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Suspected rape in a public parking lot

(Hai Fe) - The police opened an investigation into the suspicion of rape in Kiryat. From the police...

5 vehicles burned overnight in Haifa

(Live here), burning cars again in Haifa and tonight on Arad Street...

The prestigious neighborhood in Haifa is no longer so peaceful - "our life has become a nightmare"

(Hai Pe) - The residents of the 'Savioni Dania' neighborhood describe a feeling...
Banner - 41st Kiryat Bialik march - Saturday, 1/6/24 - Rahav
Banner Kiryat Ata Azmatwa 080524

"Palace" - from a movie theater to one of the tallest office towers in Haifa

Migdal Armon is an office tower that was built on the site of the "Palace" cinema...

Reut Ashkenazi • Autodidactic realism

Elizabeth Kruglov is a creator and local entrepreneur who owns an art gallery...

Yossi Berger • Product designer, photographer and writer from Haifa

A meeting with Yossi Berger may give a taste of being...

The Ninth Jew - Chapter 6

Summary On October 30, 1942, the Finnish police informed the Gestapo headquarters,...

Huge flats of Perna Perna oysters have been discovered in Haifa Bay

(Live here in the sea) - There is a lot of talk about immigration to Israel...

Maccabi Haifa: "It's not Freedom Day as long as 133 hostages are still in Gaza" ► Watch the chilling clip

Before the opening whistle of the victory of the home game of the Greens Maccabi Haifa against the Reds Hapoel Beer Sheva at the "Sami Ofer" stadium in Haifa on Saturday, April 20.4.2024, 133, Maccabi Haifa projected on the screen on the field the chilling video in which it was said: "This is not a freedom holiday at all Our heart is still in Gaza XNUMX abductees are still in Gaza" #BringThemHomeNow.

"It's not Freedom Day as long as 133 hostages are still in Gaza" (Photo: Maccabi Haifa, from the clip)

"It's not Freedom Day as long as 133 hostages are still in Gaza" ► Watch the chilling clip

The chilling video was screened in front of 30,000 viewers. It was filmed and made for the sake of all 133 abductees and the abductees who are still in captivity of the Hamas organization in Gaza. In the video, the players of the group are seen closing the Passover Haggadah at the Shulchan Aruch on Seder night while the melody of "What will change?" is heard in the background. - This year it is not the holiday of freedom as long as 133 abductees and abductees are still in the captivity of Hamas in Gaza.

"It's not Freedom Day as long as 133 hostages are still in Gaza" (Photo: Maccabi Haifa, from the clip)

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Adir Yizrif
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The sinking of the train: the municipality of Haifa embarks on a fight over sinking and tunneling as a condition for the electrification of the tracks - the full document • Commentary

The municipality of Haifa applied in an orderly document indicating that it intends to act with all its might to enable the electrification of the tracks in the coastal environment, only subject to an orderly, budgeted plan...

A mission headquarters was established: the police increase the pressure on the criminals in the Dalia - Isfia area

(Hai Fe) - Following the increase in crime in the Dalia - Isfia area, the police established a mission headquarters, which will carry out a variety of enforcement activities against crime families, crimes of...

Important notices for the residents of Kiryat Ata

Water outage in the Givat Alonim neighborhood and a request not to park along Remez Street • The night between Sunday and Monday, 19-20/24 from the municipality of Kiryat Ata was given to Lehi Pa: For your information...

Bezan and Gadiv were convicted in the Haifa court and fined millions of shekels • "violations of emission permit and toxic permit"

Following a criminal investigation by the Green Police at the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the filing of indictments, today (19/05/24) the Haifa Magistrate's Court convicted the companies in Zan and Gadiv and Nosha...

Ideas to celebrate a wedding anniversary

Celebrating your wedding anniversary is a wonderful way to honor and cherish the time and the many years you have lived side by side, and if you have only been married for a short time...