Several drowned at Meridian Beach in the stormy sea - 16/7/24

Update for Wednesday morning, 17/7/25: This morning the scans continued in the coastal area...

13-year-old Yair Whitson, a resident of Haifa, found a 1,800-year-old ring in Carmel

(Archaeology Lives Here) A ring about 1,800 years old, on which an engraving...

The night train to Haifa does not stop at the station

(Living here) - Residents living in the neighborhoods of Bat Galim and Kiryat...

Urban renewal in Haifa: the great expectation and the disappointment ► Watch

(Live here) - The urban renewal conference held yesterday (Tue...
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Huge flats of Perna Perna oysters have been discovered in Haifa Bay

(Live here in the sea) - There is a lot of talk about immigration to Israel...

Talfiot market in Haifa - a genius creation in endless renovation

At the eastern end of Sirkin Street, stands the Talpiot market building,...

Shaver Yegur - last moments of a rare bloom • Go for a walk on Pesach

Shaver Yegur, also known as Etak Carmel, is a nature corner...

An exciting Passover ceremony was held in the refugee camp • The ship 'Exodus' ► Watch

'Exodus', a symbol of bravery and determination, great excitement was recorded last Friday...

Ruthie Segal • Goddess of the fruitfulness of creation • Haifa painter and curator

Ruthi Segal's paintings, her house, and treasures from her age are infused with...

Haifa: a huge traffic jam on Sderot Hagana heading south

(haipo) – At this time (Tuesday, 7/5/24, 19:20 p.m.), a huge traffic jam on Hagana Boulevard heading south. The traffic jam starts at the Maksim restaurant and continues until the Dolphin intersection.
The cause of the traffic jam is an accident between a tractor and a truck.

We will be happy if you report to us from the field to Hai's WhatsApp here at this link: 050–8289000.

Since there is no WAZE, we recommend that drivers take alternative routes, for example through Stella Maris and from there to Neve David. Good luck to the drivers.

Haifa: a huge traffic jam on Sderot Hagana heading south (Photo: Menashe Shemesh)
Haifa: a huge traffic jam on Sderot Hagana heading south (Photo: Menashe Shemesh)

Contact Chai here: At watsapBy email

Menashe Shemesh
Menashe Shemesh
Eng Menashe Shemesh 052-6220769 email [email protected]

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4 תגובות

  1. Now imagine that in the beach neighborhoods they will add 10 thousand apartments with tens of thousands of vehicles which is an exclusive road into their neighborhood.
    Haifa people do not understand what is explained to them. Many cities are built on a grid - two and a half of streets. One street is closed, traffic is diverted to another street.
    Haifa has a unique problem because of Mount Carmel and the way it spreads over the ridge and the coast around the mountain.
    In both cases, only one axis passes: the defense road around the coast, and the ridge road along the mountain.
    This requires good public transportation and alternatives such as trains, subways and bus routes because these roads are single arteries. It is also required not to block them, not for demonstrations, not for events, and not allow at all, for any reason, the blocking of vital roads such as those that also connect to the Rambam, Carmel and Bnei Zion hospitals.
    The only way to add alternative axes is like the Carmel tunnels, digging through the mountain.
    That is why it is so important that these roads have public transportation routes that will allow buses to pass quickly and not get stuck in traffic jams. That's why it's good that they made a metro bus route around the ridge on Hagana Blvd. and they must dig under Tschernihovski-Hananisi Blvd.
    and make an exclusive bus lane in at least one direction.

  2. The traffic jam, if from north to south, then - from the Dolphin intersection to the Sea Road intersection...
    A bit confusing directions

  3. Because of the direction of traffic, I would say that it actually starts from the Dolphin intersection and continues to the Maksim intersection, I think it makes more sense from a driver's perspective

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Illegal residents were arrested in the city of Nesher

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