Heavy machine gun fire off the coast of Haifa

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A police officer fired in the air to stop suspects who rioted in a car in Neve Shanan in Haifa

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13-year-old Yair Whitson, a resident of Haifa, found a 1,800-year-old ring in Carmel

(Archaeology Lives Here) A ring about 1,800 years old, on which an engraving...

The night train to Haifa does not stop at the station

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Nasrallah threatens: "Missiles will be launched at new colonies that were not targets before"

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Talfiot market in Haifa - a genius creation in endless renovation

At the eastern end of Sirkin Street, stands the Talpiot market building,...

Huge flats of Perna Perna oysters have been discovered in Haifa Bay

(Live here in the sea) - There is a lot of talk about immigration to Israel...

Shaver Yegur - last moments of a rare bloom • Go for a walk on Pesach

Shaver Yegur, also known as Etak Carmel, is a nature corner...

Ruthie Segal • Goddess of the fruitfulness of creation • Haifa painter and curator

Ruthi Segal's paintings, her house, and treasures from her age are infused with...

An exciting Passover ceremony was held in the refugee camp • The ship 'Exodus' ► Watch

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"Baby parts for sale" at stalls in Haifa

(haipo) - Animal rights organizations offer "baby parts" for sale in protest against the killing and exploitation of helpless animals by humans.

"Stop cruelty to animals"

Activists of animal rights organizations, 'Freedom for Animals', 'Israel Animal Save', and 'The Vegan North' are currently holding an activist performance in Haifa.

Selling "baby parts" (Photo: Freedom for Animals)

As part of the performance, the activists set up a stand where they 'sell' baby doll parts that simulate the cruelty towards animals. "Sognot" It is equivalent to racism, they explain, only that instead of discrimination between people on an ethnic basis, it is discrimination on the basis of biological type.

Selling "baby parts" (Photo: Freedom for Animals)

A feeling of human superiority over others

According to animal rights organizations: "The cruelty is expressed in its ugliest form in the harm to animals in the various food industries. It is almost always false imprisonment in substandard conditions, with great violence, and all this out of a feeling of superiority of humans over animals. In most cases in the industry, the animals are slaughtered at an age Very young, really babies, and this out of a cold economic calculation. Gender is the most severe discrimination that exists on the planet, and with all the sadness it is actually carried out by minorities who themselves experience discrimination on a regular basis."

Selling "baby parts" (Photo: Freedom for Animals)

Lior Shahar, an activist of the organization Freedom for Animals, said:

"The display of the babies comes to remind the public that not only is the exploitation, confinement and execution of animals for meat, milk and eggs terrible, but also that these are real babies - chickens, for example, are slaughtered at the age of 42 days even though they can live for 10 years, chickens are killed at the age of a few months and so on Calves too. If we came across body parts of human babies in the supermarket, we would all be terribly shocked, but when it comes to babies of another species, we feel free to take a brain, a chest, a leg without thinking of them as victims."
Selling "baby parts" (Photo: Freedom for Animals)
Selling "baby parts" (Photo: Freedom for Animals)

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  1. Trying to normalize eating and selling babies? Part of a secret society by any chance?
    I am against:
    1. Abuse of animals.
    2. Sprays and Hindus of fruits and vegetables.
    3. Brainwashing and Hinduization of the mind.
    4. Forcing "vaccinations" and various tests.
    5. Life-threatening frequencies (such as 5G).
    You don't need protests, you just need to wake up and stop being "naive".

  2. I don't really distinguish between tulips and eccentrics. I distinguish between those who avoid eating certain foods for reasons reserved to them, and those who try to impose their personal preferences on the world. In this they are similar to the ultra-orthodox. There are those who are ultra-Orthodox, eat kosher and do not travel on Shabbat, and there are those who are also ultra-Orthodox, and impose a ban on public transportation on Shabbat, and kosher. To me the other differences between the tulips and the eccentrics are their business, not mine.

  3. Some people think they have superior morals, and that they deserve to preach morals to other people about the treatment of animals. Enough.

  4. If I had more time and energy, I would file a complaint with the police against the distributors of these images, which are designed to discredit an entire public of people who eat animal flesh, while misrepresenting them as if they are baby killers.

  5. A question for people who identify with the chicken. What would you prefer here: to be born and slaughtered or not to be born at all?
    And I, who identify with the bacteria that could cause my death, do not think that it is necessary to convince the bacteria with the help of plastic dolls.
    God created the world according to Darwin's laws, and whoever disbelieves in these laws, let him diet as he wishes, but it is better not to impose his perversions on the general public.

    • The distortion of language is a perverse compulsion in itself.

    • Definitely not to be born at all, would you rather be born and live in some meter by meter cage?

  6. Why forcefully into my face?
    Why do I have to deal with your disgusting provocation?

    I hate it when people throw cigarette butts on the floor,
    Shall I start collecting them and put them in your mailbox?

  7. The religion of the vegetarians is no better than the religion of the ultra-Orthodox. No need to prove it anymore. The performance is the proof of their missionary and determination to impose their faith on the general.

  8. And we also eat the lettuce after it has been harvested, even before it has reached the age of fertility, before it blooms yet.

  9. If it's hard to see doll parts in styrofoam from Neuilen, maybe what we're doing to the animals is wrong?

  10. Crazy people ..the whole cycle of creation is structured like this one preys on the other. Lions prey on certain animals. Wolves prey on certain animals. Birds prey on each other..and the man who is the crown of creation is commanded to treat them with cruelty to animals..even the changer who does the work must be part..a slight cut with a knife disqualifies. the slaughter..everything to prevent sorrow in the future but you lack a vision in the brain..you are looking for things that are normative...perhaps you will forbid the lions to prey or the cheetahs to sink their teeth into the zebra...in the last days a wolf will live with a lamb....today we live nature Today..by my side you will eat cardboard, plywood, grass, drink water, eat straw...that's it, keep packing, your nonsense in Haifa, there really is a city that knows what to do with you...

  11. What animals do you protect? Cows, sheep, dogs, cats, rats, turtles, snakes, snails, worms, flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches?
    Who deserves protection, and who deserves destruction?

  12. Such an important activity. The animal holocaust is crazy - about 150 billion of them are slaughtered every year in the world. A million a day in little Israel alone. Beyond the insane suffering of the helpless, this disgraceful industry destroys the environment and the planet and is one of the main causes of climate change.
    It must be stopped and all we have to do for that is to purchase another product instead of this one that is made up of body parts or their secretions.
    Thank you ?

    • And a line below emoji...
      the embodiment of what is repulsive in our society today,

      By the way, regarding the climate crisis -
      The solar system is stationary, we are constantly pulled towards the sun by gravity.
      Now sit on asphalt and shout at everyone who is guilty of global warming, just do yourself a favor, come with cloth shoes.

    • I apologize, I am correcting because it is important to me that you are educated.

  13. The percentage of vegetarians among Arabs is very low
    They also create a terrible environmental and ecological problem with the increased meat consumption
    You will do performances like this in Nazareth, Umm El Faham or Tayba, why only in Haifa and Tel Aviv?

  14. In a few years they will start selling human flesh
    Animals will also start eating human flesh?????

  15. An extremely important activity. In the days when every second advertisement on television is of "cuts" dripping with blood, and death trucks with cows and sheep fill the roads, we have forgotten that these are creatures with feelings and consciousness. There is no holocaust like animal holocaust. Thanks.

    • Because as far as I know the only thing in the country today that is not closed to the term "Holocaust" is Lapid

  16. This is a ridiculous thing, God created us this way since Adam and Eve, it's nonsense in tomato juice, who wants to eat meat, it's his problem, not ours
    God decided it was possible not man
    May God decide otherwise

  17. It should be understood that there is no difference between a calf, a dog, a cat, a chicken, or a goat. Once you really understand it, you can no longer be complicit in the suffering we are responsible for.

    • So why would a cat eat a chicken but not the other way around?
      And why doesn't a dog eat a cat?
      And why does none of them eat the goat?

      I wonder…

  18. These vegans simply need psychiatric treatment, it's already bordering on mental damage, really sick I'd say

  19. To present such sights, you have to be mentally ill...
    The problem with all organizations.. gays, etc., vegans, etc., and more will do everything to force you to accept their way of life.. and it's just like Bibi, they will do everything to push you what they think is right at any cost... whoever thought of presenting such a view should be imprisoned …. And that is to say they are bad people. They can be the salt of the earth... and the most honest and kind-hearted people... But not the way

  20. I've been a vegetarian for 12 years and I'm very good with it...I don't miss meat in any way. What is happening in this living world is simply shocking..we are really taking control of the animals in a shocking way, exploiting them and causing them a real holocaust!! live and let live!!!!

  21. Come on, stop your nonsense, a chicken was born to lay eggs for me, and in the end I eat it, or bake it in the oven, or schnitzel, or eat chicken, liver, or wings in sauce, in short, there is a lot to be done with a chicken, etc. And we can't do anything about them

    • You wrote "No, stop your nonsense, a chicken was born to lay eggs for me" - really? And does she know what she is "made for"? A chicken that is confined all its life in a tiny cage in a crowded coop, stands on iron bars on a slope and cannot, for example, ever spread its wings, as it does in nature; that goes through all kinds of procedures such as darkening the coops for days, starvation, etc. - because this encourages multiple laying; that the eggs she laid, which her instinct is to incubate, roll straight into the canal that will lead them to the coop and to you; that before the spawning stage her beak was cut with a boiling blade; who at the age of two is electrocuted to death because she lays less -
      Does this hen know what she is "meant" for?
      Because if she doesn't know, it is likely that she is going through a terrible life of suffering on the way to her destiny, to provide you with something to put in your mouth. Put something else instead!

      Your world view is so distorted.

    • Bader - you wrote "Well, stop your nonsense, a hen was born to lay eggs for me" - really? And does she know what she is "made for"? A chicken that is confined all its life in a tiny cage in a crowded coop, stands on iron bars on a slope and cannot, for example, ever spread its wings, as it does in nature; that goes through all kinds of procedures such as darkening the coops for days, starvation, etc. - because this encourages multiple laying; that the eggs she laid, which her instinct is to incubate, roll straight into the canal that will lead them to the coop and to you; that before the spawning stage her beak was cut with a boiling blade; who at the age of two is electrocuted to death because she lays less -
      Does this hen know what she is "meant" for?
      Because if she doesn't know, it is likely that she is going through a terrible life of suffering on the way to her destiny, to provide you with something to put in your mouth. Put something else instead!

      Your world view is so distorted.

  22. Man was not meant to eat meat, therefore man does not have fangs, he was born with teeth adapted to vegetarian food. On the other hand, carnivorous animals have fangs so that they can eat meat. It turns out that man has become a predatory animal with intelligence, and the result is animal suffering that is not perceived and all with justifications and excuses. The real solution is redemption

  23. I have been a vegan for many years, the organizers of the exhibition are mentally unhealthy people, this is not how the community treats animals.

  24. A super important protest and in its place! Joins and definitely agrees against the murder of any living creature whatsoever! In particular, today there are so many options and abundance and slaughter is a cruel murder for everything! Not necessary and unnecessary! Let the animals live!

  25. I thought they sell real babies... plastic?! Faking will not lead you to extreme results for a tiny change in this world.
    I sound like a creature and not normal, I admit. It's not that I'm in favor of killing people, especially babies, but you really have to get your hands dirty to increase environmental awareness. You have to take a baby that died of disease or in war, an accident and put a baby calf that was slaughtered next to it so that it will share in a distorted and shocking memory where a mother cries her soul out for the baby. Subconsciously the calf also enters the picture. And you need a tycoon with a high capital to manage it because there will be loads of lawsuits and police and then you have to bring forms for every little pips and it's full of money. Small people can't change a big world and there will never be such a thing as a friend bringing a friend in propaganda, people want as many lies and comfort as possible and of course that meat is nice to the mouth and therefore they will hurt with you for a minute and move on to the stimuli of life. And so everything I said is about a fantasy fence.
    As soon as I personally see a baby's toy, my logic understands the provocation you are trying to do, but emotion does not enter the picture because how exactly? Technology takes anything real and turns it into a fake, so instead of trying to be smart and do stupid things like this, research, learn technology and try to bring people very tasty meat, not life meat. People don't care they just want the taste to be the same and delicious. And then all this won't happen just like electricity for a car instead of fuel. You will not see the whole world protesting because of the increase in gas prices, you will see them buying electric vehicles and thus they will bring down the industry by another replacement that serves the same purpose as before. That's exactly how the meat and everything else is.

  26. So fish also have parents and that is murder, and the eggs you eat is murder and the vegetables you eat is murder, they are all living creatures, this is how the world is, you are trying to change the world, we fooled yourselves before this "enlightened people"

  27. Well done. People need to understand that the product meat is the result of suffering, torture and murder of gentle creatures that feel pain

  28. Although I agree with the general idea, but the look shocked me.
    In my opinion, it is impossible to educate a corresponding very aggressive course of action.

  29. What happens to the wild boars that roam freely.
    Did you catch them all???
    we are waiting.
    We would love to see an achievement report.
    How many pigs were captured, and in which streets.
    We are waiting …..

    • Jacob, are you a qualified psychiatrist? Do you have any knowledge of nutrition?
      (because if not, it's hard to take you seriously)

    • 1. A psychiatrist does not diagnose mental disorders and you would do well if you never turn to him for a diagnosis of anything - I was happy to take the opportunity to explain the difference between him and a psychologist.

      2. The natural diet of the person who goes on 2 is omnivorous - meat and plant. Hence, those who do not consume what their body naturally requires,
      His eating is disturbed.

      No need to be offended, you attach its negative label to the word.
      Every person has the right to choose what and what not to eat, but arguing that it is a disorder means claiming that it is the healthy thing to do -
      Come on, it's not.

  30. Dark vegan organizations, which try to shock the public with human flesh parts... delusional!! This is what happens when you have a protein deficiency.
    Let us eat meat, fish and eggs as much as possible!! It is better if it is soft, young and tasty.
    Go to sleep storms

  31. Crazy people never end, and their condition only worsens with their unappreciated mind, urgent psychiatric treatment

  32. To the mitzvot keepers, remember, man was a vegetarian for 1465 years from the creation of the world. Without guards, remember that the physiological structure of man is not like a predator. Teeth and intestines, for example.
    Israel is in the dubious first place in eating meat per person. The kosher meat arrives in live shipments by ship, until the animal is compressed to choke. Then, we get to the torture truck, to the slaughterhouse, where there is no compatibility between the halacha and kosher slaughter depending on the military.
    Hate them all you want, they are absolutely right.

    • The modern human species (the homospean) is an omnivore, meaning it consumes meat and vegetables, not just one or the other.
      Take a look at history, there are over dozens of ancient human species that became extinct -net- by virtue of being vegetarian/vegan.

      To say that man has been a vegetarian since the creation of the world is about the same as saying that we have not progressed anywhere with the discovery of cooked food.
      Once again, and in a clearer way - the omnivorous man. Neither carnivore nor herbivore.
      Once again and clearly - if the human race ceases to consume meat, it will cease to exist.
      History has proven and continues to prove even today, you just need to be brave and read.

  33. How stupid how much? Everyone builds an association for themselves and starts to think that they will be able to change their habits for the money they receive.
    If Mr. Lior Shahar really believes in doing it without profit, maybe it will move people a little

  34. Low demagoguery. Chicks are not babies and eating meat is not against the law like murdering humans. Animal rights in the food industry must be significantly improved, but please, let's not be extreme and differentiate between humans and animals. In all this, there is a tiny difference. Think of your baby disassembled into parts and attached to a barcode, then think of a chicken…..

    • The only difference is that the baby is yours and therefore you protect him and he is important to you and the rest of the family.
      On the other hand, a chick - definitely a baby but separated from its mother as soon as it hatched - has nothing but six months of nightmare in a body that grows too fast to become a broiler and be slaughtered.
      Your attitude is a product of classism - which is in fact a parallel and identical perception to all perceptions that rank who is more or less important according to which backward principle, for example racism or chauvinism. This is the attitude against which this representative is made. Only if you try to expand your vision will you begin to perceive it.

    • Corrective - six weeks. Nipples, the ones from whose breasts you make schnitzel - they are chicks that were slaughtered at the age of six weeks!

    • How many Chinese were suppressed to assemble the keyboard on which you spew your demagoguery now?
      Would you guess that's the same amount of cows that were skinned for your beautiful boots?
      I wonder if it compares to the number of aquatic creatures that were burned to death by the shampoo and conditioner you wash in the shower.

      And tell me, do you have a car?
      And say, clean yourself from the inside before you dirty the outside, do you hear me?

  35. They do exactly the opposite of what should be and become more hated by the public day by day!!!

  36. You've gone completely crazy.
    Don't you have anything to do in life?
    Shame and disgrace what you are doing.
    shame on you!!!

  37. indeed. And taking all the milk intended for their babies for those who walk on 2?
    If anything, human milk is fine for us, and there's a reason why we were weaned at a young age.
    Will you drink the milk of a mature woman, eat cheese from this milk?

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