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Thousands of believers march in the "Holy Mary" procession in Haifa • Huge traffic jams

In the procession of the 105th anniversary of "Holy Mary" in Haifa, in the shadow of the events of the war...

Blocking roads in Haifa • Procession of the Holy Mary today

(Live here) - The procession of the Holy Mary takes place today (day...

Unit 8200 alumni conference was held in Haifa

These days, the 8200 alumni association, which has thousands of graduates...
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The municipality of Kiryat Bialik is launching a new website
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Returning home from the battlefield • For the challenge and patience until reintegration

Returning from the front is not easy. Soldiers who have returned home from the war go through...

Ehud Trail in Haifa - a community trail

The blood of the Maccabees for Ehud.

The Ninth Jew • Chapter 3

Summary On October 30, 1942, the commander of the Gestapo in Estonia received a message that...

The return of the multi-armed octopus to the beach in Haifa

Lately, one of the most fascinating animals has been rediscovered in the natural world...

Disaster averted in Haifa • The cable car car was hit by a concrete pump arm

(haipo) - Only by a miracle did a cable car disaster not occur last night (Wednesday 16.08.23), when one of the carriages collided with the arm of a concrete pump that was working on the grounds of the Technion in Haifa.

Yesterday (Wednesday - 16.08.23) during a routine trip by cable car connecting the Gulf center to the Technion and Haifa University, one of the cars with five passengers was hit by the arm of a concrete mixer that was working on the Technion's grounds. A woman was taken to the hospital in a minor condition and released, the other passengers were affected by anxiety.

Following the incident, the car was taken off the cable car and will be transported to Austria for inspection, even though it was not damaged and the incident is being handled by the Technion, the police and the Ministry of Labor.

The Cable Express company that operates the cable car delivered to Haifa:
"A concrete pump that was working yesterday (Wednesday 16.08.23) on the grounds of the Technion raised an arm above the safety line and a van hit it. There were 5 passengers in the van, one of whom was taken to the hospital and released after a few hours. The matter is being handled by the Technion, the police and the Ministry of Labor. No damage was caused to the system, but just to be safe, we took the van that was damaged off the line and we are moving it to Austria for inspection under the coordination and guidance of the Ministry of Transportation."

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Samar Odeh - Carantinji
Samar Odeh - Carantinji
Journalist in the team of correspondents of the Chai Pe site • Municipal reporter, crimes, environment and health Contact Samar by email: [email protected]

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  1. Actually building the cable car is an excellent idea! Saves time, fuel, air pollution, traffic jams, and a fast and convenient link between the valley and the mountain!!!

  2. This is a fault of the pump operator. A very serious offense that endangered human life. May God protect some lifting equipment operators in Israel who act with a lack of professionalism and understanding of the risks in operating this equipment! It was very lucky and we should be happy that the carriage was built in such a way that prevented it from falling safely off the line.

  3. There is no end to malfunctions in this production that travels over our heads swaying in the wind, shuts down, crashes, breaks down... looks like birthing ropes that do not give birth to a healthy baby

  4. Morons built the cable car and morons operate it.
    Obviously, this was expected to happen.
    This is a project that does not fulfill its original purpose of mass transportation...
    Because the journey is slower than buses.
    Clumsy and depends on the kindness of the weather.
    Anat Kalish was right to oppose this unnecessary project established by her predecessors.

  5. From the day the cable car was established, there has not been a dull moment.
    Sometimes birth defects, shutdowns, and countless others
    faults Today an arm of
    cement mixer.
    And... nevertheless for the sake of the residents of the area and Haifa city
    I wish success to the cable car,
    The Haifa attraction.

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