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(haipo) - What has not been written and what has not been said about the disturbing and so familiar phenomenon - the noise of the car races raging on the main roads in Haifa and those emanating from improved vehicles that travel around the neighborhoods, especially in the evening and at night.

בWebsite live here Over time, many articles were published on the subject, after countless complaints from residents in the various neighborhoods of the city flowed into the website's system time after time.

The unbearable noise nuisances that are well known to all residents of Haifa in every neighborhood, arise from vehicles that have undergone illegal "renovations" (hereafter "improved") and wild car races that have long since become a widespread fashion and although they disrupt the lives of the residents and harm the quality of life , no one expresses surprise at their existence anymore. Residents repeatedly say that they called and complained to the police and the municipality, but nothing has changed and they continue to suffer from the phenomenon.

► Motorcycle racing in the Bat Galim neighborhood

(Photo - Yael Shanar, member of the city council - The greens of Haifa)

(Photo - Yael Shanar, member of the city council - Haifa's Greens)

There is no sign of improvement in enforcement

Apart from being very disturbing, the car races endanger the residents and despite all this, these nuisances continue to exist more and more over the years without any sign of improvement.

Wild driving in the Bat Galim neighborhood

(Photo - Yael Shanar, member of the city council - The greens of Haifa)

(Photo - Yael Shanar, member of the city council - The greens of Haifa)

On behalf of the police and the municipality, news comes out from time to time about joint enforcement operations conducted on their behalf, especially on the weekends, about fines imposed on traffic offenders and removing vehicles from the road, and yet, on the ground, it is difficult to say that they have any effect on changing the situation.

Caravans block the street - celebrations and photographs and deafening noise (photo: Samar Odeh Karantinji)

Last night (Sun. 28/5/23) the Ministry of Environmental Protection published updates around the world on the effect of noise disturbances on children's sleep, from which it appears that residents in urban areas are constantly exposed to environmental noise, and especially to road traffic noise.

According to the publication, these noises have an effect on health and are a source of several health problems. According to the recommendation of the European Union, noise should be limited to a range of 53 decibels during the day and 45 at night. If we think for a moment about the intensity of the noises that the residents of Haifa have to endure from the improved vehicles that sound like a chain of particularly high-intensity explosions and more in the middle of the night, all while driving wildly and screeching tires, we can only imagine the damage they may cause to our health.

Noise and children's sleep

It was also written in the update of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, about a recently published British study that examined the effects of urban noise on children's sleep. Many studies have examined the relationship between noise and sleep disorders, but only a few have focused on young children.

According to the study, children aged 14-7 are particularly sensitive to urban noises during sleep, in a way that may cause sleep disturbances. Just imagine the sleep of my children in Haifa who have been suffering for a long time from these terrible noises... You don't need to be a doctor or an expert in order to understand the possible consequences for their health, their developing minds and their ability to concentrate.

The car races in Haifa: the police acted on Ha-Atsamat Street against rioting drivers (photo: Chai Pa on the ground)
The car races in Haifa: the police acted on Ha-Atsamat Street against rioting drivers (photo: Chai Pa on the ground)

Speakers at full volume

To all of these we will also add the summer season that has arrived and with it the celebrations on the main street - Yaffe Nof. In the last year or two, there is a new phenomenon in this period, when high school students arrive at the end of the school year to the Lui Promenade and Yaffe Nof Street overlooking the harbor and the Bahá'í Gardens, celebrating and taking pictures, which in itself is blessed, but less acceptable when dozens of teenagers arrive in buses, taking over the promenade with Photographers, giant speakers blaring loud music, take over the road and block it without any consideration. Next to them come their friends who hold a driver's license and a luxury car - also from which deafening music emanates, they stop, "beat poses", drive wildly and blow their horns, putting pedestrians at risk.

Blocking the street • Bride and groom in a photo shoot (Photo: Samar Odeh Karantinji)

Blocking the road to take pictures

This phenomenon belongs not only to high school students, but also to couples preparing for their wedding, who come to take pictures in the scenery of the boardwalk, accompanied by friends and convoys of vehicles, making noise, honking and blocking the street until they finish the set of photographs, as if it were their private property.

We will point out here, and we allow ourselves to assume that all residents will agree with us, that visitors and tourists are always welcome and invited to visit our city, happily and willingly. However, it would not be an unreasonable expectation from the guests to respect the residents' right to quality of life, to peace and certainly to safety and security, whether it is in the residential neighborhoods or on the main streets.

The police told Lahi Pa that the response they provided on the subject in previous articles published here remains the same. After all, she is in front of you:
"The Israel Police conducts effective enforcement for the quality of life of the residents, while exercising overt and covert forces of a variety of units. Just recently, a number of targeted activities were conducted in which vehicles were taken off the road due to defects and improvements introduced in them contrary to the law and dozens of reports for various traffic offenses. We will continue to work to eradicate the phenomenon in order to The quality of life of the residents and maintaining the safety of road users."

Yael Shanar, a city council member from the Haifa Green Party, who brought up the issue of improved vehicles several times in the city council, said:

"I know from the inspectors of the Haifa municipality that a significant part of the standard of the police vehicles, which used to work together with the municipal inspection, were taken from Haifa - and we see the result on the ground.
The nuisance of the improved cars seriously harms the quality of life of the residents, impairs peace and quiet.
It can be solved by joining hands of the municipality with the Israel Police, and such activity is indeed carried out from time to time, but not in a consistent and orderly enough manner.
I contacted the Minister of Internal Security, Mr. Itamar Ben Gabir, and told him that it does not make sense that in the third largest city in Israel we suffer so much. We need to change the diskette and treat this problem seriously, as criminality and bullying and not as pranks."

Yael Shanar (Photo: Yaron Karmi)
Yael Shanar (Photo: Yaron Karmi)

Contact Chai here: At watsapBy email

Samar Odeh - Carantinji
Samar Odeh - Carantinji
Journalist in the team of correspondents of the Chai Pe site • Municipal reporter, crimes, environment and health Contact Samar by email: [email protected]

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41 תגובות

  1. At the Yegor intersection every day for almost a year, but every day! The calls to the police do not help, they continue to pretend that they are taking care of the problem and do not dare to do anything against them.
    This is the rule of Ben Gvir??!

  2. The hijinks with music and blocking roads on the Lui Promenade and Yaffe Nof Street also continue
    You don't see any vehicles in the area and no policemen.
    Buses and cars are rented, these things are known in advance and it's time to stop the dozens of buses that come there as well
    without paying a shekel. Collect a parking fee there from buses and tourists. Haifa opens its legs and does not earn a shekel, only nuisances

  3. The cousins ​​don't just come to riot in Haifa...
    There are enough empty roads in the north.
    They want attention and show us who is the owner here.
    Like little kids who make a mess at home to get their parents' attention.
    The problem in Haifa is that there is no one to educate them and explain to them where their place is.

  4. Loud motorcycle and car races are also held on the road that goes up from Nahal HaGivoriv to Derech Pika
    I didn't see any policemen there

    • And let's remember that this road leads directly to the police at the beach headquarters 20 meters from it.
      That is, car races and speeding with noisy vehicles are conducted under the nose of the police and out of sight

  5. Residents of Haifa, you are wasting your time in demonstrations against the protest while Arabs are making a mess in your city, so what were you thinking, you wanted coexistence, you got a slap in the face.
    Keep it up, we'll see where you end up...

    • Did the Minister of Internal Security visit Haifa?
      Are the representatives of his office aware of the difficult problems that Haifa is facing??
      That is the question. No Ben Gvir - there are hundreds of senior officials in the Ministry of Internal Security who are supposed to provide solutions and prioritize the treatment of the most serious hazards
      and bring the Haifa police back to Haifa and deal here with serious nuisances no less than solving crime or policing football fields..
      In football fields they know how to bring 500 policemen..
      They will assign 20 policemen and cars to arrest those who riot on the roads.

  6. I don't understand how they don't ban motorcycles like this, confiscate them and throw them away.
    It is not possible in our country to allow such noise pollution, it is not a nuisance it is pollution for everything.
    To outlaw the tools and this type of engine and to apply enforcement not on the roads but already when there is a complaint from residents about someone who lives near them with such a motorcycle to come and confiscate it.

    • Precise. This is how you should act. Although a year has passed since this article, but the problem continues as usual

  7. You made an assumption in the article, the city of Haifa and especially the Hadar Alyon neighborhood suffer from noise from sleeping quarters at night for the simple reason that in these areas, members of minorities and former Commonwealth of Nations people come to live, drugs and alcohol all day long, people park their cars next to an explosion and have a street disco there, and of course not one police car will pass at the same time because Why do a real job if you can catch an innocent person who went down to dump the garbage????????

  8. Every evening and especially on the weekends, Yaffe Nof street and Tschernihovski axis turn into a zoo!
    Cousins ​​come in droves to riot, make noise, dirty everywhere and destroy everything.
    They behave violently and riot on the roads.
    There is no police, no inspectors and there is a lot of mess.

  9. The mayor is disconnected from our daily reality, we will replace her and everything will be fine

  10. The mayor Shame is disconnected from our daily reality, we will replace it, everything has to do with the mayor

  11. It's enough that it's over already and elections will come, it's impossible anymore, City Brewers.

  12. Also in Peretz Hayut and Tchernihovsky there are the starting points of noisy motorcycles in the dead of night.
    More than once we went to the police and nothing was done about it.
    The dogs bark and the caravan moves on.
    The main thing is that the property tax is constantly increasing despite the poor quality of life of us residents.

  13. In Neve Shanan it is every evening. especially on Fridays.

    Everything is known so what is the problem of waiting for them and taking them off the road.
    An improved car for scrapping + an invitation to the IRS offices to explain where the money for a Mustang with a V8 engine comes from.
    Motorcycles also participate in the celebration.

    There are car races on HaGalil Street, which is a two-sided street with no separation. It's only a matter of time before someone gets killed there.
    Why wait for a fatal accident?

  14. Really a problem,!?!? I don't understand why two police cars can't patrol from the beginning of the evening and just wait for any rioter and as soon as only one of them starts, then stop him immediately and confiscate the vehicle, beyond that it is possible to build barriers like at the entrances to a private parking lot, there is no such thing as a fatality, there are others that do not want to act Sophists in Haifa Municipality prefer not to deal with it

  15. You got used to the pigs, you will get used to the races. Haifa is a city without a horizon.

  16. Every Saturday morning and maybe every other day as well, an old type motorcycle, maybe a collectible, goes up from the direction of Kabir to the square near Two Sugar. Its exhaust shakes the whole street at such a level that you have to stop everything and close your ears until it passes.
    This is neither a young man nor a dirt bike. An old man with an old 3/4 helmet.
    This is how it is every Shabbat. Everyone knows the phenomenon and throughout the length of Aliyah most of the houses shake.

  17. I suggest the residents file a class-action lawsuit against the Haifa police and the Haifa municipality for millions of NIS. Maybe then they will do something. Kalish should be reminded that the municipal elections are approaching...

  18. The situation on the Lui Promenade is no longer intolerable.
    Hundreds of high schools come to the place for 'end of year' photos. This is in addition to dozens of wedding photographers.
    It is not about a few minutes, but many hours of noise directed at 'Rondo' where dozens of students riot on a scenic road with loudspeakers, throwing explosives, driving against the direction of traffic, honking horns - sometimes for an entire hour. Motorcycles with targeted explosions as she photographed in Bat Galim also in the lower city every weekend - Friday and Saturday nights until 2-3 in the morning. biker gangs who come to do it on purpose. Beautiful view too.
    The groups of students taking pictures make noise on the boardwalk for 2-3 hours - there are photographers who have already opened an office there - they arrive every day with equipment, waiting for the groups taking pictures and couples. This disturbs the residents in the nearby buildings, the rooms of the Dan Hotel which absorb the noise of the groups, leaving a lot of dirt on the boardwalk, the groups of tourists who see young rioters and the "squealing" of car engines near them.
    The groups of students who make a rondo there come not only from Haifa but from all the Arab schools in the north and dozens of wedding photographers without the proper licenses and supervision. This becomes a real nuisance when they try to 'close' the boardwalk for photos and there are 5-6 photographers who have settled there as if it were their office..
    There is a very difficult feeling that Haifa is without policing, you don't see police patrolling the streets, even when complaints are closed, at night there is no confiscation of noisy tools and prevention of disturbances. The municipality of Haifa should also enter the picture to bring back a city patrol, to stop the phenomenon of "Rondo schools" including hundreds of schools not from Haifa that decided to come there to riot.

  19. Even in Hadar we have been suffering from this for several years and the police are doing nothing.

  20. There is no police, and the traffic offenders have no fear, they fly on Sderot Hanasi and Yapa Nof, running amok in the Lui Promenade area unhindered. Tired. Everyone knows it exists but nothing. We turned to the municipality of Haifa, which will add violations until the end, a beautiful view, but nothing. Until a disaster happens they won't do anything.

  21. There is no one who will do anything about it.. In the end, the citizens will rise up here and start shooting at them

    • From the residents who are tired of this nuisance, it seems to me that it will definitely come to that soon - if there is no police.

  22. Funny that it repeats itself every evening and every weekend!!!
    Hundreds of cousins ​​arrive with their improved and illegal cars, make a lot of noise, behave in a bullying and insolent manner, litter everywhere, defecate behind the bushes, and of course block the road.
    They walk around in big groups, all dressed exactly the same so it's easy to recognize them and get a distance: a hat, black skinny jeans and a tight black shirt + a super smelly perfume smell that can be felt for hundreds of meters.
    They smoke hookahs, shout, crack nuts and leave piles of garbage at the end of every day.
    What is most surprising is that there is an inverse relationship between the number of police officers and inspectors and the number of cousins.
    When there are a lot of cousins ​​there are no policemen, and in the afternoons when the park and the boardwalk are empty then indeed there is a presence of inspectors and policemen.

  23. In the USA, the bumpers on the road are called "undercover cops". If the policemen don't work and don't take care of the nuisance, then brat drivers take the fun out of it. As someone who lived in America for many years in noisy places, playing "classical music" is boring, something like music, but trust the experience of Americans It works and drives the brats away.

  24. Where are the police in the story? Is there even such a thing as the police? It used to be, today the police are a disgrace!

    • Naot Peres also suffer from this nightmare. Cars and bikers using Rotenberg Street as a race track. where are the police Where is the municipality that collects the highest property tax in the country?

  25. Must respond again.
    On the road between Maksim intersection and Matam there are races of noisy motorcycles and particularly noisy improved cars.
    Residents of the Neve David neighborhood, myself among them, suffer from the noise at night, especially on weekends. We don't think anyone is addressing this problem.

    • Promiscuous country. No man's land without a central government. Those who control the territory are the criminals. Throughout the long weekend of Shavuot, on Fridays and Saturdays, during the days and nights, car races were held in Neve Shanan with deafening noise. Shame on the police, shame on the municipality, and above all shame on the lax justice system.

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