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Vote in the poll: Is there a decrease in the number of pigs on the streets of Haifa?

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The Carmel Beach Towers - the "monsters" on the beach

The Carmel Beach towers were built on a strip of land that belonged to...
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The hotel in Bat Galim was built in a flash, even though it blocks the coastline

This is a continuation of the article I published about two months ago during the election period...

The Carmel Beach Towers - the "monsters" on the beach

The Carmel Beach towers were built on a strip of land that belonged to...

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Wild boars in Haifa • Drastic decrease in the number of wild boars in the city • Shooting permit and more... | A document of understanding was signed between Haifa Municipality and RTG

(haipo) - The plan to eradicate the plague of wild pigs is underway, with the first coordination between the Haifa Municipality under the leadership of Yona Yahav and RTG. Here it is worth mentioning that RTG operated for years under the guidelines of the previous municipality, which did not include a shooting permit. It is possible to go back for a moment to the interview I held with Uri Neve in 2020 and understand in depth how we reached the situation of the wild boar outbreak in the city, when the thinning by shooting was stopped at the beginning of 2019. Many understood already then, that following the cessation of thinning by shooting, we are facing an uncontrolled outbreak of wild boar A bar with all that implies, including considerable damage to personal safety, injuries to residents and property damage.
A quote from the mouth of Uri Neve - RTG's Deputy Chief Scientist: "Within the boundaries of the city of Haifa we do not dilute by shooting, because we adapt our methods of operation to the position of the authority and the mayor..."

Time until the plague of pigs in Haifa is eradicated
(90 days from Yona Yahav taking office)


A joint announcement to the Haifa Municipality and the Nature and Parks Authority

The Nature and Parks Authority and the Haifa Municipality signed a memorandum of understanding today to deal with the problem of wild boars and remove them from the borders of the city of Haifa - a project manager of the RTG advised the municipality according to a work plan drawn up between the parties, and which the Haifa Municipality has already begun to implement.

The planner of the Nature and Parks Authority will help the municipality to integrate and direct the plan under the leadership of the municipality's planner for the subject. As part of the understandings, work targets were set to reduce the number of wild boars in the city's neighborhoods.

The representative of Haifa Municipality, David Luria, said:

Today we signed a memorandum of understanding with RTG, based on a work plan prepared in coordination with them, and it defines goals with one clear goal - a drastic decrease in the number of wild pigs in the city.

David Luria (photo - Yaron Karmi)
David Luria (photo - Yaron Karmi)

Guy Cohen, Director of the Northern District of the Nature and Parks Authority, said:

The Authority will continue to assist the Haifa Municipality in mitigating the conflicts between the residents of Haifa and the wild boars. We will be able to keep the wild pigs away only with the cooperation of the municipality and the residents of the city and stopping the feeding. We are happy to assist the municipality and will do what we can to succeed.

Streamlining the thinning method through the granting of shooting permits

The parties will work as part of a "joint team" to continue formulating and implementing the plan to reduce and prevent the phenomenon of wild pigs in the city. This central activity is designed to reduce the entry of wild boars into neighborhoods in search of food. In addition, the municipality will continue its actions to block infiltration routes into neighborhoods through fencing. The parties will continue taking all the accompanying and necessary actions to prevent the phenomenon, including actions to thin out and kill unruly wild boars that have lost the feeling of fear of humans while reinforcing these actions and streamlining the thinning method through the granting of shooting permits and the like.

This activity is critical and necessary in order to prevent, minimize and reduce the immediate and actual risk of personal and property injury to the general public, including maintaining public health and preventing the spread of diseases and epidemics.

In addition, the parties will continue to jointly promote awareness activities in order to internalize the direct connection between food available on the streets and the presence of pigs in the city.

The plan to treat wild boars in the city will include several key actions:

  1. Reducing food and water sources - carrying out sanitation, preventing available food and stopping deliberate feeding of wild animals. This central activity is designed to reduce the entry of wild pigs into neighborhoods in search of food in the following ways:
    A. Sanitation - daily removal of trash and increased evening removal, especially in neighborhoods where there is a large presence of pigs, use of dumpsters that are not accessible to wild animals, evening cleaning in parks, fixing trash carts, closing water and sewer leaks.
    B. Enforcement - preventing food from being left in the public area (feeding cats that are not in accordance with the guidelines), preventing the feeding of wild pigs and other wild animals.
    third. Advocacy - forming a community activity to reduce the conflict.
  2. Blocking entry routes into neighborhoods - mapping, fencing and blocking entry routes of pigs. Ongoing maintenance.
  3. The death of unruly individuals - unruly individuals are pigs that have lost their fear of humans, and see them as a source of food. These pigs are dangerous, and there is no choice but to kill them. The killing of unruly individuals is the complementary activity to the interface areas listed above. Killing can be carried out by capture and humane killing and by shooting, under a permit from the RTG.
  4. Preparation of a monthly report by the joint team.
  5. The shooting permits will be given to specified polygons that will be agreed upon by the joint team, in accordance with the shooting procedure at a distance of less than 500 meters from a settlement.
  6. The shooting permits will be conditioned on collecting the carcasses immediately and collecting a sample from each individual.
  7. Any change in the work plan and any publication to the public will be with the agreement of the joint team.

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Yaron Karmi
Yaron Karmi
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18 תגובות

  1. The failure to treat the issue of pigs by the Haifa municipality is now leading to the destruction of its life, which is not really certain that it is dangerous to humans. As we can see, pigs live in a family, they have a social bond and probably also feelings. The municipality chose to kill them in a tender. This is extermination. Collect all the pigs, castrate them and take them to a closed natural area where they can continue to live, including feeding them so that they don't go crazy from hunger. Every year, she probably kept 4-6 piglets. This happens because the pigs were not treated properly from the beginning. There is something beautiful about animals in the family It is necessary to understand more deeply about her life, but to sterilize it and lead it to a closed and protected space, which will take care of its feeding "That. We have become a violent forceful and murderous nation. Invalid.

  2. For the enforcement of the excessive feeding on Sderot Hanasi. The rats here will overtake the pigs in size in a moment.

  3. The pigs should be vaccinated with Pfizer shots. It is very useful for thinning the population in Israel and around the world, it will also be useful for thinning the pigs.

  4. Who will decide who is an unruly pig? Will the residents continue to shoot in the neighborhoods and endanger us? That sounds like premeditated murder.
    If Luria is responsible, I'm more afraid the man doesn't see the poor. Take care of yourself and your animals!

  5. The statement "Drastic decline is meaningless."
    Complete information must be provided:
    between date A and date B
    The number of pigs decreased from x on date A to y on date B

  6. You can't just kill "a few unruly people in the neighborhoods" when there are hundreds of them. Accompanying the RTG with an inspector on their behalf is unnecessary and wastes money.
    Dilution with a sample from each - what is it for!?
    In many cities hundreds of wild boars are culled every year due to high population.
    Indeed, the sections of the plan sound like another of the same problems sold by Klish and Herteg and we have seen the results - failure to address the problem and its worsening.
    Only massive thinning will bring a return to the situation before 2019. When we saw wild boars in the valley once every few months and not several times a week on the sidewalks.

  7. The main problem is a lack of understanding for human relations and the environment, and this issue has been resolved
    In spectacular nature reserves in South Africa already decades ago
    The only real solution is the construction of a nature reserve in the Golan Heights. I offered Einat Kalish the solution and the right person for it, including everything, and for inexplicable reasons she did nothing
    I would be happy to transfer again to Hadva Almog
    And Lyona will carry out the bulk of the operation and there is a dedicated area for this in the Golan Heights.
    Shmaria Harel and his son Shmuelik
    who agreed to act on it and waited
    For an invitation to a meeting with Hadva already a month ago.
    Garters can be numerically reduced by a small percentage.
    Not to solve anything. Tonight, under my house in Wadi Shih, herds of pigs were already moving and they are in quantities that we cannot imagine.
    The city is flooded with wild boars!
    Happy and Kosher Passover .

  8. Brain confusion. Bullet to the head. And as "Taim" rightly wrote: "You should give them to people who are interested in eating them and it is not against their religion. There are many tourists and secular Christians."

  9. How can it be that Bensher invested once in burying bins without increasing the scope of work and investments and the problem went away?
    Why is everything so crooked in Haifa again? Many jobs and few results.

  10. People who are interested should be given to eat them and it is not against their religion. There are many tourist and secular Christians

  11. This post is simply plagiarism.
    The plan is exactly the same plan. The RTG plan is behind it.
    A designated inspector on behalf of RTG in Haifa - there was. Those who are now in the coalition voted against his continued employment. There was no thinning and there will be no thinning. Only unruly pigs will be killed and not as Yona promised and you marketed.
    Bottom line - Klish's plan won.

    And now we will ask the residents if they only kill unruly pigs anyway - do they prefer to shoot them with a weapon in the backyard.

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