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Fear of an all-out war in Lebanon ○ The news headlines in the Arab media • Monday 2/6/24

(hai here) - with the increasing warming in the northern border and the fear...

Playgrounds in Haifa become a "house" for dogs

(Live here with pets) - The dog excrement phenomenon...

Like paracetamol for the dead - feeding the sand harms (again) the animals in the sea ► Watch

(lives here on the beaches) - summer has started and we come across...
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The hotel in Bat Galim was built in a flash, even though it blocks the coastline

This is a continuation of the article I published about two months ago during the election period...

The Carmel Beach Towers - the "monsters" on the beach

The Carmel Beach towers were built on a strip of land that belonged to...

to flex patterns, to think emotionally • about the autistic spectrum

Autism is a phenomenon that is defined as a neurological variation characterized by a group of...

Artist Rita Binaminov • An exhibition about the beauty of the city of Haifa

At the Hadar "Beitno" community center located at 29 Jerusalem St. in Haifa, there is...

Hebrew Book Week 2024: "Nothing has changed here since the days of Karl Marx" / Lily Milat occupies a shelf

One of the guidelines for writers when they come to tell a story is: Show, Don't Tell....

Unidentified holes were discovered in the giant jellyfish in Haifa

For the past month and a half (February - April 2024) I have been following the stinging jelly monsters that settled on the beaches of Haifa and Haifa Bay in particular. Furthermore, I write extensively about the damage they do to man and the environment. No war on jellyfish will be of any use - neither fishing nets nor ships and propellers that were tried in the XNUMX's that caused a massive spread of venom in the sea water and also caused damage to the ship's engines.

Concentration of jellyfish (photo: Motty Mendelsohn)
Concentration of jellyfish (photo: Motty Mendelsohn)

How do the other sea creatures experience the strings?

There are certain fish that feed on the gonads of the thread that contain protein.
How is this possible? Not the jellyfish wrapped in stinging arms.
the answer is that there are fish that have developed a sophisticated defense against the venom of the jellyfish. This is the case, for example, with the sea lily that lives in symbiosis with the stinging-armed sea lily. The crayfish fish travel between the deadly arms of the wire without being disturbed.

A view of fish feeding on the wire (photo: Motty Mendelsohn)

In recent years, other fish have also joined the feast, such as fish (poisonous fish), various sparrows, and occasionally also threadfin and even kingfishers.
It should be noted that although not all of them have developed immunity to the thread venom, they benefit from the gonads by creating a hole in the center of the awn/bell and directly penetrating their meal. This is the answer to the question that is asked a lot: what are the strange holes in jellyfish?

Sauteed lettuce (Photo: Motty Mendelsohn)
A view of fish feeding on the wire (photo: Motty Mendelsohn)

New holes in jellyfish

In the last two weeks, many jellyfish have been observed with a hole in the side of the bell and fish entering and leaving it.
Why the extra hole? This is a fascinating research topic.
Maybe the "blue holes" could be a sign of things to come and maybe we will grow lettuce under artificial conditions and release them?

The entrance hole of the fish (photo: Motty Mendelsohn)

The answer is absolutely not!

We have already done enough damage to the sea. Any further intervention will only cause endralmosia - an ecological imbalance. Let's let nature act alone.

A side hole was observed in a large number of filaments (photo: Motty Mendelsohn)

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Motty Mendelssohn
Motty Mendelssohn
Marine researcher (diving, underwater photography) and marine and environmental ecology for 35 years. Lecturer in the field for about 20 years. You can order a lecture or a series of lectures accompanied by unique and spectacular photos, taken during many years of research, in Israel and abroad • 050-7271157 • [email protected]

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  1. Hello Mirav
    This is true.
    It is not so common to do with the wire, but we only do it with the upper part of the awning.
    I did it myself.

  2. Moti, is it possible to dry the jellyfish and use the organic material? In China they do this with all kinds of poisonous sea animals

  3. The most important thing is that Teva will continue to do his work faithfully without our interruptions! The pictures are realistic and of crazy quality!!! You are not biased!

  4. Moti, I definitely agree with you. Let nature do its thing undisturbed.
    Bathers will take a deep breath before entering the sea.

  5. As usual fascinating and makes me want more articles from the creative house of the researcher who writes in a wonderful way thanks Moti

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