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Yahya Sanwar - Is it worthwhile for Israel to eliminate the deadliest terrorist leader in Israel's history? • Interpretation

Day by day the siege around the bunker of the mass murderer Yahya Sinwar is tightening. Now it is possible to deal with the issue of the desired solution for the State of Israel: whether to eliminate him, or bring him to a show trial or even allow him to go into exile as part of an overall deal on the release of the abductees and the future of the Gaza Strip.

In my opinion, the realistic considerations against the elimination of Sinuar today by the State of Israel are:

If it is possible to capture Yahya Sinwar alive - it is not recommended to execute him by hanging after a trial, or to kill him in a bunker during the assault. He should not be imprisoned and hold a show trial, in order not to become a saint and a legend in his lifetime for Hamas supporters and a target for release by deadly terrorist acts.
For example: there will be more attempts to kidnap a soldier/s in the north, which may also lead to negotiations for his release. The elimination of Sinwar will not lead to the elimination of the wave of attacks from the north, for example. Iran will not be deaf.

However, in the end it should be noted that the discussion about the possibility of Sinwar's elimination is legitimate, but superficial, one that does not ask the question of the day after.

The elimination of Sinwar will most likely not bring the desired solution to the people of Israel. It is possible that such an action will create new problems, as happened in the case of Hassan Nasrallah after his predecessor was eliminated. Israel needs to ask itself, among other things, whether the elimination of Sinwar is worth another round of fighting against Gaza and whether it is even better to attack other targets in response to attacks that are carried out as a result of incitement in Gaza

The spokesman for the military wing of the Hamas organization, Abu Obeidah, stated in response to the possibility of Sinwar's assassination:

"We warn the enemy and his failed leadership that harming Yahya Sanwar, or any of the resistance leaders, is an indication of an earthquake in the region and a catastrophic chapter in the history of the Zionist entity. Harming Sanwar is folly, for which Israel will pay dearly."
Everything said above is a function of Israel's goal in the war. And this is a vague figure!

Already at the end of the Wall Guard operation, the proposal was made to eliminate Yahya Sinwar, but this proposal was blocked by Netanyahu who estimated that Hamas is weak, deterred, afraid of a confrontation.

There were a variety of reasons for this: the economy, convenience, Binyamin Netanyahu's concept of wanting Hamas to survive, the understandable fear of blood being spilled in a ground occupation. This is how repression and procrastination were born. And so a poor terrorist organization, in a small area previously controlled by Israel, managed to hold it by the throat.

In the rounds of fighting that took place in the last few weeks, which were directed against the Islamic Jihad, the Hamas organization sat quietly. Sinuar called for attacking Israelis with guns, hatchets and knives. The military wing of Hamas threatened: "A hit to Sanwar will cause an earthquake in the area."
Two and a half years later, we have reached the terrible massacre in the Subb Gaza settlements - now Israel seeks to settle accounts with the deadliest terrorist leader in its history.

On October 7th, the monster emerged from the south to slit the very throat

Sinwar led the biggest fraud operation in Israel's history. Muhammad Daf and Marwan Issa were indeed responsible for the military plan that was planned and carried out with precision, but the mastermind behind the operation and the man who gave it the green light was Sinwar, who in one fell swoop became the leader of the deadliest terror in Israel's history. Worse than Arafat's imprisonment, worse than Hassan Nasrallah's.

After Operation Wall Guardian, in May 2021, the Shin Bet demanded the elimination of Yahya Sinwar. Nadav Argman, who was the head of the organization at the time, said that the leader of Hamas has grown into a dangerous monster, which is becoming a strategic challenge for Israel. He argued that it is worth Israel going through another round of fighting, on The thousands of rockets he will bring, to get rid of those who were released in the Shalit deal and quickly took control of Gaza, while uniting under him the military arm and the political arm of the organization.
But there were also those who believed that the elimination of Sanwar would not lead to the elimination of the wave of attacks.

A collection of claims written in previous years regarding the possibility of killing Sinwar in the various media channels:

"In my opinion, he should not be eliminated," claimed Y.N. From Ramat Gan. "Israel has already eliminated Ahmed Yassin and Ahmed Jabari in the past, and what came out of that? If Sanwar is eliminated, maybe someone more radical will come in his place. It is no longer a territorial war, but a religious war, so the elimination of Sanwar is not the solution. It will lead to another round of fighting And in his place will come a new Sanwar."

Also H. From Kfar Truman claimed that the elimination of Sanwar will not bring about the eradication of the ongoing wave of terrorism: "What will it do? Then someone else will come, just as extreme, there will be a war and then a ceasefire until the next time."

Some argue that "it's time to put Sanwar in the IDF target bank. He incites all the time, sits in Gaza and calls on the Arabs to kill Jews, and also continues to receive money from Qatar and work permits for workers from the Gaza Strip in Israel. His incitement crossed red lines, and deterrence must be restored, even at the cost of another round of fighting in the Gaza Strip."

The journalist Haim Etgar expressed his frustration with the situation and wrote: "Independence Day, one of the happiest holidays in the State of Israel, ended in a terrible tragedy. As long as Sanwar speaks and agitates to eliminate us and lights the Temple Mount, and at the same time workers from Gaza go to Israel and fuel the economy in Gaza - we will continue to suffer." .

Harsh statements were also heard from basketball player Omri Caspi, who wrote: "Death penalty for murderers, demolition of terrorists' houses, deportation and taking away citizenship from terrorists' families."

Soccer player Eran Zahavi, who spoke out against the confiscation of Israeli flags on the Temple Mount and wrote: "When did they start confiscating Israeli flags? I think we've gone completely crazy."

MK Itamar Ben Gabir (Religious Zionism) tweeted that "In a reformed country, the Air Force plane would now drop missiles on the house of Yahya Sanwar, who called for attacks with weapons and mortars, and eliminate him. That's how you crush terrorism." Ben Gvir added to the tweet a photo of Sanwar with a target cross.

MK Shlomo Karai (Likud) He said that "from time immemorial what fuels terrorism is the hope of the murderers. Unfortunately, in this government their hope is doubled, the motivation is in the sky and the hands are redeemed with the blood of the martyrs. The order should be: elimination. Maybe now you will finally stop all the concessions, eliminate Sanwar and the terrorist leaders in Gaza , close the loopholes and start working."

Also MK Israel Katz (Likud) He previously called for the assassination of the leader of Hamas: "Yahia Sanwar in his ultimatum speech and threats calls to attack Israel with axes and knives - and the terrorists are carrying out. The Israeli government must immediately produce a clear equation: the head of Sanwar and his friends against terrorist attacks in Israel. Only a sharp and credible threat will stop the wave of terrorism.

Rabbi Hananel Zaini: The latest threat made by Hamas, according to which if the State of Israel eliminates the leader of Hamas in Gaza, the arch-murderer Yahya Sinwar, tens of thousands of missiles will fall in the center of the country, causes many in the security elite, and not for the first time, to be deterred by such a move
In my opinion, it is possible that Hizbullah will go "full-on" into the war.

The question arises as to how the Halacha relates to the possibility of Sinwar's elimination, on the assumption that this type of suppression is likely to lead to an unprecedented missile attack with a high probability of harming human lives from within Lebanon?!

Hamas says: "The elimination of Sinwar will lead to an earthquake. Whoever makes a decision to eliminate Sinwar will write a catastrophic chapter in the history of the Zionist entity and will pay a heavy price for it in blood and destruction." Abu Obeidah's last statement was in September 2023, after the escape of the terrorists from Gilboa prison.

So, what is the solution regarding the elimination of Sinwar?

Sinuar elimination will always be an option in the future.
One of the objectives of the war should be the release of the abductees and captives, alive and dead, and the departure of Hamas from the Strip. An option for a solution is the departure of Hamas leaders abroad, the release of prisoners and a waiver of assassinations in exchange for the release of the kidnapped.

Behind the scenes in Israel, the overthrow of Hamas becomes a strategic goal that will last for years. Ideas are circulating in Israel and the international community that are supposed to shorten the process, that is, to enable the fall of Hamas in Gaza, quickly. In the background, the "Beirut model" idea is starting to circulate - for the organization to leave the Gaza Strip, with the consent of Israel, including its leaders, in exchange for their lives and the release of all the abductees. This is the model of Beirut 1982, when Yasser Arafat left for Tunis following Operation Peace of the Galilee and the occupation of the Lebanese capital by the IDF.

The alternative of the Hamas leaders leaving has come up in the media in recent weeks, several forums have discussed it and according to various publications, Prime Minister Netanyahu has also expressed interest in it.

The alternative of the departure of the Hamas leadership from the Gaza Strip as part of a comprehensive surrender agreement and the release of all the abductees

The departure of Hamas from the Strip, although it will not satisfy the desire for revenge of many in Israel, but it will allow the establishment of another regime; Pretend he has been defeated and create a regional deterrent. This alternative would not, apparently, require a creeping occupation, which would cost the lives of IDF soldiers and be expensive in time.

The cracks in this proposal are wide!
The problem, after all, is not the leadership. Thousands of activists have to leave. The terror tunnels, the military production plants and the rockets have to disappear.

Another issue - what will Hezbollah do in the scenario of Hamas surrendering and its leaders leaving with Israeli consent - won't Hezbollah enter the war anyway - and turn everything upside down, fearing a dangerous precedent of defeat?

In conclusion:

In the State of Israel, all possibilities must be considered, including taking into account the possibility that there are also living Israeli abductees around Sinwar.

Contact Chai here: At watsapBy email

Dr. Jacob Rob
Dr. Jacob Rob
Dr. Jacob Rob - a restless retiree

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19 תגובות

  1. Interesting articles, thank you, but in my opinion, the man should die in severe agony without giving any information about him, and in general, in my opinion, he is dead.

  2. Not only is it very worthwhile, it is Israel's duty to eliminate him and at the first opportunity to shoot him in the heart or head and ensure a kill. Because you shouldn't take any chances with a Nazi scumbag like him staying alive. Also, his body should be burned and his ashes should be thrown to Zev who will end up in a landfill, where this despicable scum belongs. And this is in order not to turn the saint and his grave into a pilgrimage center for Hamas supporters and supporters of terrorism.

  3. Maybe he will die alone as a divine punishment and even our hands will not be on him Elek, we cured him of the cancer in his head as if not Elek but really just saying Elek out of anger
    Send Kibinimet and a thousand thousand Azazels from me, God - pour out your wrath on the heathens (the wicked)

  4. Don't kill Sinouar, we should give him Gaza, and when he rebuilds the missile system, he will dig more tunnels, maybe give him tanks and planes, we can give him parts of Israel and Jerusalem, this will surely bring world peace

  5. Dear Yosef. First of all, in the name of democracy (which I think you are one of its demonstrators), everyone should be allowed to express their opinion.
    Second, the wisdom of the crowd eventually produces brainstorming and the solution to the problem is probably a combination of several opinions.
    Shabbat Shalom

  6. Yosef, why do you insult the respondents and chase them away? The Dr.'s article is indeed interesting and some readers are interested in responding and expressing their opinion

  7. Let's hope that the IDF will take care of all the terrorist nests in Judea and Samaria as well, for decades the settlers there have been suffering from terrorist hostility and harassment from the Palestinians

  8. Sinwar must be eliminated at the first and immediate opportunity, as he is the new Hitler.
    If they had eliminated Hitler in 1943, they would have saved 2 to 3 million Jews.
    The possible elimination of Sinuar should not be compared to the elimination of previous leaders of Hamas and why?
    Because in the past we eliminated the leaders but the organization remained, this time the organization with its hundreds of operatives is severely beaten, and at the height of the fighting they also eliminate the leader himself.
    In such a situation it will be very difficult to establish the reorganization. In addition, Israel's enemies must be shown that whoever lays a hand on a Jew... loses his head.

  9. This is of no importance.
    Our goals must be:
    - Immediate cessation of rocket fire at our citizens
    Immediate return of all abductees, alive or not.

  10. Sinwar must be eliminated at the first and immediate opportunity, as he is the new Hitler.
    If they had eliminated Hitler in 1943, they would have saved 2 to 3 million Jews.
    The possible elimination of Sinuar should not be compared to the elimination of previous leaders of Hamas and why?
    Because in the past we eliminated the leaders but the organization remained, this time the organization with its hundreds of operatives is severely beaten, and at the height of the fighting they also eliminate the leader himself.
    In such a situation it will be very difficult to establish the reorganization. In addition, Israel's enemies must be shown that whoever lays a hand on a Jew... loses his head.

  11. In my opinion, they focus on the terrorists Sinaver and Hamas but miss (or simply don't echo it) it is the abysmal hatred of religion in homes and schools and hatred of our people who managed to establish a state for themselves.
    And it doesn't matter who will rule there Hamas/Fatah/Jihad/Ashaf/or Wat Aber as soon as the army leaves they will somehow go out and hand out candy and praise the next martyrs.
    The only solutions are for the army to rule there permanently or for the Gazans to go to the Egyptians. And the chances that both solutions will be used are zero.
    And yet one thing is positive, the State of Israel has become disillusioned and all the delusional people who once talked about peace with the Palestinians from Gaza have already disappeared and are gone.
    Nowadays the conversation is only about security.

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