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Neighbor A short story Ilan Segal

A good neighbor is better than a good margarine.

Among the things with which man is blessed upon his birth is also the sight. It is true that there are methods of conservation and practice that greatly improve and add to our abilities. All kinds of strange and sometimes scary exercises of different eye rolls and more. The improvement of vision that I developed is not similar to what is accepted and is not recognized in the alternative healing services.

On Emek-Hazitim Street in Haifa, as a teenager I lived in a balcony that my father closed for me and my sister. My bed was placed under the window and in my free time I stood with my knees on the bed and looked at the view of a backyard of three buildings. I didn't see a view of the Haifa port, but balconies, windows and sometimes children running in the yards.

When I was asked how I won a shooting course in the army with the badge of the silver marksman, I longed to tell the questioners the story you are about to read. In order to snipe at a target, you need some qualities of stability, mental calmness, correct and calm breathing and most importantly a pair of eyes that see where to hit. Where do I get sniper eyes?

At a distance of 21.48 m from the window of my rooms there is a window of an apartment where an old girl lived with her parents. According to my diagnosis, it was already a gun for the age of twenty. Emek-Hazitim Street is on a slope like many streets in Haifa and so it turned out that the window in question is lower than my window at an angle of thirteen degrees which reflects almost the entire floor of the room. One day our sweetheart entered the room in only her underwear and her breasts were airing in the free air. I hurried to hide out of shame, but she looked at me and opened wide the window sash she had half closed. I was endowed with healthy senses and immediately realized that the show was made for me.

It's hard for me to estimate how long her solo recital lasted, but I remember standing up straight without fear and watching what was meant for me. I didn't feel like a voyeur, which in the dictionary means not showing the ertool held before my eyes. I was excited, and it's a good thing.

I thought in my heart about the literature teacher who wants to write an essay on the subject: "What is the difference between a breast and a woman's elbow", this without referring to the softness of the place. I admit and confess that in every free moment I rushed to the observation post while waiting for the concert. The 'old woman' abused me and once closed half a window, once a semi-transparent curtain and once exposed half her buttock and more than once a few curls peeked out with a smile. I knew very well that she did not intend for the knight of her dreams but to have fun in front of a teenage boy. I understood the reasons for the confusion.

Friends did not believe and wanted proof of the story, everyone wanted to see a demon. I almost started my first business in promotion. Selling concert tickets and sharing the profits with the 'old woman'. The last show was interrupted by the most exciting part when the singer's father entered the room and found out who she was sharing her private parts with. The father has no emotion for art and her screams could be heard in the backyard space of the three buildings. The shutter closed and never opened again.

I think it was sealed in blocks. Years after the show when I touched her bare elbow I forgot to ask how the window was sealed forever. There is the possibility of live tours of the place with explanation and measurements, but the heroine of the story canceled the shows due to her extreme age. In addition, the show's garment, which was the skin of a corpse, accumulated some wrinkles and did not succeed in continuing the tradition.

Drawing from memory (illustration: personal album)

If any of you know the girl who lives in the neighborhood in house number nine, second floor rear apartment whose number in the photo is 4, please send her this story that is not anonymous. I just never knew her name and it says: 'He didn't know her name.' She will surely be very happy that someone still remembers her bosoms shaking in the fresh air and the striptease shows she did even before they came to the clubs in our country.

It is true that the maiden is surely kissing the age of ninety and today she will not air her breasts in front of a teenage boy. It is based on the assumption that over the many years Dedia has lost a little of her luster, but it is guaranteed that her father will not be able to sabotage the show if she decides to hold it before leaving the stage forever. I hope I still have credits left for a concluding concert....solo for me, without an audience.

No one asks what the connection is with improving the integrity of vision and the sniper course, so at a distance of 21.48 m from my bedroom window there is a window to the performance stage and to see a perfect Dead in all its shades and all that is told the eyes develop nine-nine vision, maybe more, and these are actually the eyes needed by every sniper , so it seems to me.

This is where the IDF executive order comes into effect:
aim at the target,
closed an undirected eye,
Bring the edge of the blade
Between my shoulders I sighed……and….fire!

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Ilan Segal
Ilan Segal
Ilan Segal was born and raised in the Hadar HaCarmel neighborhood in Haifa, tells about his childhood.

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  1. Wonderful story, I enjoyed it. Thank you.
    But the boy didn't know his blue-eyed, blue-eyed neighbor who was a few years older than him - for whom the whole show was actually intended hahahahaha

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