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The return of the multi-armed octopus to the beach in Haifa

Lately, one of the most fascinating animals has been rediscovered in the natural world...

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13 cat carcasses were discovered in one week in a neighborhood in Haifa

(haipo) - A disturbing phenomenon recently occurred (May 2024) in the Elatika neighborhood in Haifa - 13 cat carcasses were discovered in one week, which were apparently poisoned.

Complaints from residents living in the Elatika neighborhood in Haifa have reached Hai Pe system, according to which last week (1-8.5.24) an unacceptable amount of cat carcasses - 13 in number - were discovered in their neighborhood. Every day the residents discover another dead cat, each time in a different place in the neighborhood. The residents think that it is poisoning.

A resident of the neighborhood said in a conversation:
"The issue worries us very much. Most of the residents have dogs and we are afraid to go for a walk with them, lest they get hurt and poisoned as well. The phenomenon started last week - every day we see a carcass or two of cats, under the car or in the bushes. We don't know the reason, but apparently This is poisoning.

We reported to the Haifa municipality that they would come to collect the carcasses, but they did not do so. There was even a case where a municipal employee came to the scene and I personally asked him to remove the carcass of the cats from under the car but he said it was not his job. We expect the Haifa Municipality to address the phenomenon and investigate what is causing the death of the cats."

Haifa Municipality gave a response to Haifa:

During the last two weeks, the municipal call center 106 received two inquiries about carcasses on Jaffa Street, and these were immediately removed by the municipality. The municipality is not aware of any additional carcasses, and if there are any, we will be grateful for the transfer of the scribes where they are located, and these will be dealt with as usual immediately. The municipality does not spread poison in any way in the public area but only in closed sewers against rats.

Contact Chai here: At watsapBy email

Samar Odeh - Carantinji
Samar Odeh - Carantinji
Journalist in the team of correspondents of the Chai Pe site • Municipal reporter, crimes, environment and health Contact Samar by email: [email protected]

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  1. This is just an act of the municipality in Haifa

    They have no mercy.
    As they sprayed the pigs in brutal distress!!! Instead of looking for alternatives how to help and improve.
    All the municipalities in Israel do not help the animals on the street.
    They just prefer to kill. and not invest.
    You will judge above!!!
    This is what this country looks like.
    Inhumans. and humanities.
    Is this the example???

  2. Someone once told me that the cat is a pet of the devil and whoever messes with it will see all their loved ones die in severe agony.

  3. If it is someone who poisons them and accidentally gets caught in my hands, I let him drink a liter of this poison!!! It is urgent to address the issue

  4. The Municipality of Haifa dealt with the issue immediately! Recruit the police to find the poisoner!!! It is not possible for the lives of street and domestic animals to be promiscuous like this! It is the municipality's responsibility to keep the public areas safe!!!

  5. In my yard, many cats died of diseases over the years, the municipality came to evacuate them after I called and asked for help. So the municipality does help with these things, including spaying and neutering the cats.

    • Why are you protecting the municipality, maybe you are Yahav's neighbor? I'm sure that in Dania and Golda the municipality cares not because it cares about animals but because they don't want there to be many cats. The other neighborhoods have been neglected for years, no sterilization, no neutering, please come down from the ivory tower!!

  6. A dying cat also came to my yard. The veterinary service workers evacuated him at my request in less than an hour. Many thanks to them

  7. What is Elatika neighborhood??? What is this invention??
    And why don't they contact the police to find out who the criminals are who poison????

  8. Someone in the area is simply poisoning cats and it is the municipality's responsibility to investigate the matter and file a complaint, it is not enough to say: not us...

  9. A wave of domestic cat disappearances was at the beginning of the Tshebi and now we have it in Shambor. We installed cameras! Beyond the sorrow for the cruelty, at a time when we really do not lack it, it is very disturbing - we may have a psychopath growing in our city. Samer, thanks for the report, and there is a bigger story here, the dimensions of which need to be understood.
    Whoever has a missing cat - report it to the municipality and Samar so that we can take care of the matter quickly.

  10. How evil, what evil people spread poison and cause death, agony and terrible suffering to an animal, it brings disasters on the person, a society that causes suffering to animals is punished back, it is not for nothing that it is written in your book not to cause suffering to animals!!!!

  11. While the municipality of Haifa shows care for street cats, wild pigs are killed in cold blood by shooting in many neighborhoods of the city.
    What hypocrisy
    Very sad to know that this is really happening.

    • Wild pigs can kill a baby or a child and it has already happened that they attacked a school bag and the hands of babies to eat their food. They must be eliminated in any humane way possible. They are a danger of death and disease. By the way, they came from Jordan and Syria as an attack.

  12. Cats pigs demonstrations of anarchists burning cars and what else? Haifa is vibrant but in the near future Haifa is dying Haifa is not a city it is one waste with all its protesters and with all the things that happen to it and ben

  13. And in Shambur well-kept cats with collars mysteriously disappear!! There is a connection?? Or maybe you give...contradictory opinions. And there are those who claim that there are those who transfer them to Bat Galim... maybe you are the address to investigate this and not just report

  14. First of all, who uses God's name in vain. We need to find out who killed the cats. Because who kills cats? I have not heard of cats. This is not by chance. Please find out who was involved in the murder of the cats

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