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A 33-year-old was arrested on suspicion of rape

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The municipality of Kiryat Bialik is launching a new website

Huge flats of Perna Perna oysters have been discovered in Haifa Bay

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Nordau Street, the first pedestrian street in the city of Haifa • Yossi Lubalski

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Talfiot market in Haifa - a genius creation in endless renovation

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Huge jellyfish fill the beach in Haifa • They are one hundred and twenty centimeters in size

This morning, Tuesday 13.2.24/XNUMX/XNUMX, reports were received from swimmers about large jellyfish at Kiryat Haim's bathing beach. The find - a jellyfish with a size of one hundred and twenty centimeters - an uncommon and undesirable size.

An estimate of the enormous size of the jellyfish (photo: Motty Mendelsohn)
An estimate of the enormous size of the jellyfish (photo: Motty Mendelsohn)
Five jellyfish in one meter in a random place (photo: Motty Mendelsohn)
Five jellyfish in one meter in a random place (photo: Motty Mendelsohn)
Huge jellyfish on the beach in Haifa (photo: Motti Mendelson)
Huge jellyfish on the beach in Haifa (photo: Motti Mendelson)

fill the sea

During the dive, I came across 15 jellyfish with an average size of ninety cm. The phenomenon is very rare. Not because of their appearance in winter, but because of their enormous size.
Due to their size and the difficult visibility conditions, it was not possible to photograph them completely underwater, so we will be content with their photos staying on the beach.

A huge tangle of hunter's arms (photo: Motty Mendelsohn)
A huge tangle of hunter's arms (photo: Motty Mendelsohn)
Huge jellyfish on the beach in Haifa (photo: Motti Mendelson)
Huge jellyfish on the beach in Haifa (photo: Motti Mendelson)

What is the summer going to look like?

Gonads (reproductive systems) loaded with eggs were seen in some of the large jellyfish. The approximate time from the moment a jellyfish egg hatches until it becomes an adult is ninety days.

So - what will summer look like? In relation to the given situation, it is difficult to answer that. Let's hope that the jellyfish will not arrive, because at this size it is already a significant problem. For example, even after swimming a reasonable distance from them, I felt strong pain for over two hours.
Oh well, the main thing is that they don't arrive in the summer.

The face of the jellyfish (photo: Motty Mendelsohn)
The face of the jellyfish (photo: Motty Mendelsohn)
A searing look into the animal's face (photo: Motty Mendelsohn)
A searing look into the animal's face (photo: Motty Mendelsohn)
Gonads loaded with eggs (photo: Motty Mendelsohn)
Gonads loaded with eggs (photo: Motty Mendelsohn)

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Motty Mendelssohn
Motty Mendelssohn
Marine researcher (diving, underwater photography) and marine and environmental ecology for 35 years. Lecturer in the field for about 20 years. You can order a lecture or a series of lectures accompanied by unique and spectacular photos, taken during many years of research, in Israel and abroad • 050-7271157 • [email protected]

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  1. Amazing photos! It seems that the jellyfish are really huge in size
    A rare and beautiful event of nature:) Are the jellyfish that reached the beach already dead?
    Also, what is their lifespan? Very interesting and fascinating

  2. On Saturday at Gali Gal beach in Nahariya, I came across the huge jellyfish, photographed them and uploaded them to my Facebook page.
    Carmel Gardens.

  3. I took a walk last week at the Carmel beach and I smelled jellyfish so I searched and finally found one lying on the beach. Let's hope they were early and won't be in the summer just like last year.

  4. Hello Yael
    No cannibal rescuer should bother with them.
    They are heavy over ten kg at least and the hunting arms are loaded with venom causing damage they will fall apart by themselves.

  5. Yes, during the morning swim yesterday-Tuesday, at Dado Beach in front of Sukkah 3 towards the north until the break in front of Meridian, there are monstrous jellyfish. There was good visibility so we didn't get burned. And yet, when going out on the beach and from a lack of attention after taking off a suit, a burn all over the left side that by evening had passed. Have a nice swim everyone.

  6. To all the dear writers.
    The jellyfish is a very stinging animal, in this case the size and quantity changes the curve for the worse.
    They burn very hard and are dangerous to the face, so winter swimmers should go in and be careful of them.
    It is better to receive them in the winter than in the summer when the citizens, exhausted by the situation, can enjoy themselves and wash away their troubles in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea that kisses Haifa.

  7. I got stuck in one like this a few days ago :/ because of the visibility I didn't see it in time to dodge... looks like jelly, feels like iron nails. Left an ugly mark on me

  8. I remember at the age of 9 or 10, while visiting Barcelona, ​​I was with my mother at the beach. I went into the water a little and felt a very strong whipping on his legs. I screamed and when I came out of the water I was like a zebra!
    My mother immediately took sand and sea water and put it on me.
    An unforgettable experience More than 60 years have passed.

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