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Parking, interests - and you • Commentary • Attorney Ron Aviv

  • Full disclosure: Attorney Ron Aviv is Hai Fe's legal advisor.

Imagine if someone published an official police document, according to which the interest of the traffic police is that people fly on the roads, exceed the speed limit, because collecting fines is a more important goal than maintaining law and order...

We have not yet seen such a document, but on the other hand, a very official document of the Municipality of Haifa was published, which proves that the municipality's policy unequivocally favors breaking the law: giving reports and imposing financial punishment on law breakers is preferable to the municipality than upholding the law.

There is no doubt that a local authority has the right - and even an obligation - to regulate parking in its area, and there is no dispute that the authority has the right to charge for parking, enforce the parking regulations, and impose fines on those who do not follow the regulations.

But just like the police speedometers, the municipal parking fines are also supposed to be a deterrent, the supervision and imposition of the fines are supposed to be effective measures, through which the authority encourages the public to pay legally for parking.

Notification to Pango from the Haifa Municipality - the termination of the parking extension service automatically - 20/10/22

Much more parking fees will enter the cash register from operating the service

The Pango Simple service, which reactivates the payment for parking, when the allotted two hours expire, guarantees that much more parking fees will go into the cash register - even when someone is late returning to the car after those two hours, even in a place where there is no supervision... and not to mention all the times we forgot to turn off the service, and we paid the municipality for "extra hours", after we had long since moved from the place...

Careless conduct by a local authority would have encouraged such a service, not thwarted it.

It is (very) difficult to explain the policy

The struggle of the Haifa municipality in this excellent service raises great puzzlement; It seems that in practice, the municipality earns (much) more money from imposing fines, otherwise it is (very) difficult to explain the policy arising from the letter of the legal advisor to the municipality, and in my opinion - with all due respect - this is not how a local authority should behave.

For the avoidance of doubt, I will clarify that the criticism is not directed against the author, lawyer Yamit Klein, whom I know and cherish, as someone who does her job faithfully, under an impossible system of constraints.
The criticism is directed towards the policy makers.

Contact Chai here: At watsapBy email

Attorney Ron Aviv
Attorney Ron Aviv
Full disclosure: Attorney Ron Aviv is Hai-Fa's legal advisor

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  1. Parking fine were seriously getting out of hand. Single handedly drove my us out of Haifa. Haven't had a ticket since, due to me being a responsible driver. In a single year, I received thousands of shekels in fines, most given by automated cameras, several of which were at the hospital where the parking authority is ruthless and there is never any parking. But I got a ticket from an Ai camera that said I sat in the wrong spot for more than the allotted time. I had to go to the hospital several times and somehow got a ticket every time. Disputed and of course declined. The dude at the office straight up said that the parking authority pretty much automatically declines appeals. Glad I left.

  2. I would like to visit the camera control center and see who
    Six to register the reports?
    And also get data on which sector pays the most!!
    And with a hand on the heart, not in a racist way!
    My suspicion that racists are sitting there?

  3. Charlatans give parking reports to disabled people on the sidewalk in the hope that they won't be able to get to court when the disabled person meets all the requirements and what's more, the legal advisor doesn't respond as required at all and cancels the report I write from experience

  4. Another interpretation of the municipality's move - to create turnover in parking lots.
    The problem is that there are not enough solutions for daily parking (not to mention a sane rate) so they destroy the jobs and move them to *outside* of the city.
    This is devastating to the local economy and reinforces the dependence on the car.

    Public transportation in Haifa is ineffective for residents!
    Solve it and fight later in the private car.

    • Turn gutta upside down. Leasing and paid car maintenance benefits should be stopped. Prioritize public transportation at the expense of parking lanes and then the residents will move to it when they get stuck in traffic jams and without parking. A congestion charge is required.
      It is impossible to improve public transportation without 'damaging' the private vehicle that causes it to stand in traffic jams with it.

  5. In my opinion, all companies should cancel all agreements with Haifa Municipality. Have a good week

  6. I thought we needed a 40-year-old mayor. When I look at the number 1 problem of the private car culture and the unwillingness to invest in Haifa in real traffic solutions and canceling parking for buses, I think we need a 30-year-old mayor. A 30-year-old mayor who understands that the most important thing is Stop the car culture that is suffocating Haifa, crowd the city in its neighborhoods with thousands of apartments for young people and establish a presence in neighborhoods with buses and bicycles by adding hundreds of kilometers of walking and bicycle paths in Haifa.
    This is the only way we will restore the quality of life to our city, and no 50-60 year old mayor will do that, he will be a prisoner of the car owners, especially the retirees who still demand free parking no less.. We must stop drying up the city for cars.

    • The Lord will respect your forgetting which of the "elders" and the adults swaddled you, fed you, taught you to walk and brought you to a situation where today you strive (so vigorously) to lower him and his importance,..maybe you also think that you should get rid of these "elders"?? After all, they only disturb you and the "young people" because the world belongs only to you - and adults have no place in it...really!!?? I despise you and your way of speaking and especially your way of thinking..and I suggest you go and wear glasses because your view of life around you is distorted..

    • for young people and retirees, and that a young mayor may understand this more than an older mayor.
      Are you holding your head tight so as not to absorb the logic in what he said?
      Isn't the private car culture more established in older ages than younger ones?
      Isn't the HCV culture more present among young people than adults?

      So he said that a young mayor was needed and provided explanations,
      You called "getting rid of old men", despised him and claimed that his life was distorted, and decorated it full of question marks and exclamation marks.
      After all this did you relax a bit?

  7. "Which proves that the municipality's policy unequivocally favors breaking the law"
    It's a little hard to see how the letter proves this unequivocally. I just realized there was a breach of agreement. A possible solution is to create a new agreement. If there is opposition from the municipality, then I will understand more suspicion of the motivation.

  8. You know and cherish Attorney Klein, whose successes have already cost the city coffers hundreds of millions of shekels in a series of losses in the courts, while she serves as a legal defender for Klish's grotesque, wild and sabotage behavior towards the city council.
    I know her from the council meetings and the multitude of judgments in which the municipality lost and had to set aside tens of millions of additional shekels for legal liability, therefore I do not appreciate her work at all. In my opinion, an appointed committee should be allowed to manage the city, including removing the legal advisor and the municipal treasurer, who together caused heavy damage and conducted themselves in a puzzling manner to say the least while they are devices that run roughshod over answers like "It didn't go through my department" "I didn't know about this personal contract" "I did not approve these salaries and standards."
    With all due respect, you see people on a personal contract in the 2030 administration and you don't ask what their salary is and where it is paid from and on what basis and standard.
    Forgive me - she should have been fired for that alone.

  9. In my opinion, the companies should completely cancel the agreements with the Haifa municipality. The latter will not cover the cost of installing meters and/or machines for selling parking tickets and their operation. Only in this way will the city administration understand the advantages of Pango and similar applications.

  10. The policy makers decided on a parking policy depending on the location.
    Orange and white - parking. for twenty minutes free. Haifa innovation! Enables quick turnover for quick shopping and short errands.
    Blue and white up to two hours - paid allows for a longer arrangement and still a reasonable turnover during the day.
    Blue and white Hana daily - for a fee. Daily long parking without rotation.
    This is the clear policy. Everything else is a clever combination...

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