Your Passover Kid - Talmona's secret recipe from Kibbutz Afikim was revealed

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(haipo) - The secret recipe that has been prepared for about 60 years in Kibbutz Afikim has been revealed to the public for the first time. The elders of the kibbutz tell about people who come from all over the world to Seder night just to enjoy the complex taste of this delicacy. I am ready to swear that I have seen people who, while chewing the kneidlech, tears of happiness ran down their cheeks and salted the soup. This is a Kneidlech unlike anything we know. It tastes like a Passover dream. Now you too can make them at home, after a special permit we received from Talmona Cohen.

The recipe is for about 40 dumplings.
Recorded in my mother's handwriting - Yael Karmi.

Your Passover Passover - Talmona's secret recipe from Kibbutz Afikim revealed (Photo: Yaron Karmi)
Your Passover Passover - Talmona's secret recipe from Kibbutz Afikim revealed (Photo: Yaron Karmi)

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  1. As an archivist of Afikim, I protest the appropriation.
    The recipe belongs to the Epikim kitchen and does not belong to any particular one, it belongs to generations of dear friends who worked in the kitchen and made the tastiest kneidlech in the world every year

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