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A victory for Katia, the cat feeder from Haifa

(haipo) - A small victory with a big meaning: Katia, a cat feeder from Haifa, was fined more than once for feeding cats. In the last few days, she received some relief when a fine of NIS 750 was canceled in court. Now she hopes that thanks to the help of the Noah association, another fine she received will also be canceled.


As you may recall, last September we published the story of the cat eater Katya and her fight to cancel the fines given to her and according to the Noah association - an Israeli association of organizations for the protection of animals, which mobilized to defend her unjustly. On 14/12/23 a hearing was held at the Local Affairs Court in Haifa on the request to cancel the fines given to Katia and the court canceled the fine.

Katya received two fines. According to her, she did not know about the existence of the first fine at all, but only after she was sent a fine with interest for non-payment. She applied to the municipality with a request to cancel the fine, where she was told that it cannot be canceled since the cancellation deadline has passed. Later she received the same fine with additional interest, and in the meantime she "kidnapped" won" another nest which she received in her hands. Katia, who does not speak Hebrew, had difficulty handling the matter and receives assistance from the Noah Association - an Israeli association of organizations for the protection of animals, managed by Ella Evin.

The second fine Lida received, in the amount of NIS 730, was successfully overturned in court, as mentioned, but the first fine, since the original fine was not available, could not be discussed. Ella Abin claims that the inspection department first claimed that the first fine was handed to her but This is not true, after that they said it was delivered to her by registered mail, but an examination revealed that the signature was not hers at all.

The association demanded the original fine from the municipality so that they could appeal and demand its cancellation. Yesterday Monday 25/12/23 we were informed that the municipality canceled the interest rates and sent a demand for payment of the original amount.

Cancellation of the fine

"The light overcomes the darkness that they try to bring down on the cat feeders"

Inbal Kidar, the legal advisor of Noah Association: "It is very important that people do not get confused and think that there is some kind of problem with feeding cats. Feeding cats is permitted and legal and you can feed cats in public spaces and on common property. The Haifa Municipality has given itself an interpretation regarding clean feeding, demanding and obliging the feeders to put the food on the plates, to wait until the cats finish eating and dispose of the leftovers. This is in contrast to other authorities where they allow small handfuls of dry food that should be finished based on the knowledge of the feeder within fifteen minutes or half an hour without putting plates and without waiting, the feeder can leave.

Unfortunately, in Haifa it is very easy to treat people who do not understand and do not speak the Hebrew language. With the speakers of the language, the inspector will find it difficult to give a report and will start arguing with him. Fortunately, on 14/12/23 we arrived at the court and were able to cancel one fine of 750 NIS given to Katia, however, there remains another fine that is important to us to be canceled. We still haven't been able to get the original fine from the municipality and in the meantime Katia has received and is receiving notices with interest. When we obtain the original fine, we will work to cancel it so that the light will overcome the darkness that is trying to alienate the municipality."

Adv. Inbal Kidar (personal album)

Two thirds of those represented in Haifa are Russian speakers

Ella Evin, director of the Noah Association - an Israeli association of organizations for the protection of animals, told Lahi Fe that according to the data in her possession, two thirds of those represented in Haifa are Russian speakers and another third are Hebrew speakers.

Ella Avin (personal photo)

Hai Pa system contacted the municipality in order to get a response on the matter, as well as to find out, among other things, the policy for distributing fines and the number of reports given to residents who feed cats during the last period. Unfortunately, the Haifa municipality did not provide any response.

Contact Chai here: At watsapBy email

Samar Odeh - Carantinji
Samar Odeh - Carantinji
Journalist in the team of correspondents of the Chai Pe site • Municipal reporter, crimes, environment and health Contact Samar by email: [email protected]

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44 תגובות

  1. Only in the Haifa municipality they take with their lies it's simply unbelievable I encountered inspectors who lied to me I didn't give up but what do older people do it's just a shame!! Only in the Haifa municipality is feeding with plates and waiting, there are no such things in any other municipalities, shame does not mean you need clean feeding, but waiting is an exaggeration from the land of exaggerations, they don't know how to make money from weak people, shame!!!!!

  2. Following on from my response about feeding cats in the enlightened world, I would like to add - when I lived in the USA to this day I cannot forget the behavior of the authorities towards cats and dogs!!!! Not only were feeding houses scattered throughout the cities, but I also visited pet hospitals and convalescent homes after their illness! !!!!!

  3. All over the enlightened world people feed cats and even the authorities set up small houses for cats!!!! (As I saw in Greece) After all, without the cats our streets would be full of cockroaches, snakes and more. The cats also give some joy in the heart to the older and elderly sector!! Our country still needs to learn a lot about how to make the elderly happy!!!!!

  4. The municipality engages in nonsense and piles more burdens and financial difficulties on large-hearted residents. You can find solutions for feeding the street cats, such as feeding stations, etc. You can also be warned by inspectors and not give an immediate report. It seems that the public institutions work against the citizen and not for his benefit.

  5. I will continue to feed cats on your nose and your stomach. This is dry food, and after a few minutes there is no trace left.
    I also spay and neuter in Israel at my own expense.
    Jump for me!

  6. This is not concern for the animals, this is abuse of them because there is no neutering and there is an increase in the population and this creates a lot of problems and is actually cruel to street cats. This is the reason why they ask not to feed street cats. You create a problem, and you are cruel to these animals.
    The time has come for people who have difficulty understanding, when it is explained to them, to understand what is being explained, and if they don't - fines.

    • In any normal city, the municipality is responsible for neutering and sterilizing most of the street cats (apart from a certain number that is necessary for controlled natural reproduction), and thus the municipality is responsible for sterilization, the cats hunt pests such as rats and snakes, and good people feed the cats whose number is such that the feeders can monitor and withstand it
      The feeders also suffer from a situation of uncontrolled proliferation. Explain this to Yona Yahav, because in Haifa at Yona Yahav the situation is much worse than other burners.

  7. According to the responses sympathetic to the violation of law and order in the name of fictitious compassion that creates suffering in the proliferation of street cats and dangerous wild pigs and "enthusiasm" you can see why this is a dirty city full of hazards. I was enthusiastic about the Bezan torch and the bricks were also beautifully lit and the smell from the factory is also cute and different. Why bother polluting streams it produces water in a cute and interesting color. The entire entrance to the building, a sofa and mattresses for the wild boars to enjoy before putting a foot down with a blow.
    A city of weirdos.

  8. Cats are the cleanest and friendliest animal for an urban environment. Except for their fights at night and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally.. in spite of me and my mother, the pigs really don't get in the way.. we're quite enthusiastic about them.
    But yes, if you feed you need in quantities that match the amount of cats. Overfeeding is not healthy for them. Feeding should be half of what they need, then the other half they provide for themselves by hunting cockroaches and mice. It is known, where cats have been thrown, diseases and epidemics have broken out.
    Now for what is written in the article:
    Can't cancel because the cancellation deadline has passed?? ? ! !
    What is the infantile sublevel, are you making fun of us?????
    So let's go ahead and give a fine of half a million shekels, and to anyone who doesn't pay attention to the fine we'll say "Oh, sorry, the cancellation has expired. You'll pay half a million shekels. Thank you and goodbye."
    Sometimes I really want Nasrallah to dismantle Haifa a little...

  9. Excellent, fines and fines cats are a big nuisance when there are lifeless people who come and feed them, crows are also attracted to cat food and attack children and people around kindergartens, the cats themselves also lose all instinct and natural instinct to hunt. Think if the lady suddenly stops coming, what will the cats do? And it's also diseases and some people are afraid and it's also not pleasant to pass by a battalion of street cats every 100 meters in Israel it's already Russian fashion here.

  10. I wish all those chasing the angels who feed cats - to find themselves on the street hungry for food and water.
    Humans create hazards and trash, why not monitor humans instead of cats?
    The cats exist because of humans and eat the garbage we throw away which is not natural for them at all. The least we can do is feed, spay and neuter.

  11. Kudos to Katia, the association, the lawyer and the cat feeders.
    Good luck and thank you, there is a wise, compassionate heart and a good soul, I wish there were more people like you in the world

  12. This is one of the most important struggles, well done!

    It's sad that we live in a society that abuses helpless animals and people who try to help them. We will never give up.

  13. The harassment of people who have compassion for the hunger and distress of living beings is ugly and cruel. In the place of employment there are idle inspectors who hang around idle who will employ a cat catcher and a veterinarian who will take care of castration and sterilization. The requirement to put food that is decomposing organic matter in a plastic plate is illogical and unnecessary.

  14. What is the municipality waiting for?? Cat corpses? Did they starve?? Or for the livelihood of the urban cat killer, who hurt my lovely cat!! These are your solutions??

  15. Katya who does not speak Hebrew -
    Oh the constant trick of the old Russians. I.. no... Hebrew...
    If a municipality enforces a law for the benefit of the public (in thousands of cities around the world it is forbidden to feed stray cats)
    Courts come and again hinder enforcement and stopping nuisances
    "Feeding cats" is the occupation?! that you go to work at the municipal kennel.
    As with "wild boar feeders" you cause severe environmental damage and think you are angels.

  16. First of all, congratulations to Katia! It is a great mitzvah to take care of animals and it is also a protection for man. The municipality of Haifa can increase its head and set up feeding stations like what they did in Kiryat Motzkin and other municipalities - beautiful and respectful to the animals. They can also further enlarge their heads and provide cat food!

  17. Cheeky in the municipality - instead of feeding the cats themselves, they give scavenger hunts to compassionate good-hearted people who don't know the language, ridiculous!

  18. And then they complain about wild pigs coming to look for food in residential areas. Keep leaving food out for them - you'll see how they multiply and become a nuisance.

  19. The main thing here is not how or not to feed cats
    But there are two evils here and the first is the successful method of the municipality of giving a fine with interest, because "you did not pay the original" when the original never arrived. My partner was dealing with a similar thing with a commercial company and the second she had a lawyer who volunteered to help her (may God bless him) they folded their tails.

    And the second is the lack of identification and search for specific populations.
    Because the inspector doesn't have the strength to fight, what's more, they are great heroes over an elderly woman. It's no secret that there are Russian animal foods. That the town spend 5 minutes writing down the feeding rules in Russian in a simple way in places where they know the population is instead of giving fines in a discriminatory way.

  20. This municipality earns a living from a battalion of (non-human) inspectors instead of fulfilling its role. The ram cats are originally house cats and have remained so. The person is neglected or dead and they are not supposed to live on the street, it is our moral duty to take care of them as much as we can,!!. It is the municipality's job to take care of them and take care of them. There are not even feeding areas. Knowing how to punish is the easiest thing!!!!

  21. Dear Katya,
    bless you
    May God, whom you assist in maintaining the productions he created, be by your side.
    It is so unfortunate that you feel sorry for the cats, but there are those who this giving is yours, the cynics among them, and they do not stop harassing both the cats and those who feel sorry for them.
    It is so hurtful and painful.
    Thank you very much for your kindness.

  22. Everywhere the authorities take care of the street cats. What well-kept cats there are in Paphos and Brodos, spayed and neutered, and loved by the locals. The time has come for Haifa to adopt this as well.

  23. These, the municipality makes money on the backs of the weak and non-Hebrew speakers and sometimes also write reports on things that were not done) such as a report on smoking when the person did not smoke at all because each report gives the inspector a premium.
    In most cases do not pay the report and go to trial.

  24. Only the municipality of Haifa persecutes cat feeders
    In other municipalities there are feeding corners on behalf of the municipality and only in Haifa does the municipality make money on people and cats

  25. Bad! Bad ! Scattering cat food on the sidewalks brings a plague of pigs and rats, whoever is interested in feeding cats should do so in his yard and near the entrance to his house and in no way near other people's houses!

  26. So if it is possible to feed cats also in the common property, then it is better to put the cats' food next to the apartments of the feeders and in the quantities, then a stairwell is common property

  27. The municipality is right that requires clean feeding, we accumulate piles of cat food that simply attract all kinds of other animals - pigs, crows, pigeons and also mice!!! It's okay to feed cats, but take responsibility - clean up after yourself, and it would even be better if the cat feeders would also take care of neutering/sterilizing the cats in their environment, because feeding contributes to the reproduction of the street cats, which is really not successful

  28. I am actually against feeding street cats
    Whoever feeds the cats destroys the natural texture in nature.
    And also makes it more likely to get infected with the toxoplasma virus when there are many cats around you.
    which is very dangerous for pregnant women.

  29. Journalism at its best…. On the one hand, they complain about the city's municipality suffering from wild boars that reach, among other things, the cat food that is scattered, which requires responsible and orderly feeding on plates and with the collection of leftovers, and on the other hand, the main complainers are about the phenomenon of wild boars.
    very impressive !
    I have been feeding the yard cats in my neighborhood for years and wait until they finish to pick up. I never received a fine.

  30. But... the classic trick of forging a signature and not telling a person that he was fined. So that he has to hire a lawyer just to understand that it is better to pay a fine. Kudos to our government, great pride

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