Shabbat candles, she would ask for peace between herself and the members of the household, asking for love and blessings for everyone: "During the whole week I would walk around with the knowledge that the angels hear my request, and the Holy One, blessed be He, is preparing it for me and for my dear ones. Every time I lit candles I had the same request, and it took a long time until I was granted, but in the end, the angels granted him the request, the impossible became possible and the communication in my parents' house improved. After a while, I found a loving partner that I am sure was arranged for me from above after I asked so many times , and life was blessed.

Revital She asked to reconnect with a man who had moved away: "I asked and I accepted. I was not in contact with him for a long time. I sent an intention to renew the relationship, to have an honest conversation to close a circle, and he appeared. Prayers and faith in the direction promoted the result and I was able to close a circle with him and release it."

When the focus on intention and visualization comes from a complete belief that things can be realized, when the feeling is right here and now that it is happening, the axis opens and the practical energy begins to flow positively. As long as there are no forces that oppose with a higher intensity than the active intention, the realization is possible.

When there is external or internal resistance such as thoughts that fail, doubt in one's ability, fear, difficulty in believing in fulfillment, the summoning, from language to invite a result, or the magnet, from language to create a magnet that will attract the desired result to us, will not be able to happen. At the same time, many things are the result of a natural flow, without intervention, and there will be those who will say that intervention is required only when the reality does not fit the vision, and others will say that one should accept what is there and do the best with it without interfering.

Discover the abundance we already have

If your life is not easy and you have to deal with difficult challenges, your thinking is probably telling you that it is difficult, that coping is necessary. It could be that if you told yourself that there is a lot of good in this request, then you would have more strength to deal with it.

Louise Hi I ask that you find within yourself the thing of which you have an abundance: "If it is wisdom, or joy, faith, or perhaps good friends, the ability to do things in a good way, to respect the beauty of things, good health, or anything positive that you can agree to contain. You surely have something in you that is abundant and when you recognize this, you will find that the level of abundance expands in other areas as well."

Poverty thinking means that I do not have and cannot have because I cannot afford the experience of abundance. Abundance is a state of mind, and it has nothing to do with the amount of things you have but with the recognition that life allows a connection to abundance in at least one area. When we allow ourselves to be in a sense of abundance, we see all the things that are abundant.

We take things for granted, the heat of the sun, the water in our kitchen tap, the air we breathe, but all these things allow us abundance and we have to be willing to acknowledge and contain. Not obvious. When we focus on debts, difficulties, evil, we will not be able to feel the good. When we emphasize the good things, when we see the positive in things, we can enjoy what we have in life.

When the thought agrees, the way opens

Ifat She wanted to conceive, wanted to be a mother, wanted children and began to imagine herself pregnant with twins: "I wished for it, and indeed it happened. I became pregnant and twins were born to me." also statement Says that she used to send intentions to have children, and in the end she conceived and is a mother.

There will be those who will say that everything we have in life reflects our mindset, reflects us. When something is not good it reflects our dissatisfaction and when it is good it reflects our goodness. This is a thought that can change, according to what our belief is about life, about ourselves, about what we deserve. There the key is to feel the abundance.

while other says that it is very rare that her requests are heard and the things she aims for happen in reality, Means Says it happens to her all the time. Along with this, it is clear to both that thought alone cannot create physical reality directly, but it affects our actions and the way we create and deal with reality.

When we think and imagine new worlds or solutions to problems, we create a kind of conceptual reality. When the worlds in imagination and thought are experienced as possible for application, then a creative process begins. The thought agrees and a way opens up, but when the thought does not agree and the imagination says there is no way, the creation stops.

Rachel She says that there were days when there was not much money: "But the experience of abundance was great. We felt that nothing was missing. There was bread, there was chocolate to spread, feeling on top of the world. Today, when there is already much more, it feels as if the abundance has diminished. The experience of loneliness creates a feeling of emptiness , the experience of lack is a lot in the mind, in the thoughts."

It's easy to connect with the seller And preferably for the better

The thing that we have, that we know its frequency, can imagine and feel it, is the thing that will make it easier for it to reach us. This means that even if we don't have the real thing at the moment, like a relationship or money, and we know how to imagine as if we have and feel it, and let the universe know that we are ready to accept with love and without fear at all the abundance that it wants to transfer to us, it will be easier for things to come to us. It's called abundance consciousness.

In a natural state without disturbances such as war, or coercion, it works at levels that are sometimes difficult to explain. In addition, people who have an abundance consciousness are attracted to others with a similar consciousness. From the outside it seems that matter attracts matter, but in fact, it is the thought and the frequency that attract, invite, magnetize, what is similar to them. So that if we think thoughts of suffering we will attract the suffering and troubles, and if we have thoughts of abundance, we will magnetize growth and blessing.

rejuvenation She went to Las Vegas and arrived for the first time in her life at a casino. She sat down next to one of the machines and thought about the number 200: "I turn the wheel and whoop - the number two hundred appears three times on the screen. I turned again, and again three times two hundred. Like that five times. The machine started beeping with lights and colors, the ballers ran to me, my son started To say - Mom, why didn't you think about 200 thousand, and I just said thank you, took my winnings and left the casino. It didn't happen again," she says, laughing.

So how does it happen and what should be done to make it happen to you too? Everything is energy, and everything is in flow, and thought creates a flow path through which the feeling of abundance or anything else that our thought embraces, can resonate. All this provided that there is no negative force in the environment greater than the positive force. You should try it, formulate a request with great sincerity, with a true and positive intention, without ego and without harming others. ask for good Not to ask for harm, to separate, to destroy, but to build and connect.

Different faces of happiness

Eran He came to me for advice on how to improve his relationship with the one who, when he met her, he was sure was the exact woman for him, according to the list he submitted to the universe in his prayers - that she would be kind-hearted, smart, generous and family-oriented. And so she was, loving, containing all his craziness, a successful business owner and an exemplary mother.

"But she's not happy," he complained in a whisper, "there's no joy in her life, she doesn't like company, doesn't want to entertain, only family and work and sleep. She's everything that was on my list, but I didn't invite a sociable woman there. I also know why. In those days I thought That a woman who likes friends and guests is frivolous and I wanted someone more thoughtful, less partying. I got exactly what I asked for, but it was a mistake.

Today it is clear to me that not everyone who loves people and loves friends is less devoted and loving than others. I made a mistake in my list, prayers and thoughts. Now I don't know how to fix it, because we've been together for several years and I don't want to hurt her, but I want to be happy."

I suggested that he start aiming his prayers and requests for joy. For it to be real, he will have to find within himself joy for his relationship, joy for the good that he has. Then we talked about flexibility, and growth, about the many ways to experience happiness, and which of them he could fulfill within his marriage. Surprisingly when he talked to his wife about our meeting, she said she was glad he started taking care of himself, because she felt he was not happy and it was important to her that they be good together.

Lightbulb She was in a relationship with a man who, according to her, was on the way to divorce, but after a while it turned out that his wife was not aware of his desire to divorce: "I felt really stupid for trusting him, because even though I'm sure he loved me, he didn't really make any move towards a divorce. I thought that if I will direct energy to separate him from his wife it will help, but then it turned out to me that it works like a boomerang.

When you aim for love you get love and when you aim for destruction you get destruction. So he left me and went back to loving his wife. As if the fact that I opened a path to destroy the relationship there, strengthened the path to peace at home that his wife must have been doing all along to bring him back to her. In the end it worked for her. Since then I know. Ask for only good things. Whoever, God forbid, asks for evil, may himself receive evil."

Blessing health and abundance

Naama She wanted a relationship more than anything. She had her own home, a profession she studied and a workplace where she felt she fulfilled herself professionally, she had good friends but was unable to create a stable relationship. The years passed and she had the feeling that it would no longer happen, and she began to form negative thoughts about the possibility of getting to know one another that would lead to establishing a relationship.

When she came to me she asked me to do magic for her. The magic lay in the change of thought, in the direction of the energy for an unquestionably and unconditionally positive result. I asked that every day, say to herself twenty times in a row: "The perfect relationship for me is coming into my life here and now" and that you repeat the sentence twice twenty times, that is three times a day for a whole month. A few days later she met the man who in the future became her permanent partner.

This is how you can intend to recover and intervene in case of illness and ask for healing here and now, when there are difficulties in a relationship or when we want a good relationship for someone, to ask for love and a relationship here and now, when you want children to ask for pregnancy and fertility here and now, the same goes for improving the financial situation, ask Material abundance here and now, and we will all ask with complete and pure intention for the safe return of all the abductees home, here and now.

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Tammy Goldstein
Tammy Goldstein
Caller, Hilarit, a spiritual teacher specializing in personal and couple holistic counseling and energy therapy to balance the body and emotions, with over 20 years of experience

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