The municipality of Kiryat Bialik is launching a new website

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The municipality of Kiryat Bialik is launching a new website

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The prestigious neighborhood in Haifa is no longer so peaceful - "our life has become a nightmare"

(haipo) - The residents of the 'Savioni Dania' neighborhood describe a deep sense of frustration from the severe damage to their quality of life, after the main road in the neighborhood, on Oskar Schindler Street, became very busy, noisy and surrounded by the pungent smell of diesel fuel, just as if it were an intercity road.

Residents of the neighborhood describe an incessant noise of trucks, motorcycles, modified vehicles, ATVs and car horns all day and all night. "Our life has become a nightmare."

Oskar Schindler Street (Photo: Yael Shaked)

"Savioni Dania" is one of the more prestigious neighborhoods in Haifa, which is characterized by high-rise, high-rise buildings, and for the most part, the residents who choose to live there will be looking for quality of life, comfort and peace. But the peace sought by the residents of the neighborhood was violated, especially those who live on the main street of the neighborhood Oskar Schindler, was violated a long time ago. Life in the "quiet" neighborhood has become a nightmare.

The residents say that Oskar Schindler Street, the main street of the neighborhood, has become an intercity road. A busy, noisy and polluting street. Despite repeated appeals to both the municipality and the police, nothing is addressed and nothing changes.

Oskar Schindler Street (Photo: Yael Shaked)

Yael Shaked, a resident of the neighborhood, says in a conversation with Lahi Pa:
"Oscar Schindler has become an intercity road that connects the Kiryats, Nesher, Yagor and Haifa. Countless vehicles, off-road motorcycles, motorcycles, improved cars, ATVs, diesel trucks drive there every hour of the day and the noise is unbearable, both in the morning and at night. It was a quiet and solid neighborhood and now our life has become a nightmare," she says.

"The main thing is that at the entrance to the neighborhood, which forbids the entry of polluting vehicles, but it turns out that the sign is only for beauty, because there is no enforcement. The trucks honk non-stop, the motorcycles and improved vehicles make noise day and night and a strong smell of diesel fuel surrounds the area. Our life has become a nightmare. The most outrageous and sad thing is that the police And the municipality does not help, despite our countless requests.

Oskar Schindler Street (Photo: Yael Shaked)

Countless inquiries and no response

"It is very easy to take care of the well-being of the residents here, by placing surveillance and enforcement cameras and placing signs that warn that surveillance and enforcement are indeed taking place and at the same time direct the drivers to travel a different way. The noises also reach the inner roads in the neighborhood, like Mendel Singer. This is a neighborhood where property taxes are very high, without any compensation. Because most of the people here are adults, there has been no outcry so far, even though the police hotline is full of calls for help. We turn to the municipality and they turn to the police, we turn to the police, we don't get help there either, in the end we don't get an answer from either of them."

The police gave Lai Pa in response:
A. Regarding polluting vehicles - a combination of the Ministry of Transport will be urgently examined.
B. On Moshe Road, speed enforcement is carried out with high frequency by operating a laser speedometer, exactly the axis that descends from Oskar Schindler towards Nesher. Reports have been recorded and enforcement is carried out regularly. At the same time, in light of the complaints that this is emerging as a phenomenon, we will immediately increase enforcement and integrate additional forces".

No response was given from the Haifa municipality.

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Samar Odeh - Carantinji
Samar Odeh - Carantinji
Journalist in the team of correspondents of the Chai Pe site • Municipal reporter, crimes, environment and health Contact Samar by email: [email protected]

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  1. Leftists, you wanted coexistence, so you got it.
    Draw conclusions and stop the protests tonight for the continuation of the Oslo disasters...
    For two years you had a police minister, Omer Bar Lev, who did it in his pants and you saw what we got.

  2. The road was!!! The person who bought made a mistake and can only complain to himself. What did you think you bought a private house.
    Beyond that, what's important is the pigs!!???

  3. I don't understand what the complaints are about. There is a road there. Cars will drive in it. Does it matter how much property tax you pay? insolent

  4. enforcement? a joke there is nothing, there are not even slow lanes on this road, there are car races here, bikers at crazy speed but no police at all

  5. It is indeed a road between the cities of Usafia Dalia and Haifa. There is no surprise here. The insurgent police do nothing against the open exosome phenomenon. Every motorcycle in the country, when it goes to the first break road, they open the exhaust for it to make maximum noise. The Mishtere does not enforce it at all. Interferes with Oskar Schindler and any other road. Now they open car exhausts and even install software on the car's computer that will make explosions in the exhaust. disgrace. The Mishtere likes to attack the good citizens with an ambush at a remote and meaningless stop sign, but ignores real dangers and does not enforce

    • The police cannot be the solution. Whoever approved the planning of this road so that it is both an interstate and passes through a residential street, he should be blamed. and the committees that approved this planning. For this there is planning, so that there are no such problems.

  6. Only those who are wise will understand. In the State of Israel, only the ultra-Orthodox know how to live. No noise from cars on Shabbat rest, no running away from reality with all the cell phones, their own cheap supermarkets, no need to work, there is inclusive, and this leads to the fact that there is not much money, so you always wear the same thing and don't need brands.

  7. Some poor complaints, the road was there for the Japanese that the buildings were there!! You didn't think about it while building???
    What happened you suddenly woke up after years??
    Only tears and stories!!
    The windows insulate noise so vehicles don't really disturb, if you want clean air turn on the air conditioner
    And as for the pollution, it will be everywhere
    Move to some hole in the Golan Heights and you will have peace and fresh air
    And the pigs don't get in the way, remember they were here for Japan
    If possible, I would make them a feeding area
    At the entrance to your buildings!!

    In short, apart from complaining, you have nothing to do in life
    Take care of yourself so that you have less crap in your life

  8. Haifa noise pollution pigs and there is no gps all Haifa race track. So it is that we are an enclave of the surrounding villages. Reports from Tel Aviv. The city of the grave

  9. Beharel and Operation Yonatan also show motorcycles without exhaust with a horrible noise.
    It happens because there is no policing and there is no fear.

  10. What about the beach neighborhoods in Haifa? Have you completely forgotten about them? Improved cars that drive as they please and trucks that park near residences.
    Start operating in the whole city!

  11. good evening,

    I would like to point out that a rather significant fact that causes the situation described in the article stems from the poor functioning of traffic light supervision in the Haifa municipality. This department is not functioning, and this is not only along Schindler Street, but in all of Haifa. The people working in this department use a relatively new computerized system and therefore unbearable traffic jams are created, one of which is on Oskar Schindler Street waiting for the traffic lights (the first one near No. Sheva, a commercial building, but mainly at the second intersection of Dania at the exit to Abba Khushi Boulevard. The residents did not have the initiative to call To the department whenever you notice how short the opening of the traffic light is, their comments may have been taken into account
    04-8356920. Each time there is a different shift manager with whom you can talk/

  12. Those who bought apartments there knew that it is a main street with 4-6 routes that connects Kol Nesher and Ramot Yitzhak to Haifa. Bensher also lives on the side of this road.
    The police can stop cars and motorcycles with the noise just for general noise and trucks will sell and move to quieter streets.

  13. Where are you different from the rest of the city's residents? Even in Nevsh there is noise in the other neighborhoods in the city. Who are you anyway?

  14. What enforcement, something, something. This whole city is a motorcycle race track with open exhausts making noise all over this city 24/7. pure shame. The municipality of Haifa and the beach police are simply clowns. In the end, an unlucky driver is stopped and given a report. They fear the bikers because most of them belong to crime families.
    The municipality's policing excels mainly in harassing owners of dogs that do no harm to anyone. And this retired mayor is busy talking about the wild boars

  15. The truth is that whoever sold luxury apartments there to people for millions in huge towers of hundreds of apartments as if it were an isolated villa in Caesarea is a genius. They sell people a pool and a gym, there is a lobby with plastic flower pots at the entrance and the buyers miss that there is a five-lane road under the house, a lack of parking because there are a thousand housing units in the complex and that the location is on a main intersection.
    The road and the neighborhood there developed at the same time and the planning was known to everyone in advance. Those who do not understand that they will not buy a property especially at such prices. to invest in double windows.

  16. As long as you insist on buying more and more vehicles, don't use TAB, don't invest in TBA, don't vote for parties and council members who care about TBA, don't put pressure on the government and local councils to provide TBA solutions and surrender to the religious terror that prevents leading a secular lifestyle OK - it will only get worse.
    There is no reason for the problem to be solved if everyone thinks that someone else should solve it. The solution starts with us, with our choices and actions, and the way we invest our money.
    Start using Chabatz and see how solutions and improvements in transportation will begin to appear (not to mention the time and money and nerves you will save yourself when you don't have to drive on the roads with the crazy people and maintain another vehicle)

  17. In Haifa, huge trucks drive with air horns and crazy speed. They get off Freud or go up and overtake private roads. Young Arab drivers. And that too with a trailer. There is no enforcement.

    • All residents of Haifa deserve a quality of life and enforcement of laws to prevent nuisance. Here they posted about a certain neighborhood, but this is a notorious Haifa phenomenon

  18. Come to the Ramat Begin neighborhood, Lionel Watson Street in Haifa and understand what noise is, for 5 years now some kind of building has been built here with truck noises from seven in the morning, drilling and construction noises, and this is going to continue for at least another 3-4 years. The highest property tax in Haifa (with Dania and several other neighborhoods) and a quality of life next to the Halisa neighborhood is the height of luxury

  19. Isn't this the neighborhood of the millions?
    There used to be a checkpoint there from a certain time.. I was stuck there at 1 in the morning.. I had to make a complete turn because of this nonsense.

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