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Hot in the cable car • There is no air conditioning and the passengers complain of unbearable heat

(haipo) - On these hot days, the users of the cable car in Haifa complain of unbearable heat and ask why they didn't think of installing air conditioning in the carriages. The passengers: "The cable car ride in this heat is unpleasant and oppressive."

Intense heat in the summer in Israel, which will increase in the coming years

As a reminder, in April of last year (2022), the cable car started operating that runs on a route between the Gulf Center and the University of Haifa, stopping at the Technion along the way. The drive from the Bay Center to the Technion takes about 10 minutes and to Haifa University about 19 minutes. It is true that over 330 million shekels were invested in the cable car, but they forgot to invest in a particularly important detail, which is the installation of air conditioning in the carriages, this despite the fact that in the State of Israel there is intense heat during the summer season and sometimes already in the spring, and there are quite a few days when we even have to deal with heavy heat loads such as These days. The State of Israel must take into account the climate change in Israel and the world and the expectation of extreme heat for longer days and periods.

Haifa • The cable car - cable car from the check post to the university (photo: Yaron Karmi)
Haifa • The cable car - a cable car from the check post to the university (photo: Yaron Karmi)

Passengers who traveled by cable car today told of unbearable heat

Passengers who traveled by cable car today told of an unpleasant experience and unbearable heat and raised questions and doubts about how they did not think of installing air conditioners in the carriages.

The CEO of Cable Express from the Afifi Group told the News Corporation:

The decision whether the vans will be air-conditioned or without air-conditioning is up to the Ministry of Transport and not the Cable Express company. They wanted to try a pilot in the past in which they would install an air conditioner in one or two trailers, but as far as I understand, the topic was dropped from the chapter. The vast majority (and I understand all) of the cable car projects in the world are without air conditioning, even in projects in areas with similar weather to ours. We always make sure to open all the windows of the vans on hot days to ease the heat loads. It should be remembered that these days we are in very extreme heat loads that do not represent the prevailing weather during the rest of the summer.

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Samar Odeh - Carantinji
Samar Odeh - Carantinji
Journalist in the team of correspondents of the Chai Pe site • Municipal reporter, crimes, environment and health Contact Samar by email: [email protected]

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  1. The design of the cable car is different from any other design in Israel. The planning is superficial, unprofessional and works in the neighborhood method. Professional planning begins with defining goals and courses of action. In Israel you need a cable car and you buy something and this is the result. All the talk now is casual, so the frustration is like vapors. That's not how you build a wall

  2. It is not possible to install air conditioners in the cars of the cable car because this will make them awkward and burden the cable like in any cable car.

  3. They also forgot to install folding beds for the comfort of the passengers. Also service stations for waiters who will serve luxury liquors. Another project for the spoiled that someone else has to finance.

  4. They also forgot to install folding beds for the comfort of the passengers. Also service stations for waiters who will serve luxury liquors. Another project for the spoiled that someone else has to finance.

    • You're right, in the summer an air conditioner is a treat. Answer the fireplace that you don't have at home and in the car and you don't turn them on in the summer. You're also sitting in the dark because it's a shame to pay for electricity if there's light from the street lamps, you don't need to indulge

  5. At the time I was in contact with the system engineer and he offered him a minimal solution of installing a solar panel on the roof of each car and inside the car an air extraction system. It is difficult to install an air conditioner because there is no advance planning.
    Solar ventilation is still possible.

  6. As usual, in Israel they are unable to carry out any project 100 percent.
    Always looking to the sides to see what is happening with the others.
    Whoever designed the cable car without air conditioning does not use it, he sits in his air-conditioned office. This is similar to the matron's bus stations, a blatant lack of thought for the comfort of passengers and the efficiency of issuing tickets, but even here the person who planned and devised these stations does not use public transportation.
    Pertach, this is how we conduct ourselves in almost everything. I'm sorry to write like this but this is the reality. Shabbat Shalom.

    • Yoram, those who plan public transportation do not use it, and it would be desirable to oblige all senior officials of the Ministry of Transportation to only come to work by public transportation. Those who plan the transportation travel in an armored vehicle, work in an air-conditioned tower to which they come with the vehicle in the parking lot, with financing of vehicle maintenance expenses or a company vehicle. Most transport ministries only plan roads, junctions and parking lots and do not consider public transport at all, neither on a daily basis nor in the transport plans. It's a catastrophe on a national level, the Technion graduates robotic, failed transportation engineers, everything around the private vehicle, therefore when planning a light rail or bus route, every possible mistake is made. They have no experience with this.

  7. If you open all the windows there is wind, especially in the higher part of the track. It's warmer in the stations, but it's a temporary thing. All in all, it's a short trip, and those who are bothered by it don't have to use the cable car on the hottest day of the year.

  8. For those who have come to the decision that they don't need an air conditioner, passengers in air-conditioned vehicles will make a big difference. Ridiculous and outrageous.

  9. Even so, the wagons often travel empty. If the layout of the line was from the east to the west of the city and served the residents of the neighborhoods, there would be justification for the cable car as well as the air conditioners.

  10. Cable car maintenance is minimal. Simple carriages on a cable.
    no wheels no engine Only 2 electric motors that turn the main wheels of the cable. Think about this place, about 15 buses that go all the way from the Bay center to the Technion and from there to the university.. how much fuel. drivers. Infection. Maintenance of each bus. Risk of road accidents. Noise. traffic jams…
    Instead of all this.. traveling in the sky, in silence... 10 minutes.
    Say thank you.
    And also on the Carmel tunnels...

    • Carmelite maintenance minimal? Have you seen the annual insurance cost? Do you remember that last month it was closed for two weeks for maintenance? Do you know the annual cleaning cost of stations and carriages? And how soon will they be replaced? And what about the maintenance in the winter winds? And how much will it cost to replace pylons if they are damaged? And maintenance and security? And a cable car that doesn't enter the Technion and drop off near all the faculties like a bus. A bus is a flexible, efficient, fast, air-conditioned vehicle, with stops adjusted to demand. The cable car does not go through any neighborhood, is not adapted to anything.
      And because it cannot operate on many days in the winter winds in the winter semester and hot in the spring and summer semesters, it is also not adapted to campuses.

    • Yes, it's just a shame that the cable car mainly serves a certain public who are anyway on vacation for months every year. A means of transportation that stops at a minimum number of stations and is not useful at all for most of the city's residents, including students who do not live within easy reach of it.

  11. It makes no sense to install dozens of air conditioners in each small car. That's a lot of money and electricity.

    The car is constantly moving, it's enough to open a window

  12. The next mayor: completion of a road from the Technion's upper Hinion to the university's ring road. Creating an autonomous shuttle bus without a driver between the two campuses.
    Dismantling the gondolas and selling the equipment. Switching the stations to cafes and emergency warehouses. Creation of a preferential route for buses on Tuesday between the Hafaretz center and the Technion. Creation of an express bus through the Netzets from the Kiryat center to the university via the Technion roads.
    This is the cheapest and correct transportation solution.

  13. We live near the cable car, most of the cars are empty! Or with one or two passengers! It operates until the beginning of Shabbat and at night! Who travels there on Friday afternoon, or at night? It was built mainly for the students, most of whom have gone or are going on vacation. Perhaps it was built as an attraction for summer camps... It is desirable that a journalist take this as a serious project for statistical research and writing. Electricity, insurance salaries at whose expense exactly?

    • Even if there is one passenger in each car, that means 240 passengers per hour, which is like five full buses.

  14. They squandered the public money to screw the public even more lol security is failing the government is failing transportation the state is failing it's sad that in 70 years we built a country and destroyed it...

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