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(haipo) - Signs hung in the Carmel center call for the rapist Alon Castiel and any other rapists to be prevented from coming to live in Haifa and anywhere else.

Throughout the Carmel Center in Haifa there were signs this week that read in large letters: Caution!!! A serial rapist walks free," above them is the picture of the convicted rapist Alon Castiel. Below Castiel's picture is written: "No entry for rapists, not in Tel Aviv, not in Ramat Gan, not in Givatayim and not anywhere else!!!

Early release for Alon Castiel

These signs, which were also hung in other cities in Israel, followed the Parole Board's decision to allow Castiel to be released on early release, shortening more than a year from the original sentence he was sentenced to, when as part of the conditions stipulated in it, Castiel was removed from the cities of Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan and Givatayim, since these are the cities where the victims live. Following the ban, Alon Castiel came to live in Bat Yam.

As you remember, the sex offender Alon Castiel was convicted of sexual offenses he committed against 4 women. Castiel was convicted as part of a plea agreement, on four charges including attempted rape, indecent act and sexual harassment. In July 2018, the District Court in Tel Aviv sentenced him to 57 months in prison. The parole board determined, as mentioned, that he should be released on early release, so Castiel ended up serving close to 4 years in prison for the crimes he committed.

The complainants in the case against him went to the media with open faces in order to reveal his severe injury to them, nevertheless, the decision to release him before he had finished the time period set for him in full, remained the same, when the prosecution lost the appeal it filed. Word of Castiel's early release caused great outrage among the complainants and ignited a public uproar.

"Alon Castiel comes to Bat Yam"

In response to Castiel's arrival in Bat Yam, a Facebook group was established: "Alon Castiel is coming to Bat Yam". When the claim of the activity and its activists is that society must protect itself from convicted rapists, and that there is no real separation between the central cities, and the prevention of Castiel's entry into Givatayim and Ramat Gan, but not Herzliya or Kfar Saba, it has no meaning. A number of activists and mothers even increased their efforts and appealed to the mayor of Bat Yam, Zvika Brot, in order to intervene in the matter and prevent Castiel from living in the city.

A heated discussion has arisen on social networks and among many throughout the country, with the question of where Castiel can live in the background, according to the signs in the center of Carmel, he is not invited to Haifa either.

The signs hung in the center of Carmel - no entry for rapists (photo: Omer Karmi)

The Corrido brothers

As I recall, about a decade ago, the Corrido brothers came to live in Haifa, having been convicted of pedophilia for which they were imprisoned. The Corrido brothers are probably considered the best known pedophiles in Israel. As mentioned, both served prison terms after being convicted of sexually assaulting minors. In 2012, they were interviewed for the Friday studio on Channel 2 at the time, and testified that they were sick and unable to stop themselves from attacking minors while claiming that they were very interested in receiving treatment that would help them with this. According to what they claimed in that interview, the two grew up in boarding schools and were sexually assaulted themselves when they were very young children.

Moved to Haifa

When the Corrido brothers were released from prison, restrictions were imposed on them regarding their activity on social networks, so that they could not contact minors and attack them. At that time they came to live in Haifa and moved from apartment to apartment. You could walk around the Hadar neighborhood and see them walking down the street without getting in the way.

Needless to say that in every place or neighborhood where they lived, together or separately, great concern arose among parents who feared for their children. In light of the statements made by the Corrido brothers, the parents' concern can certainly be understood.

'If we take Castiel out of Tel Aviv, won't he hurt women?'

Ofri Peretz, coordinator of the "Woman to Woman" organization, a feminist center in Haifa, told Lahi Fa today that the punishment given to Alon Castiel is disgraceful: "This punishment proves to us once again what we already knew - the state institutions, including the police and the justice system, repeatedly make it easy for rapists and convicted harassers".

Band-Aids instead of a real solution

"The question we all have to ask ourselves about Alon Castiel is what message does the decision to shorten the sentence send? What kind of message does the decision not to allow him to return to live in Tel Aviv send? Is sexual harassment and abuse limited to a geographic area, so if we remove Alon Castiel from Tel Aviv and move him to Haifa, won't he hurt the women around him? Instead of giving the appropriate punishment, instead of building a real rehabilitation plan, the court proves to us that the only thing he is interested in is "band-aids" on a reality that endangers girls, girls and women."

Alon Castiel's lawyer's response will be attached to the article when received.
The Haifa Municipality's response will be attached to the article, when received.

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Michal Grover
Michal Grover
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11 תגובות

  1. Unless you happen to have more signs, with a portrait and full name of every criminal in this city.
    I will set my priorities.

  2. If he raped your wife or your sister or your mother, you would react differently. You are probably also a pedophile. You are better off taking care of the pigs.

    • Would you rather have your wife or sister raped or murdered?
      I prefer rape yes.
      And you will look for your pedophiles in yeshivas and midrash houses of your good friends who are evading

  3. Oh yes, because murderers, thieves and crime families are fine
    Convicted rapists who were legally released after serving time in prison is the red line.

  4. A man who buys rape drugs in order to use and rape women is a dangerous person to the public. What will happen is that he will leave the country to a country where he is not known and live an anonymous life there. Here in Israel it is finished.

  5. Truth .
    All of Haifa is full of criminals, but Castiel?!
    Castiel is the scariest lol
    Such stupidity these mi tapu.

  6. Put the sign hangers in jail
    Do not make yourself a judge and the verdicts

    • One sign expresses a position; She is modesty.
      On the other sign is emblazoned a picture of a person and his full name, and a call to keep him away from living in a city that is legitimate on a cultural level but illegal and enforceable in any way.

      An unnecessary sign, in any case it is the right of every believer to express his opinion on modesty and of every feminist in Shankal to try to impose her opinion on the other with a guara that God did not create.

      If we have decided that animalistic and rude radical feminists are allowed to forcefully shout their opinions at everyone - it is appropriate to allow the same for a religious person who encourages girls to carry themselves with dignity.

      in brief…. Stand in front of the mirror:
      You wrote to put people hanging signs in prison and in the same sentence you called not to make ourselves judges and judgements.

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