Alrosana olive oil - call for return (recall)

The importer: Alrosana International Trade Ltd. calls for the return of the product - extra virgin olive oil. Following consumer complaints and an inspection conducted by the food service of the District Health Bureau in Jerusalem, it was found that the olive oil is not suitable for consumption, this is because its acidity level was found to be suitable for the quality of light oil only .

Below are the product details:

  • Product name: extra virgin olive oil
  • Importer: Al-Rozna International Trade Ltd
  • Last date for use: 05.06.2025
  • Barcode number: 7290002039549

Consumers who have the product are asked not to consume it

In coordination with the food service at the Ministry of Health, the importer Al-Rozna International Trade Ltd. collects the product from the marketing channels.

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  1. Eyal saying

    Once such an "importer" will get 5 years in prison for poisoning the public and the cat and mouse chase with these crooks will stop.
    And now with the reform of free imports from Europe we will receive a wave of such frauds from there as well.

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